AN: If I owned Doctor Who, then Billie Piper would still be on the show, so it's obvious that I don't. I'm rather late getting into the Who fiction, but I had to throw this out there. Just a little piece of mind junk. To readers of my X-Men: Evolution work, yep I'm still alive, not sure when I'll be able to pop out anything longer than this at the moment. There is Thanksgiving break coming up though…… 

Spoilers: None

Time Lord version: Could be either 9 or 10, I think it works better with 9.

There you walk off Rose, with him holding your hand. Does he think he can keep you here with such a fragile connection? Even then you've still got one foot on the ground and one foot in the stars.

That's an awful lot of stress on the leg muscles, don't you think?

Holding my hand is dangerous sometimes, but you never doubt where you are, and I never let you fall.

I bet he's got clammy hands anyway.

So he's safe, so what? Safe is highly overrated, Rose. No point to life if you don't live a little, and living puts such a beautiful glow in your face, especially after we've been running for our lives…

Did you know that the moon really isn't made of green cheese?

It's Brie. You know, that kind with the really nice rind on it, and nice and smooth in the middle? Yeah, that.

So let him walk you where you want, Rose, and let him hold your hand. I know you'll come here back to me because….

…..there's a total solar eclipse about to start on Mestella 8. It's got five suns…….

….you said yourself that it's better with two……

….two galaxies away there is a plant about to bloom that hasn't bloomed in 6,000 years….

… laugh more with me than you ever did with him….

……in 500 years, the first fish and chips shop opens on Mars…..

…..the world doesn't seem worth saving if you're not there to help me save it…..

….and……sometimes I need saving……

Let him offer you safety, Rose…

Let him offer you love…..

Let him even offer the moon….

But I can actually take you there.

I'll even bring the crackers.