In Honor

Disclaimer: Supernatural, the Winchesters, and all characters you recognize belong to Eric Kripke and the CW.

Summary: Just how will Dean Winchester be remembered? a multi- character, multi- chapter story.


Dean had thought long and hard on this for the last month no way was he going out on that

damn cross road bitches terms. Hell no Dean Winchester made his own set of rules and

well Sammy just couldn't find anyway to get him out of this deal so he decided to take care

of things himself. They had stopped in a little town just outside of Kansas, that way well

when the crossroads demon came to collect her due it would be easier for Sammy to get

rid of his body. Dean had taken the first shower and while Sam was in the shower he had

taken the time to find a notebook and pen and wrote Sam a letter. Which he had promptly

hidden when he heard Sam turn the water off, can't let Sammy see it too soon or he'll try to

stop me dean thought. Dean waited until Sam was asleep that night before placing the

letter and the keys to the impala on his pillow and then slipping out and quietly closing the

door behind him. It was raining outside and he pulled the collar of his jacket up, he

couldn't take the impala he had left the keys for Sammy. "I'll miss you girl you always

were a good car, but your Sammy's now." he said as he ran his hand across the hood. He

walked the short distance to the local bar hell he might as well have one last beer, after

slowly savoring the beer he left he bar and walked the short distance to a small graveyard.

He stood there a few minutes in the drizzle before pulling out his cell phone and dialing

Bobby's number." What the hell do you want its midnight damn it." Came the rough voice

on the other end. "Bobby it's me." Dean replied" Dean I'm sorry what do you need?"

Bobby said instantly alert. "It's Sammy he's been hurt, real bad and i need your help we're

staying in the Motel 6, please hurry i need your help." Dean said "Okay i'm on my way

Dean i'll be there in just a little bit." Bobby replied as he hung up. Dean figured Bobby

would forgive him for lying sure he'd be as mad as hell but he'd forgive

him. Dean grinned a little at the thought of Bobby finding Sam perfectly fine in bed and

wondering what the hell was going on. And with the thought of Sammy safe back at the

motel Dean pulled out his pistol he had hidden in the waistband of his pants "I love you

Sammy." Dean said as he raised the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. And in that

moment Missouri Moseley awoke from a sound sleep with the sense that something was

wrong, Bobby swerved to miss a deer and ran off the road into the ditch in the process

hitting his head on the steering wheel and loosing consciousness. And back in the room at

motel 6 Sam stirred in his sleep muttering no.

Authors note: okay i hope you enjoy please read and review, i know it's sad but there's more to come will pick up from here.