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'Draco seems slightly off today. Slightly different. I wonder why?' Harry thought as he trailed after Draco. Before long, Harry caught sight of the picnic basket. He gasped in surprise.

Upon hearing Harry's gasp, Draco smiled to himself. It was so easy to please Harry. Even a little thing like a picnic mad him happy. Draco turned around only to see Harry standing there, his eyes glossy. 'He looks like he's about to cry? Why?' Draco thought to himself, worried. "Harry? Are you all right?" Draco asked, his voice laced with concern.

Harry laughed shakily and shook his head. "I'm fine Draco, really. It's just that this is the first time anyone has prepared a picnic for me." He smiled.

Draco gaped at Harry in horror. 'First picnic?' he thought, shocked. Draco remembered his father bringing him for a picnic when he was four.

Harry caught sight of Draco's shocked expression. He laughed. "Draco, it's alright," he said, hugging Draco, "I'm sure you'll make my first picnic really great. Right?"

Draco was pulled out of his reverie. "Of course I will!" he exclaimed, pulling Harry down onto the picnic blanket next to him and settling Draco the kitten in a small basket between them.

Draco mewled, burrowing into the piles of cloth in his warm basket. Draco began pulling food out from the picnic basket. He handed Harry a bottle of butterbeer and a ham sandwich before doling some out for himself. Harry happily bit into his sandwich, pulling off small chunks of bread for Draco, who ate them happily.

Draco smiled at the picture Harry made. Harry really was quite beautiful, he thought, as all thoughts of nefarious plans flew out of his mind. Harry looked over and caught him staring. Harry smiled shyly and moved to sit closer to Draco, burying his head in the crook of Draco's neck.

"You smell nice." Harry mumbled to Draco. Draco grinned, raising his hand to stroke through Harry's hair. Harry looked up at him. "Thank you Draco. I really enjoyed this picnic."

"So did I Harry." Draco replied, holding Harry close to him. Draco mewled, annoyed at the lack of attention being paid to him. They both laughed before Harry picked him up and settled him on his lap. Harry stroked Draco as he purred.

'I wish that were me Harry was stroking.' Draco thought before he caught himself in surprise.

Soon, it was really dark and Draco began to pack up the picnic. He held Harry's hand and walked him to his rooms.

"Thanks again Draco" Harry said, while petting Draco. Draco smiled. Harry gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight Draco" he whispered, before disappearing into his rooms.

Draco was surprised. He touched a hand to his cheek, smiling to himself. "Goodnight Harry" he whispered to the door before heading off to his common rooms, confused.