Really weird, dumb, short story I wrote in Science class instead of doing my work. Ordered volume two, but that's as close as I come to owning it.

Lavi was walking down the hallway near Kanda's room. He had just been to Allen's room and the cafeteria and the white haired exorcist was no where to be found.

"Kiss me you fool," he heard Allen's voice say.

...from behind Kanda's door.

"Allen!" Lavi yelled barging through the closed door. "Stop making out with Yuu-chan!"

Kanda and Allen stared at Lavi, pieces of paper clutched in their hands.

"Lavi, I wasn't going to actually kiss Kanda," Allen said.

"Then why did you say...?"

"Because baka Koumi decided that bean sprout and I should do a play together so that we don't hate each other as much," Kanda said frowning.

"Oh," Lavi said. "Can I watch some of it?"

"Sure," Allen said to Lavi.

"Kiss me you fool," Allen said.

"How I wish I could," Kanda said with little enthusiasm. "But your lips are like the forbidden fruit. The punishment of never seeing you again would be too much to bear for such a small pleasure."

"But Gregory, I love you with all my heart. Isn't that enough?" Allen read.

"No my sweet Shawnie. Not until our parents can live in peace with each other."

"Ok," Lavi said. "If I see anymore of Yuu's terrible acting skills I'll die. And what's with the names? Gregory and Shawnie?"

"There...unique," Allen said.

"Well, I'll leave you guys to work on it," Lavi said getting up to leave. "Seriously Yuu, I know pigeons that have more emotions in their voices than you."

"Oh shut up," Kanda said.

Allen and kanda waited until they could no longer hear Lavi's footsteps anymore.

"Think he bought it?" Kanda asked.

"Who cares?" Allen replied.

"Good point."


"Yes Allen?"

"Kiss me you fool," Allen quoted.

"Gladly," Kanda's said swooping down to capture Allen's lips in a heated kiss.


Hope everyone likes it. Now I have a project to do so please review. Yes I used my own name. Please no laughing.

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