Greetings, story dweller!

Sorry to disappoint, this is NOT an update. This is a completely pissed off author writing to say that I am quite appalled by the people on the internet stealing my work. As much as I love my readers and reviewers, it's safe to say that I am never posting a story online anymore. Ever.

That's all, really. For those curious enough:

1) Some person who loves Harry of 1D on QuoteTV took my story and posted it there. She literally just copy-pasted it. Tut-tut. If you're reading this: You, my dear, are quite rude. I don't understand why you would do that seeing as any review you receive, whether good or bad, would still be a reflection of MY work. How does this, in any way, help you? At least you gave a small, tiny credit to me. Pfft.

2) ANOTHER person on QuoteTV who goes by Julie made a sequel to my story. After having just said that I do not want anyone ripping off my work! Please refer to the previous chapter. After all that I've been through to write a series of short stories as a sequel to this story (that I wanted to complete before posting so my readers wouldn't have to wait a year again), I find that someone else beat me to it. Erm. Yeah. That wasn't exactly my vision of how it was going to go, but whatever, she's ruined it now.

3) Julie, person mentioned above, has stated in her 2nd chapter of Troubles with Marriage (what even kind of a title is that? It's immature and something I would never have chosen!) that the person who wrote Don't Touch My Mudblood (that would be me) gave permission for her to write the sequel. For the record, I did not give ANYONE permission to continue my story because I had legit plans for it. And even if I did, I would choose one with better grammar and syntax. Come on.

4) I didn't exactly read the whole story, but I'm assuming it's just an outlet to write bad smut.

5) I know it's fan fiction and I don't exactly have copyright on anything and that this is the internet, people are bound to be (insert insulting adjective here), so I don't even know why I'm this affected.

I'm not taking down this story. What's the point, it's already up on other sites anyway. I'll leave it here so other people can still read the story from the original source.

Although, I must say, I've been seeing really good writers on Fictionpress taking down their stories because of the many plagiarisers out there. While I am absolutely disgusted by the lot of them, this has fed my ego a little!

So, thanks for the memories. I suppose I'll still continue to write, but not for public consumption. It's just such a waste of effort. Who knows, I might be legit published one day, then I can actually fight for my copyright. Haha!