Hinata enters their house finding her father and Neji traing together in backyard as her sister Hanabi watch. ..

"Welcome back, Oneesan!" greeted Hanabi but then she only smiled while walking sideways, as her hands behind her back. Their father heard them and then stopped in the middle of their training. Hinata saw the looks from her father so she bowed down and continue walking and in the half of the hallway she ran-off to her room. "What happened to Hinata-sama?" Neji asked Hanabi but she only move her shoulders upward. "Should I check up on her?" he questioned Hizashi. But then he turned his back and told him to just let her be. And they called it a day.

Neji was worried about Hinata because she had missed dinner so, he went to her room to check up on her. While outside of Hinata's room, Neji was standing, having second thoughts but then, "Hinata-sama, are you already asleep?" he asked courageously but after while Hinata made no reply. He was about to walk away when the light from the room was lighted.

Hinata leaned over to her closed door and asked Neji for a favor. Neji then affirmed to her that he would to anything to his extent. In that case Hinata got close to the door and whispered, "Would you mind if I ask you to make me dinner?" Neji appeared a bit surprise but then he smiled and told Hinata that right away he'll make her one.

No more, no less than ten minutes, Neji came back carrying a tray full of good food. "Hinata-sama, your dinner is here," he announced and sat on the floor and put the food in front of the door. Hinata opened the door slightly and reached out for the tray. Now when Hinata was pulling the tray he noticed that she had put up some bandages. However, he disregarded it thinking that it could be nothing. Hinata kept on pulling the tray to the inside of her room when her bandages got untied and one by one revealing her wounds on her arms.

Neji, as to his surprise, quickly opened-widen the door and worriedly asked, "Hinata, how did you end up having wounds like this in your arms?" Hinata got nowhere left to hide so she let Neji in to her room and explained what had happened. "You mean these wounds are from your trainings? Your such an idiot! How did you end up hurting yourself like this?" scolded Neji. He only stopped when it got to him that it's Hinata his scolding at. He made a fist out of his hand and frowned. Hinata uttered his name as to a question. Nejii walked away saying that Hinata should finish up her meal as he gets back.

The lights on her room were still on when Neji returned carrying an aid kit. He got inside on permission and found the tray empty. Then he sat beside her, forcibly took her hands and treated her wounds even though she refused. As he tend her wounds, Hinata could not help but to glare at him not eve realizing that he was all done. Neji raised his head all of a sudden, caught Hinata was gazing at him. They found themselves completely staring at each other and they both felt embarrassed turning their heads at the same time away from each other.

Neji stood up abruptly, took the tray and turned the light off and said goodnight as closing the door.