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Naruto sighed as he sat on the end of his bed. He turned around and focused his eyes on the lump underneath the sheets, and sighed again.

I let it happen again. Why do I give in so easily?

Naruto stood up, walked over to his drawers and slipped into some boxers, orange pants and a black t-shirt. He cast one last long at the sleeping figure in his bed before leaving his bedroom completely.

Ignoring the pain between his legs, Naruto got some instant ramen out of the cupboard, and waited for the water to boil. He sat down on the couch and went over the events of the previous night.


There was a knocking at Naruto's front door, he grunted and got up, and answered the door. He gasped when he recognized his visitor. "Sasuke…"

"Can I come in Naruto?" Sasuke's voice was the same as it was years ago; he was dressed in his traditional clothing, blade at his side.

Naruto stepped aside, "Uh… sure, okay."

Naruto showed Sasuke the lounge room, Sasuke took a seat and he looked at Naruto intently.

"It has been a while, Naruto." Naruto looked away from black orbs and looked at the ground. His nimble fingers played with a frayed piece on the couch's cushion.

"U-uh… yes, it has Sasuke." A strong hand grabbed his chin and forced him to look at Sasuke.

"I missed you, dobe." He smirked slightly as Naruto blushed. "I missed you too, teme."

"Why do you come here, Sasuke? For the sex? I mean, you've done it before… like last time, five months ago on that mission…"

"I came here to reconcile, Naruto." Naruto smirked, clearly not believing what he was hearing. Sasuke grabbed his chin and forced his lips to Naruto's.

Naruto groaned. He missed the intimacy between the two; that was probably why Naruto's previous relationships had not worked, he felt bad for Gaara and Sai.

Tongues danced together, all emotion was put into the kiss as Sasuke's sly arms wormed their way around Naruto's slim waist, Naruto's own playing with raven locks.

Sasuke pulled away for oxygen and caressed the others tan cheek softly, "Naruto…"

Their lips met again, Sasuke steered the other boy into his bedroom before he could protest. He pushed the other down and straddled his waist, placing kisses down Naruto's neck, nibbling here and there.

Naruto could not stop the moans flowing from his mouth. Sasuke made him feel like he was on fire, Sasuke's cold fingers pulled his shirt off, he didn't even notice.

Sasuke tongue played with his right nipple, giving it a nip before swirling it with his limb. Naruto's back arched; a low moan escaping his lips. He continued his ministrations to Naruto's left nipple, the blonde grinding his hips against Sasuke's. A low groan escaped the raven, he got off Naruto, so he could take off the other's pants and boxers, Naruto whimpered at loss of warmth.

Both now naked, Sasuke lifted the blonde's hips and placed the blonde's legs over his shoulders.

Naruto gasped and arched his back and he felt Sasuke lick the tip of his erection, pulling back slightly, breathing on the hardened flesh before taking the boy in fully, tongue teasing the slit.

Naruto's head flew back and attempted to buck his hips, but Sasuke's hold prevented him from doing so. Moans filled the room and Sasuke sucked the organ, grazing his teeth along the vein, enjoying Naruto's moaning and squirming.

It wasn't long until Naruto came, hard, into Sasuke's awaiting mouth.

Sasuke swallowed, and waited for Naruto to cool some, and placed two fingers in front of Naruto's mouth, "Suck."

Naruto took them into his mouth, licking the fingers in an erotic fashion, Sasuke shifted uncomfortably as his arousal grew slightly harder at the sight.

Sasuke withdrew his fingers and placed them at Naruto's entrance. He slipped a finger inside the heat, along with a second and third, he silenced Naruto's cries of pain with his tongue.

When Naruto was ready, he placed the head of his erection at Naruto's entrance, pushing in a little, pulling back and repeating this until he was buried to the hilt.

Naruto grasped Sasuke's shoulders demandingly but let go as Sasuke pulled back and thrust back in. Naruto twisted his hips; head back, moaning as pleasure engulfed him.

Sasuke let out a groan and sped up with his thrusts, moaning everytime he hit Naruto's sweet spot.

"… S-Sasuke… oh, god… god…" Naruto sat himself in Sasuke's lap, the movement causing Sasuke to push deeper into the blonde, exciting pleasure shot up both boy's spines, sweaty arms working together to achieve maximum pleasure.

Naruto's eyes were closed as he came, splattering both their stomachs, as Sasuke pumped is own seed inside the blonde.

End of Flashback

The water was cold by the time Naruto was awake from his memory, and a fully clothed Sasuke stood in front of him. Naruto looked away.

"Goodbye again, Sasuke."

Sasuke heard the pain in the others' voice, "I'll be back, Naruto, I swear to god."

The tanned one stood, his back to the other, "You always say that, Sasuke. I'm not sure if I believe it for the right reason. You always come back for sex. Next time you come around, I won't give you any anymore. I'm sick of this. It happens all the time. I'm tired of being used."

Sasuke turned away from the crying blonde and left the apartment, but left a small note on the bench. Naruto was hesitant to read it, but once he did, he was glad.


I'll be back, to live in Konoha in 2 weeks time.

We can be together then.

I'll make you love me like I love you.

Don't forget.

I will come back.


Happy tears fell down the blonde's face.


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