No....that hellion cry could only be...


If he didn't make eye contact it wouldn't antagonize her.

"Good luck loosing your virgi---"


Sena whipped his head left to right, going bright red from the very mention. He grabbed her arm and quickly darted to a less crowded place. "H-how did you--why would you think that?" he choked.

"Ah. Because Hiruma said that you were going over to his place so I wasn't allowed to ask you to go out. That means that he's going to be doing naughty things to you!"

His face fell and he hid his shame in his hands. "Why do you sound so happy about that...?"

She grinned and put an arm around his shoulders. "Well, because at first I wanted to kidnap you, but seeing you with Hiruma is second best so I'm happy for you!" she said, giving him her a-okay. Haaah....any normal person would be unnerved at him going out with Hiruma...

"Just....please don't tell anyone else....especially Monta..."

She paused to think about it before saying, "Haah....you're right, he'd throw such a fit over this. Hey'd probably want all the details too."

That seemed to be the final blow. He cringed and looked away. "Please..." he whimpered pathetically.


When school ended he headed for the gate, hanging his head like a man walking off to the executioners block. Admittedly the prior day he'd thought Hiruma actually meant he would help Sena study....but later the same day he'd actually realized what a stupid assumption that was. Why would Hiruma offer to help Sena with homework when they were going out and would be completely alone? No, Sena knew well enough that it was foolish for him to think they'd be doing homework.

"Ready to go?" Hiruma asked, clapping a hand down on Sena's shoulder, causing the fuckin midget to nearly jump a mile.

He went bright red and nodded silently. As had become custom he let Hiruma's arm rest around his waist and pull him away. Hyeeee....how could Hiruma be so unfazed by it? Sena was jumpy, red in the face, nervous....slightly nauseous from lack of sleep and how uneasily breakfast had settled. Had Hiruma been with many others? Was that why he wasn't nervous? Or was he nervous but hiding it better? Whatever was the case his steely nerves only helped the anxiety in Sena.

Sena was led to a rather nice looking apartment building, again making him wonder what the hell Hiruma's father did for a living. When he was led to the top floor he couldn't help but ask. "S....so you live here alone? What does your dad do to pay for such a place?"

"Ah, nah, I pay for it."

"EH?!"He popped his gum and kept his indifferent look. "Yea, I make money gambling, the fuckin old man travels a lot for work so he's never around anyway."

Hiruma's world was a scary place...unless that was another of his lies...with Hiruma it was too hard to tell.

They went into the house and as Sena had expected it was covered in football...mostly game plays. One thing that surprised him however was an eyeshield. He looked curiously at Hiruma but he was apparently not going to explain it to him. Not that Sena had expected him silently followed as Hiruma led him to the couch, plopping down tucked in beside Hiruma. Sure, it was rather stiff and awkward his way of sitting, but he was too embarrassed to properly loosen up. After all, it was unlikely that Hiruma would let him leave unless they did….that kind of…stuff. Of course he had no idea how those sorts of things were done between men…he'd tried looking it up the night before but got terrified every time he heard someone moving around and wound up finding no answers. However Sena knew full well he wouldn't be able to put it off for another day just because he didn't know how two men….did…it.

"Sena…" when his name was suddenly called he leapt in surprise, quickly darting his eyes to look at Hiruma before flushing and looking away.

He stopped trying to get his attention like that and switched to placing a gentle kiss on his temple, getting another blush and awkward shuffle. The kisses trailed down, just below his eye, his cheek, his jaw bone. But before going further he simply stopped and pulled away, finally getting a bewildered look from Sena. "If you don't tell me to stop then I wont."

The sheer mention of which caused Sena to glow bright red before fidgeting and looking away. "Th…that's okay," he said slowly.

It was all the incentive Hiruma needed to leap on top of Sena, easily pinning him to the couch.

"If it's okay you can't take it back half way through." There was a look Sena was unfamiliar with in Hiruma. He…seemed to be taking how Sena felt into consideration…he wasn't used to Hiruma caring what someone else said. He was used to the self serving quarterback. Perhaps…he did care a little about Sena?

