Okay, I know, I'm starting a new story...

I know...

I know...

I never finish them, but w/e

This one's almost done, it just needs to get typed up...


Just what is that egg-guy planning anyway? a blue hedgehog wondered, looking around him. The Little Planet had been encased in metal and chained to Mobius. There could be no one responsible but that weird egg-shaped human scientist who called himself a doctor!

He looked around, feeling slightly nervous. The last time he'd fought against this guy he'd nearly lost. He was only twelve, for crying out loud. But no way would he have let the world fall into the guy's clutches without putting up some kind of defense!

He started running, going from zero miles per hour to four-hundred miles per hour in a minimal of five seconds. It was his gift, and he treasured it.

He heard a soft squeal and skidded to a stop. A pink-quilled hedgehog in a orange frilly skirt, a green polo shirt, blue shoes, and a red headband clutched her hands together, staring at him as if awed.

It was way past strange. "What are you doing here?" he asked. Even if she was weird, the Little Planet wasn't exactly safe for what he figured to be an nine-year-old girl.

She whispered something, but all he caught was "…my…it's…Tarot cards…hedgehog…"

"Uh…Right…Listen, you need to get out of here. If this egg-shaped guy comes around he'll capture you and turn you into some sort of robot."

Her jade eyes went wide. "What about you?"

"Heh. Me? I can handle him." That was said with a lot more confidence then he actually felt, but the girl looked even more amazed.

"Oh!" She giggled nervously. "I'm, um..." There was another giggle. "Amy. Amy Rose. What's your name?"

He jabbed a thumb against his chest. "I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive."

Now her eyes began to sparkle. "Wow!"

"Yeah. Pretty cool, I know. So c'mon. I'll help you get down." They started walking, though Sonic would have preferred to blast off in a run. "So how'd you get up here anyway?"

"Oh, um…" She averted her gaze. "I just sort of…came here."

That didn't make a whole lot of sense to the blue hedgehog, but he shrugged. "Okay, but—"

There was suddenly a loud crash and, to Sonic's shock, a metal version of himself snatched Amy into its metallic arms. She yelped and the thing blasted off.

"Hey, get back here, you bucket of bolts!" he shouted, chasing them. "Give Amy Rose back to me!"

All right, the Prologue I based loosely on SonicCD


Love that game!

So anyway...


The rest of the story is nothing like this...

just FYI