Harry Potter had a twin named godric potter who was thought to be the BWL So his parents gave him to the Dursley's. Oh and he is 3 months old when Voldemort attacks. Vernon had a trip for his job in Japan and left Harry in an ally where the Yodaime found him and then later on seal the 9 Tale Fox in him. Harry finds a way to turn the fox's Charka into Magic and he absorbs it into him self. Harry can be paired with at least 3 girls Ginny, Luna and someone from Naruto. He becomes a Genin at 13 not 12 and after the Sasuke mission he gets kicked out the village because the council fears his power. After 3 year time skip where he is now 16 he becomes Raikage somehow. Then Dumbledore tries to force Harry to fight his war but all he does is pisses him off. THIS A CHALLENGE NOT A STORY!!