Title: You're It

Summary: Paradigm shift for Mohinder Suresh. (Mohinder is good at hiding. This is hard in the house of Triple-M.)

A/N: I thought M3 were adorable in 2x01. I wrote this in like five minutes on lj. Please review, and write MoMo fic!

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Mohinder was a master of hiding; an unacknowledged master, as such usually are.

The habit had started when he was three years old; he had cried when his father had left in a huff, and that had made his mother sad. So from then on out he hid how much his father's attitude towards him hurt.

When he was six he hid the fact that he thought he understood why his father couldn't look at him.

By the time he was sixteen, he had hidden any other desires behind God-given intelligence and the fierce need to prove something to his father.

He hid his personality behind loud shirts and big words.

It really wasn't a surprise that he had managed to conceal his intentions from Sylar until he actually drugged the psychopath; it was as if he had been practicing for emotional espionage throughout the last thirty years.

Which made his current situation nothing short of bewildering.

Mohinder had burned his hand the day before and was banned from cooking; they had experienced Matt's cooking before, and so he was browsing through the takeout listings. The former cop flipped through the pages. "How about we just get pizza?"

Molly looked up from her current artistic project and smiled at him. "I like pizza!"

"Great! Um, Mohinder?"

The geneticist shrugged. "Fine with me." But his flatmate was cocking his head to the side with that slightly abstracted, birdlike gesture that meant he was using his extrasensory perception.

"But you don't like pizza," he said, honestly confused. Molly pushed her paper aside and frowned up at him too, so that there were two sets of puppyish eyes looking him over bemusedly.

"I don't want pizza if Mohinder doesn't want it," the girl said firmly.

Matt spread his hands expressively. "Well, I'm not picky," he said, with a wry and exaggerated tug at his belt. He smiled down at Molly. "You think...Thai?" He rubbed his hands together briskly without waiting for either of them to reply out loud. "Right, Thai it is."

Molly returned to her artwork and Mohinder returned to his book, feeling nebulously exposed.

That evening, after the Thai was finished and Matt had gone to his doctor's appointment, Mohinder retreated to the courtyard out back for some quiet studying. Molly was in her room and likely wouldn't come out until bedtime, and he could use some alone time. The other two never came out here, so...

"Mohinder?" He looked up to the window. Their rooms were on the other side of the building, so she had come over to the hallway specifically to find him. "Can you come read to me?"

"Sure, Molly."

She grinned at him, the expression visible even from the ground, and ducked back in. He stood and stretched, grinning slightly in spite of himself. "Solitary man moves in with nosy telepath and human GPS," he informed the bench with amusement. "Well...adaptation is necessary for the survival of every species."


"I'm coming."

"No, you're not!"

He laughed and headed for the stairwell. For a man who was at least ostensibly in hiding, he had never felt so open.