Disclaimer: I own Princess Tutu... In my dreams...

Author's notes: Ahiru and Fakir should have had a happy ending...

Trash is Treasure

She's always been the clumsy and stupid average girl he's been annoyed at.

He's always been the arrogant and selfish jerk she hated.

Too different, but too far from what they really are...

"AAAhhh!!!" Little miss ugly duckling fell off the window of her bedroom for the nth time this week.

Scratching her back, he looked up to see Mister angry eyes looking down at her pitiful state.

"What are you looking at?!" Ahiru shouted, helping herself up. "Why don't you come down and help

me here instead of putting that unfriendly face of yours?"

"And waste my time on you?" Fakir chuckled. "All right."

"You're gonna help me?" Ahiru smiled.

"Heck no, you're helping me!" Fakir took out his trash can and poured all of the garbage on poor Ahiru.

"Clean that up before Mytho gets back! Or else..."

"Or else what?!" She furiously shook of the banana peel in her head.

He closed his window before she could shoot him again. Good as she is, Ahiru picked up all of Fakir's garbage .

"That bastard..." Ahiru picked up a piece of paper. "I'll get you someday Fakir!"

Before she finally burned that piece of paper, words caught her eyes... and she unexpectedly began reading it...

Things may not work out between us,

though we truly are different,

a duck can always have its own knight in shining armor.

Believe me Ahiru...

Believe me...

" I always have, Fakir..." She hugged the paper. "I always have..."

He was looking at her from the window...smiling...

I really don't know if it's good..It just came out from my mind! Thanks for reading!