A/N You know I don't own the series or characters, this story and attempt at humor is mine though. A sad, sad attempt at humor...are you laughing now?

Fucking worthless trash. Just look. Walking. Alone. Unprotected. It was like the golden opertunity. Usually the shortest trash of the team was atleast with that hot chick, what's-her-name or the monkey. Clearly he was none too interested in the names of those weaklings. Why bother remember some trash's name unless he was getting some? Of course if that girl would be willing to put out, he'd certainly make the effort to find out her name. He tended to become a different person when he wanted something. At the moment though the kind of action he was looking forward to at the moment was seeing how much blood that fucking midget had in him. He would just beat the shit out of him.

Why Agon? How could you do such a cruel thing to such a sweet little cutie? Obvious. He'd been beaten and humiliated by the little shit. No one could ever beat him without getting nearly killed afterwards. And besides, he was interested in women, it didn't occur to him how cute and molestable Sena was. (Sorry, had to add it ;D)

Things flew through his mind, delicious ways to throw him down and beat him to a bloody pulp. Break his frail little bones. The midget had no protective padding on him, he would be easy to snap in two. Of course the idea that stuck in his mind was a way that would make him look heroic, bleed the trash, and probably get a few girls' numbers. He casually strode through the crowded street, coming up behind the little football 'ace'. His sharp eyes darted around, making certain no one saw him bash the kid's head, knowing just where to hit to knock him senseless. He quickly caught Sena and lifted him with the utmost grace, bridal-style. A crowd stopped and looked to him and the boy in his arms, but he quickly put on his concerned face and lied about how his 'little friend' was diabetic and hadn't been eating properly. That got them away from the crowd and a few impressed girls that quickly jotted down their numbers and shyly slipped them into his pockets. What girl didn't like a hot, muscular stud that looked after his cute, innocent little friend. The diabetic story made the boy look like a sad case, thus it earned pity points.

He made it into an alley quickly, looking like he was taking a shortcut to the hospital, but he brought the boy deep enough into the alley that no one would see him. He tossed the limp body callously onto a heap of knocked over trashcans, the harsh wake-up being enough to bring him around quickly. But he still looked rather stunned and confused, looking up at Agon in utter bewilderment. Somehow that look only managed to piss Agon off even more than he already hated the little shit. The weak, terrified, tiny little shit was the one that beat him? He was outraged and insulted. Even trash like Hiruma he could accept beating him, only because he had a back-bone. (I'm sorry Sena...I do love you ;-; )

He twisted his large hand in the folds of the front of Sena's shirt, ignoring the squeak of alarm. He forced him against a wall, both hands gripping his shirt and pressing hard enough to give Sena trouble breathing. Though, the chances that Agon cared...slim to none. In all honesty he just wanted to cause the smaller boy as much pain and suffering as he could get away with. Taking full advantage of the small little body Sena had that he could toss around just like a little rag doll. (Of course more likely owned by Unsui)

A few kicks that sent poor little Sena tumbling and his actions were finally noticed. And by the worst possibly person. Of all people to run into...police he'd be fine with. But the overprotective captain wouldn't let Agon go with anything short of a black eye and a few broken bones.

Agon and Hiruma exchanged vicious glares, both looking about ready to kill one another or simply just to try to claw the other's face off.

Hiruma pulled out one of his guns from God knows where and fired a few warning rounds, enough to make Agon pull away from Sena. He sneered and kicked the runningback to his worthless captain. "You can't protect him all the time." With that he smirked and turned, walking away from Hiruma and his little pet. Maybe the shit captain didn't like when other people played with his toys. Agon couldn't care less if someone attacked one of his team, thus only thought it amusing to see that shit captain so riled up about it. People were replacable to him. Even Unsui, his own twin brother.

The pain in his face and cold tone of Agon's made Sena cringe and squeeze tightly to Hiruma. Usually it was Mamori coming to the rescue, clinging tightly to him. It was sort of a safe feeling to him. And since Hiruma wasn't really the clingy type, Sena just held tightly to him instead, eyes closed.

