Chapter 1/Prologue
Beauty of the Moon

Route 25-Kanto/ En Route To Bill's Sea Cottage
Early Morning

I passed through a series of low hedges and entered into a sort of clearing. The beautiful full moon was high in the sky that night and it's silvery light draped the cold environment in a type of soft warmness which could be seen and yet never felt. The silvery light reflected off the dew on the hedge's leaves, a dew which had formed after the rain that had poured not a few hours earlier.

Had I not been in such a hurry, I might have actually cared.

It was half-way through the clearing that I first noticed it. The silent sounds of a stalker. I turned around and saw him, edging silently towards me in the shadows, trying carefully not to make a sound. A man in an over-coat who held something in his hand.

As soon as he realized he had been spotted, he abandoned all pretense and ran all out towards me. His dirty coat whipping out behind him from his own effort. There was no wind that night.

Instinctively, I reached for my belt, for a pokeball. However, I carried three and could not decide which one to summon. For this moment of hesitation I would suffer. By the time I had a pokeball gripped in my hand, he was upon me.

He grabbed me by the front of my shirt and brought the item he carried into direct contact with my stomach. It was a knife, short but sharp, he sank the blade into my belly four times. In the cold air, I gasped something intelligible and sagged to my knees. I dropped the pokeball in my hand and it rolled calmly onto the grassy floor. The man shoved me backwards and I laid on the floor while the stranger appeared over me.

"Where is it?" he hissed at me. "The Nugget! The Nugget!" He searched through my pockets and I suddenly realized what he was after, the tiny Nugget of Gold I had just won for beating five trainers on the Nugget Bridge on Route 24 an hour ago. He must have followed me from there.

The man let out a cry of joy as he finally found it, stashed with my petty cash, in my left pocket.

Blood was gushing out of my body. I felt numb. I laid there in a dark scarlet pool and tried to take deep breaths of air, yet suddenly, breathing seemed above me. Impossible and unimportant.

He went through the rest of my pockets and back-pack for good measure. He found my Pokedex but tossed it to the ground. I heard it crack and realized it was broken. He found my eight Kanto gym badges and stowed them away deep in his coat. The two pokeballs I hadn't picked we're stowed away next, he overlooked the lone fallen pokeball in the darkness; it lay near his feet.

Then he was gone.

I gasped for air and tried to reach for my fallen pokeball, but I had long since lost control of my arms; they lay limply beside me. Blood was still gushing out of me and all I could do was fight to keep my eyes open. I looked up and at last, I was able to appreciate the true grace and beauty of my location and of the moon high above me.

A youngster found my body the next day. My eyes open, a calm expression on my face.