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Reflections of a Nothing

The figure was tall for her apparent age, an imposing silhouette as she looked over the dark city that was her new home, the black cloak she wore emphasizing her lithe figure. THe hood of her robe was back, the sequins sewn around the cuffs of it's long sleeves sparkling in the light of the ever-present moon. Tonight's moon was strangely shaped, and she had been surprised the first time she had come here that it had not faded. It was in the shape of a heart, hollowed out and glowing faintly, purple mixed with the normal white of a moon. Her brown hair covered one brilliant blue eye, but the other was oddly determined. Though at first it would seem devoid of emotion, pain and darkness would show to any who cared to look deep enough to find it as she reflected on the events leading up to the time she had arrived here and joined the others.

Not that anyone cared that much.

"Thinking heavy thoughts, Xarika?" asked a tall man from behind her. His wild hair was bright red, his eyes an unnerving blue-green. She turned, slightly startled, then relaxed. "Oh, it's just you, Axel. What is it?"

"Marluxia is up to something," he replied, and she sighed.

"Your point is, Axel?"

"Given your… um… position, I thought you'd like to know. It's big, this time." Marluxia, a devious man who also happened to be the castle caretaker, was always up to something. "I think he's planning to take the Org again." Organization XIII. Her new family. "Thanks, Number Eight. I'll keep that in mind when I deliver my report." Axel nodded.

"Good luck, Number Thirteen," he said, and left the chamber. She would have smiled, had she been capable of meaning it. Axel was her only real ally here. The others mocked her for her inability to pretend to the emotions she had once treasured, and yet inside they were jealous, for the strange situation of her birth had left her with some emotion, darker ones like pain and hatred, where they had not any. For they were Nobodies, beings of nothingness, with no hearts and no existence. Most of them still had their memories, and Xarika was no exception. She flinched inwardly as she thought that, thought of her friends and enemies, of her joy and pain, of her previous life.

Oh, yes, she still remembered the pain as her heart had been torn from her chest, remembered the person she had once been, the life she had once had. Every morning she woke up in an unfamiliar room, every morning felt for the heartbeat that wasn't there. Each day she remembered anew that she was no longer the happy, bright Someone she had once been, and every night she did her best to forget.