Yoshizilla: Ooooh...the Simpsons...seriously, that series is, like, over twenty years old, and it seems to not showing any signs of stopping! Well, when the original voice actors die and when the creators/producers/people who work on the show either quit, get fired, or die and go into the afterlife, I guess that would be it for the Simpsons...but I'm being to gosh darn negative! I should be proud that the Simpsons helped shaped today's society, and that...well...err...I don't know, I'm just happy that the Simpsons is still going well and strong. Anyway, here's my Simpsons fanfic, and I hope all of you folks out there enjoy it (especially fans, hehe). And why are particular one-shots of mine that aren't in the Super Smash Brothers section are short, I do not know. Unfortunately, it must be because I'm RUSHED. (sigh) Just enjoy the stupid story.

Disclaimer: All of the Simpsons characters/references/settings/whatevers belong to 20th Century Fox.

(Cue chord: Theeeee Siiimpsoooons...)

It was a beautiful, sunny morning in the town of Springfield, the worst place in the U.S.A. And here we see the house of Springfield's most well-known family, The Simpsons...

"MARRRGE, the cat ate my tie again!" Homer moaned, watching Snowball II playing with the remains of his old tie.

Marge's voice can be heard from up the stairway. "Then go get a new tie!"

Homer gasped. "But...but! What if I can't find a tie?" He shouted back.

Marge sighed. "Then go to work without one. You usually manage to get to work without the need of a tie."

"But Marge, ties are important!" Homer argued, when Santa's Little Helper ran by and caused Homer to fall backwards.

Homer growled, and as Santa's Little Helper started to run towards him, he grabbed his dog by the neck and started to choke him. "Why you little-!"

Bart rode into the living room on his skateboard and pushed Homer by the leg, causing his father to topple down on the floor. Bart laughed and then he fell down the stairs of the basement.

Homer sighed. "Oh boy, what a day. I need a Duff." He went to the refrigerator and opened it. He screamed in horror after discovering that there was no beer. "AHHH!!! NO DUFF!!!" He then checked the fridge, and gasped again in horror. "AHHH!!!!" He then started to run around in circles, screaming, "NO BEER!!!! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!"

Marge came down, dressed in her morning robes, and slapped Homer. "Homie, get a hold of yourself! It's just beer, and besides, you can always get it at Moe's!"

Homer rubbed his sore cheek, trying to tell Marge, "But Marge! Haven't you hard? Moe turned his bar into a videogame shop!"

Marge rolled her eyes. "Videogame shop? Hmm, the last time I went there, WHICH WAS YESTERDAY TO PICK YOU UP, YOU SELFISH MAN!!!!" She yelled in Homer's face, clearing her throat and continuing, "...it was clearly a bar to me."

Homer gasped in joy. 'Really!?" He started to hop up and down, giggling excitedly.

Marge rolled her eyes and sighed. "Fine, if you want to go to Moe's Tavern, then go."

"WOO-HOO!!!" Homer screamed, kissing Marge and then running out of the house, jumping into his car by crashing through the small window (which he got stuck in for a few seconds struggling), started up the engine and backed up on the road, before speeding down the street. Marge sighed as she watched police cars tail her crazed husband.