After the sounds of Agon's harsh feet on the ground was long gone Sena looked slowly up at Hiruma, finally realizing just who he was clinging to and quickly he moved back. He cringed a little and pulled back. Hiruma had on his scary angry face. Of course it was only instinct that made Sena assume it was his fault and he quickly muttered his apologies. It wasn't his fault Agon beat him up, yet somehow he felt to blame about Hiruma having to protect him...just like Mamori...but with weapons that didn't include a broom.

Sena pulled away and looked down at the ground, utterly racked with guilt. As to why, he wasn't completely certain why, he just knew that he was guilty of something.

He cringed and waited for the impending growl, scowl, or scolding, but it never came. He slowly looked up at Hiruma, frightened that he would see a look that could kill, but instead the demon looked rather irritaited. He grabbed Sena's chin and began moving his head from side to side, looking at how bad the hits had been. After he was satisfied he turned and walked away, leaving a stunned Sena.

"Fuckin dreads is right," he mused thoughtfully, speaking completely to himself and ignoring the little runningback slowly following him uncertainly. He cackled to himself as he looked through his black threat book. "But fuckin dreads is getting sloppy," he sneered. "Didn't seem to take anything into account." He cackled again.

The tone of his voice made Sena slowly ebb away in fear. His crazed captain was scary when like that. Sena didn't even want to know what lunacy went through his captain's mind when he laughed like that. It never meant anything good. Atleast his evil attention was aimed at Agon.

When Hiruma began to walk away from Sena, though, he deemed it then that he should keep to his captain's side. In all honesty he was still afraid that Hiruma was just waiting for him to drop his guard just so that he could then use the time to take action and scare the poor little boy senseless. It really did seem like something the sadistic captain would do. But nothing. Hiruma just looked to be coming up with some horribly insidious plot to somehow pay Agon back. Of course knowing Hiruma he would take it out on the entire Shinryuuji team. The poor unsuspecting bastards.

"Ahh...H...Hiruma?" he asked slowly. The shorter male glanced carefully at his captain, trying not to sound too worried about that evil grin that ripped his face in two. He was sore, yes...but whatever Hiruma had planned, he was sure no one deserved.

Hiruma flicked his forehead carelessly and continued to ignore him. His eyes were locked on his book, flipping the pages like mad, looking for something that only he knew.

That silenced Sena down till he realized that Hiruma had walked him home, shaking himself alert when he saw his house. Since when did Hiruma know where he lived? Since when did he--? No, some things were better left unknown.

"Go home now," Hiruma ordered before stalking off.

Sena could only silently stare after him. Though why...he wasn't certain. In all honesty he was a little...bewildered? Since when did Hiruma do things like walk people home? Or stand up for them? Or be...well...protective. He certainly was a good captain to look after his teamates like that. He smiled a little to himself before going into his house. He couldn't help feeling better even though he already had several bruises forming.

After a rather long and probing interogation from his mother he was allowed to go shuffle off to his room and sit and lick his wounds. He saw a few in the mirror and chances were Mamori would be none too impressed. He wouldn't be surprised if she blamed it on Hiruma. Then again maybe he wouldn't mind that. His 'big sister' seemed to be giving the captain too many googly eyes for his taste. She was like a sister to him...seeing her fawn over someone like him like that was a little...unnerving. And considering they couldn't stop arguing! OH! Damn Suzuna for putting those thoughts in his head. It seemed that all the females in his life were against him. Suzuna letting Hiruma put him in a cheerleading uniform, Mamori for getting notions on Hiruma, his own mother wanting him to get a girlfriend...wait...yea, those were the only females in his life. How pathetic was that? He sunk a little in his bed, hiding his face in his pillow. Eventually he fell asleep like that, but only after a good while.

The next morning he slowly got an inkling of just what Hiruma had planned. How he figured that? Well as usual Monta was screaming at his house just as Sena was piling food in his mouth (He did his best but still he could not seem to beat his friend), and the odd part about it was the other three waiting for him. He happy wave and smile both fell to the ground when he saw Jyuumonji, Togano, and Kuroki. None of the three looked terribly happy.