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Oh here are some things you should know about the characters.

Gaara- age 15


Naruto- 14





Haku- 14

Rock Lee-15


All the boys have their regualr Naruto appearances before the 2 year change in time.

Also after the first 2 chaps the story may begin changing views so everyone will have there own POV. The pairing has not been chosen yet and may be any bodyx(can't tell the girls name yet)

(A 2 year flash back)

All the boys at The ninja academy had just returned from missions and were all extremly tired. Kakashi could tell because not one of them complained or even made a attempt to eat breakfast, they just fell down on their beds and began snoring. This specific academy was for orphaned boys. here they studied ninja arts and took missions for money. They also slept at the place.

Asuma watched them snoring peacefully for awhile before slipping out of the room to Iruka sense's office. He knocked twice on the door.

"Come in!" Iruka said loudly.

Asuma entered the office. Iruka sat at his desk looking a bit bored while Kakashi sat in the chair facing him reading a book. They both looke dup when Asuma entered.

"What is it?" Iruka asked.

"Well all the boys are back safely from their missions." Asuma said.

"That's good." Iruka said yawning. He was obviously bored. "Is that all you wnated to tell me?"

Asuma shook his head. "Well...I was thinking...


"Well...I think the boys work really hard and we should maybe reward them." Asuma said quickly.

Iruka raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Well they stay cooped up in this place until they get missions." They're usually bored that's why they play all those stupid pranks." I was thinking maybe we could take them out or something."

"They're fine." Iruka said.

Asuma shook his head. "I've known these boys for mosty of their lives they are not fine.' They never have any association with girls and I fear maybe...they'll start to like each other."

Iruka's eyes widened as he thought of Haku. "Uh...so what are you suggesting we take them to a brothel or something?"

Kakashi jumped and nodded.

"Sit down." Iruka ordered. He closed his eyes and began to think for awhile. He finally let out a deep breath.

"It has been awhile since I've seen a beautiful woman myself." he said finally. "Besides the boys do need to sharpen their social skills it wont be long before the school joins the girls school." They could some pratice with talking to girls."

"Then that settles it I'll wake the boys!" Asuma cried.

And thus this how the boys ended up taking a long walk on Sunday to who knows where when they'd rather be resting their heads off.

Naruto yawned. "Where are we going anyway?" he asked Iruka who was infront of the group of boys.

"You'll see." Iruka replied.

It was later in the day a few hours before sunset. A cool breeze blew and birds chirped in the streets of Konoha. Gaara, Kiba, Sasuke, Neji, Shino, Choji, Haku, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, and Naruto followed their sensei's. None of them knowing exactly where they were going.

Kiba yawned. "Is this another mission?" he asked.

"Would you all just be queit you'll see when we get there."

Naruto sighed.

Sasuke stretched and put his hands behind his shoulder. This better be good. he thought to himself. Looking at Kakashi you'd think they were going to heaven. He had left his book and he was walking way faster than the rest.

Everyone seemed to notice his entusiasm.

"Hey guys." Naruto whispered. "Is it just me or is Kakashi acting weirder than usual?"

All the guys looked up at Kakashi. Gaara didn't reply neither did any of the queit boys so Naruto asked Kiba who nodded.

Suddenly Iruka stopped infront of a big brown house lookign thing. He stared at it for awhile then took a deep breath.

"Where are we?" Naruto asked.

"Is this what I think it is?" Neji said raising an eyebrow.

Shino nodded. "I think it is."

Gaara just shook his head.

"What? "What is it?" Naruto cried.

"Keep it down!" Iruka said turning back to the boys.

Just then a beautiful woman stepped out the door. She had long wavy brunette hair which she wore a bit past her shoulders. She had on a green kimono and a rose in her hand.

"Welcome." she said smiling.

Naruto's mouth dropped open. "S-she's-

Iruka hit him in the head before he could finish. Naruto rubbed his head.

Iruka walked up to the woman and began to talk to her. No one else could make out what they were saying. The woman looked past Iruka and stared at the younger boys then she turned back to Iruka and nodded. She opened the door and Iruka motioned for everyone to follow.

Kakashi was the first person in looking around frantically.

"Calm down you're embarrassing." Iruka whispered.

Suddenly a woman with long blonde hair appeared before us.

Every guys mouth dropped open. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Kakashi took her hand. "I'm Ka-

"If you don't have fifteen million take a number." she said snatching her hand away.

Kakashi sighed.

Iruka directed everyone to stand back while he talked to the woman he later found out was Tsunade.

"So you want girls for those guys?" she said looking at Gaara, Haku, Choji,Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, Naruto, Lee, Shino and Sasuke who were standing against the wall looking at all the beautiful girls who walked past.

Iruka nodded. "Well sort of but I don't think I have enough for that many so I'll just take one girl."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "One girl for all nine of them?" she asked.

"Actually it's ten." Iruka said. "Haku's a boy." And Oh no it's not like that." Iruka said quickly. "It's just mainly for their social skills just someone to talk to."

Tsuande let out a sigh of relief. "Let me see...I don't really have a girl their age that's not taken do you want someone older?"

Iruka looked back at the boys who were standing patiently against the wall.

"Um are you sure?"

Tsunade was queit for a second. "Hm...well there is one girl but-

"I'll take her!" Iruka said before Tsunade could finish."

She gave him a look before writing something down on a pad of paper. "And yourself?" Do you want anything?"

Iruka's face turned red as the brunette walked past him and flashed him a smile. "Oh i see." Tsunade said. "Would you like Kurenai?"

Iruka nodded.

"And for the other men you bought with you?" she asked looking at Asuma, Gai and Kakashi.

"Oh yes them." Iruka said peeling his eyes from Kurenai. He actually felt bad that he was spending more money on himself and the other teachers than the boys themselves. But they really didn't need a girl like that. They were always creating mischeif especially Naruto. Iruka used those excuses to comfort him self and make him feel less guilty.

"Did you see that girl?" Naruto whispered.

They all had seen her but were to embarrassed to say she was beautiful so everyone just kept silent while Tsunade walked them up to a room. She opened the door and directed everyone to sit down.

"I want to thank you guys." she said bowing.

They all blushed even Gaara, Sasuke, Neji and Shino. They couldn't help but blush when a woman that beautiful bowed infront of them.

"F-f-for waht?" Naruto managed to say.

"I hired some of you a few months ago to protect some cargo or something." she said. "But forget about it." Tsunade flashed them one last smile before closing the door.

"I still don't get why we're here?" Choji said folding his arms across his chest.

"You don't get what this place is by now idiot!?!" Neji said.

Gaara sighed.

"Whatever it is it made Kakahi sensei put down his book." Naruto said.

"Who needs a book when you're getting the real thing." Kiba said grinning.

"Really?" Naruto cried.

"So this place is-

Just then the door opened. Everything was queit as they stared at the girl who stood there.

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