Neji had been talling himself he can change. And it did not seem impossible.

The past few weeks the long-haired boy's attention was a bit noticeable towards Ten-ten. The last people talk about was that she probably have confessed to him. Trying to work it out is something Neji would seem to do.

A bright morning. The streets of Konoha were being covered with happy and not so happy people. But the warmth of the sun touching their faces always soothes the feeling. Store owners and keepers prepares for business. Shinobi's spreading through out the village running errands

Gai-sensei and his most beloved student, Rock Lee was taking their daily exercise in the forest. Shouting, "All for a Youthful Living." They stood on with their heads and had several push-ups. Then in the middle of their curl-ups some nin approached them. These nin claimed she was sent by the Hokage.

"Sorry for the intrusion but the 5th sent me. She summons your team to her office, Gai-sensei."

Rock Lee and Gai-sensei cluelessly stared at each other and both raised their shoulders. They followed the sent-nin when she moved out.

Neji's on his way to the hospital to pay a visit to Ten-ten. She was confined there because of the injuries she got from their last mission. I t wasn't very serious but it's something you just can put aside. Ever since then Neji runs an errand on checking up on her every once in awhile.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling better…"

Hyuuga gave an easing sigh. He was glad to hear she was feeling better from her own lips. He smiled warmly. There was this basket of fruits in the other table beside the window. Neji noticed them. He stood up and walked forward to the basket. He grabbed an apple. He reached over the apple to Ten-ten's direction.

"Better, huh? Then let's make it much better…"


"How do you put this…ah! You know what they say? Well, an apple a day would keep the doctor away."

Ten-ten was almost surprise from the way Neji was acting. But it gave her a happy cheerful feeling inside. Probably, it's because of what I told him. She showed him a smile as her response.

The Byakugan-nin was peeling when someone suddenly came by the door. It was one of the medic-nin around. But he didn't look like he came to for the one in bed. The medic was sent by the Hokage too. The medic was in some hurry that he wanted to go right after he said his message. But he needed to bring Neji himself. But then Neji stayed a little bit more. He made him wait for him outside. He finished peeling the apple in a hurry. He left handling on Ten-ten's hand. And before he went he told her to get well soon.

Getting into the Hokage's office. He was panting opening the door. He was caught surprised to see Hinata inside. She was standing right beside his sensei. What's she doing here? I feel awkward…no. But he just wouldn't stand back. Staring he had tingling feeling and soon he was nervous. He felt this forbidden feeling coming a cross his senses all over again. He couldn't let himself. The expletive boy could not move a muscle. Everyone was waiting.

"Neji? What are you doing? Come in." held by the 5th with a bit chuffed voice. He shuffled but he managed to get a hold of himself. He entered on closing the door. Trying to avoid contact with the princess, Neji stood from a distance with Gai-sansei and Rock lee as a division.

"This must be sudden. Calling you for another mission after just finishing one," Tsunade-sama was sympathetic but she had a straight look on her face.

"But the situation is getting worst. Whether it's being cause by the Akatsuki, or Orochimaru, or someone else. At least THAT we need to know." The golden-haired Baa-chan frowned feeling the tension and responsibility in her back. Shizune-neechan looked at her and noticed her expression. She tapped her shoulders to put on a little comfort. Shizune bend over and whispered to the Master. Then after, she glanced a little at Hinata.

"Right…Now about Hinata Hyuuga. You might be wondering why she is here." She moved aside the folder on her desk. She put her hands under her chin after putting the together. "Ten-ten is till still in the hospital. But there is no reason for you to run by three. Kurenai handed over Hinata to your team to fill the spot for the meantime. Since her team is only on errand duties.

Princess Hinata gave a formal greeting and bowed to Gai-sensei. "I'll do my best," bold words from a very bashful personality. The sensei had tearful eyes. He was barely sniffing to tears. "Ou! Let's all do our best Hinata!" the youth spirited sensei exaggeratingly exclaimed patting Hinata's head. The always shy-nin was left a bit staggered. When she looked at the sensei he was doing thumbs up. He winked one of his eyes turning his face all glittering.

"Welcome to the team Hinata-san!" hailed by the young bushy eyebrows-nin. The younger version of his sensei indeed, doing the wink and the thumb thing. On the other hand, Neji was all quiet and snobbish on the other side of their line.

Tsunade-sama couldn't take much of their weirdness. She cleared her throat loud enough to be heard. It made get back to their senses and straighten up and stopped their eeriness.

"Let's continue…the mission. You must have heard the attack that happened two days ago on a town in the North. I sent Asuma's team to investigate for that purpose. However, last night we received a report. Another town was attacked but this time from the South."

"And you'll send us there then..." Gai assumed holding his chin in thought.

"Yes! Investigate everything that would help about this matter of incidents…"

Baa-chan gave a stern look at them and took a deep breath. "This might sound impossible but I'd hope you guys can avoid contact and battle with the unknown enemy. We can's afford that for are condition." The Hokage stood up facing the window. Her hands she put on her waist. "We are done…you can go now."

The three nin's went ahead of Gai-sensei who stayed. "But what about the village?" bushy-eyebrows-sensei made refuge. "Won't enemies try to attack?"

"If you are worried about Akatsuki, for now we can't worry. Their target is currently not here. I took that risk for him t take somehow both thing would be safe. Him and Konoha….So no, not yet."

The disturbance on the sensei's eyes disappeared. He paused for awhile and leave on with a quite satisfied answer. When Master Tsunade heard the sound of the door being closed, she had more moment to stare at the sky. She sat back to her chair gave a sigh, closed her eyes and rest her head on.