-1Deidara talks to himself

"Today is so boring hm…" Deidara was outside, taking a stroll around the Akatsuki hideout.

"I wish I had a mission or something to do… hm…" Deidara sighed.

"Well you could stop bickering and feed us!"

"Ya! Feed us!"

Deidara stopped, and looked around. "Who's there hm?"

"Down here dingbat!"

"Ya! Down here!"

"Huh? I don't see anything…" He stared at the ground.

"On your hands dufus!"

"Ya! Dufus!"

Hesitantly, Deidara turned his hands over.

"Hello there!" The mouths in his hands greeted.

Deidara's eyes twitched. Then he screamed, "SINCE WHEN CAN YOU TALK?!"

"We've always been able to talk."

"Ya! Always."

"Then why haven't you said anything before?" Deidara asked, not sure if he should be scared or in awe that he had talking hands.

"Because… we've never had anything to say."
"Ya! Nothing to say!" Both of the mouths grinned.

Deidara shuddered and looked up to find Hidan staring at him blankly.

"What?" Deidara asked.

"Who in the heck are you talking to?" Hidan questioned.

Deidara held up his hands, and replied. "Them! They can talk."

Hidan stared at the mouths in Deidara's hands, but nothing happened. "Sure they can talk… Hey have you had your medication today?"

"I DON'T TAKE MEDICATION!!" Deidara screamed.

After Hidan walked off, Deidara started shouting at the mouths in his hands.

"I hate you…"