Ok, the third AND FINAL part of Kiss Me You Fool. I never actually though t it would go past the dumb, goofy chapter I wrote in drama class. Well here's the final bit.

Me owning D.Gray-Man is about as likely as Michael Jackson having a real nose.

"Hey Lavi," Linalee said when Lavi entered the hallway. "Where are you going?"

"I'm off to see if Allen and Kanda's two man play has gotten any better," Lavi said.

"Yeah, the mission has to be any day now."

"Mission?" Lavi asked. "They don't have a mission. Your brother just wanted them to get along more."

"They told me they were getting ready to go on a mission!" Linalee said.

"They told me it was off duty stuff!" Lavi said.

"THEY LIED TO US!" they both said at the same time. They ran down the hallway until they reached Kanda's room. They broke down the door to find Allen and Kanda in the middle of a make-out session.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Linalee and Lavi asked at the same time.

"Ummm, we can explain," Allen rasped. "Tell them Kanda."

Kanda looked at them with a straight face. "CPR," he said in a monotone voice.

"CPR?" Lavi asked.

"Standing up?" Linalee added.

"Yes," Kanda said.

"Umm, why?" Lavi asked.

"Allen was choking."

"On what? Your tongue?" Lavi said not able to stop himself.

"Hey Kanda," Linalee said slowly. "Isn't CPR used when someone isn't breathing? If Allen was choking shouldn't you be using the Heimlich Maneuver?"

"Good point. Excuse me while I save Allen's life," Kanda said as he pushed them out of the door. A smile slowly crawling onto his features.

"I'm glad I could help save Allen," Linalee said.

"You do know that if Kanda ever does the Heimlich maneuver on Allen it won't be because he's choking, right?" Lavi asked.

"We should probably get away from this door then, shouldn't we?" Linalee asked.

"Running and screaming?" Lavi asked.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Linalee said smiling before running down the hallway screaming at the top of their lungs.

Allen meanwhile choked out a piece of bacon that had been lodged loosely in his throat.

"Yay! I can breathe again. Now where were we?"

"Right about here," Kanda said swooping down to kiss Allen again.

Later that day they had a deadbolt put on the door so they were never interrupted again. Except for some reason Miranda blushed a vivid red whenever she saw them standing together. Oh well, she was always a bit of a weirdo.

The End.

Don't worry Miranda, I still love you.

Ok, that's it. This story WON'T have another chapter. This chapter was THE END. See? I put that up there and everything. So no asking for more or else I'll feel bad and go all angst-y.

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