He again went bright red and quickly nodded. His jaw clenched shut afraid he'd let out some sheepish pathetic aliased complaint as per usual with him.

The clenched jaw did nothing however when Hiruma placed a long lick along his throat, pausing to lightly tease his Adam's apple with his teeth, eliciting a quiet mewl of approval from Sena. However the embarrassed running back quickly clapped a hand over his mouth as if to keep any further sounds like that from escaping.

Of course such a ploy didn't work long when he felt the cool hand trailing up his shirt, fingers working up the slight muscles to his chest. He drew out more hushed whimpers as he toyed with Sena's body, nibbling his lips, teasing his nipples, watching him writhe while making feeble attempts to hide himself.

He finally moved lower however, pushing Sena's shirt up to slowly drag his tongue along the newly revealed flesh, rewarded by a sharp gasp when he bit down on a pink nub.

Sena kept from protesting till Hiruma's attention wandered southward, opening his pants to fondle him through the cloth of his briefs. He yelped in alarm and gave a bit of a leap away, startled to say the least.

Rather than deter him though, that sudden leaping away only seemed to goat Hiruma on, making him only want to continue devouring more of that tender flesh. It certainly didn't help Sena's protest that the hand he'd fixed on Hiruma's wrist was weakening, his resolve following suit. When that long tongue dragged along the still clothed heated flesh his head lolled back, again releasing a sharp gasp.

His pants were finally shed as nothing more than an annoyance to Hiruma at that point. They were cast halfway across the room. When the lips and tongue came in contact with the flesh he stopped thinking about his escape and instead simply eased. His attention completely blurred till he realized there was something pressing...well…to be perfectly honest it was prodding somewhere that had Sena again trying to leap away, but clearly Hiruma would have none of that.

The long finger continued very slowly pressing in, perhaps the gentleness was what surprised Sena most. It wasn't often that Hiruma was so tender, but he was being rather…careful with Sena…most likely not wanting him to run away half way through it.

The pain of that finger probing in was one thing, but when that long finger began writhing he felt something that made him again gasp sharply. He flushed brightly and again did his best to hide it rather awkwardly. The pain had been forgotten for that moment when he felt that sudden shock of pleasure that rang through him.

Hiruma had of course not missed it and immediately began his continuous assault on it, adding fingers as Sena was distracted with his own writhing.

By the time Sena was completely stretched Hiruma pulled his fingers out to coat himself with lube. He watched Sena whimper at the sudden loss of touch and couldn't help but smirk a little. "Ready?" he asked, not waiting for a response before slowly pressing in, feeling Sena tighten around him.

Again he began placing kisses on Sena's forehead and cheeks, waiting for him to settle down enough before he started pressing in more. He found Sena's arms soon enough wrap around him, clinging to him tightly. Again it wasn't something he was terribly against, the cute little mewls and whimpers were certainly enough to keep him going.

As Sena loosened around him, he began moving, slowly at first to let Sena get used to the feeling. It was a little…odd how considerate he seemed. It wasn't often the case but Sena couldn't say he disliked it. As a matter of fact he was rather fond of Hiruma's care for him….even if he was fully aware it would only last so long knowing Hiruma.

The pace eventually began picking up which was when Hiruma again found that wonderful bundle of nerves that had Sena arching off the couch, body pressing against Hiruma's as the pleasure built up.

It didn't take him long after Hiruma's hand wound around his erection, stroking him in time with his thrusts. His head flew back as he gave a loud moan, eyes shutting tightly. He felt Hiruma climax inside him as his muscles tightened.

When they both finished Hiruma gave a rather contented look, perhaps pleased that he'd stolen Sena's first. He placed another possessive kiss on Sena's lips before he pulled out. "That means that if anyone else does something like that to you I'll have to kick the shit outta them."

Again Sena flushed brightly, nodding silently. "Th….then you'll have to take responsibility," he said sheepishly, pulling him in for a chaste kiss before pulling back, red coating his cheeks.

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