I was bored and wanted to write a story about my favorite character on Naruto: Iruka. I don't own Naruto nor any of its characters, but it would be kool if I did.

Warning: Some angst, yaoi, some sexual content (more to come), etc.

Kakashi/Iruka and mpreg.


It was supposed to be a simple C class rank mission. It was supposed to be a simple escort of a family of three back to their home in a nearby country. It wasn't supposed to be dangerous or extreme. The mission was supposed to be easy and uncomplicated. As it turned out, it was far from it.

The three man cell became a one man cell to quickly for Iruka's tastes. His comrade, who was in the lead, was taken by a trap that roped around his legs and lifted him into the air. At that point, to quick for those still standing on the ground, something came through the air and cut the man in half at the waist. The family screamed and huddled together in the middle of the road, trying to become as small as possible. Iruka tried to hustle them to a shallow grove off the road and near some shrubs, as his last comrade took defensive stance behind him.

The laughter from their enemies resonated through the trees all around them. Not good, Iruka watched as rogue shinobis came onto the road from the nearby shadows. The family screamed and sobbed at his feet, making it hard for him to think straight or hear what these shinobi wanted.

He felt it more than heard it when his last comrade it the ground with blood discharging from his neck, through an opening where he knew wasn't there moments ago. Iruka was all alone now, surrounded, outnumbered, and most likely outmatched. They were moving too quickly to be a chunnin, Iruka questioned even if they were simple jounin.

The screams from the family stopped, Iruka turned just in time to come face to face with masked shinobi. The masked the man was wearing was similar to his lover's, but the eyes were not. This shinobi's eyes seemed to be cruel and filled with hatred, compared to his lover's eyes which were filled sorrow and love. He didn't even register the quick hand movement towards his neck until he felt himself falling and losing unconsciousness.

His last thoughts were on his lover, who was miles away. Iruka recalled the silver hair standing against gravity. Those mismatched eyes that looked into his soul. Iruka remembered the man's hands and face. I wish he didn't feel the need to hide his face, I find it very beautiful upon him; Iruka's final thoughts resonated within him as he lay upon the ground before closing his eyes to the world.

Kakashi hated the world. His eyes were pouring rivers down his cheeks, the shaurigan was spinning madly making Obito's eye shoot pain into his skull. He couldn't stop himself from forming the tears in his eyes. Iruka was dead. His Iruka was dead. Both him and his team were ambushed by what they believed to be members of the Akatsuki. It didn't make sense why they would attack a group of chunnin shinobi escorting a family back to their home, but then again many of the members were monsters that would take pleasure from some random killing spree.

The report had declared that there was blood and corpses at the sight. Some of the corpses had appeared to be caught up in a powerful fire jutsu that turned some of the bodies to ashes. It had look as if Iruka was caught in the jutsu, explaining the lack of body they had found and what appeared to be his blood close to his final resting spot. The family they were escorting hadn't survived either. The parents' bodies were found coated in their own blood; their daughter's body was in ashes. The reconnaissance cell came to the conclusion that Iruka had tried to save the daughter, but they were both caught up in the lethal fire jutsu.

Kakashi hated that Iruka was taken from him, but as a shinobi, he knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. He was just hoping later, or that he was the one to go before Iruka. He took a deep breath, took control of his wild chakra, and slowed the flow of the tears until they stopped. It had happened. He couldn't change it. He would never forget Iruka, but he couldn't allow Iruka's death prevent him from proceeding in his life. Those close to him always died, Iruka was no different. Kakashi had gotten used to the idea of living the rest of his life alone; he was just hoping Iruka would have outlived him.

Kakashi placed the red roses next to the grave stone, placing his fingers to his lips and then to the new name sketched onto the stone, before leaving the sight to begin his mission. It was an assassination of some corrupt politician in a nearby village. The usual for the Copy Nin.

Iruka had awoken to the smell and sound of sizzling bacon. There was also the sound of a running river in the background. The chattering of those around him stopped as they became aware that he had awakened. Heavy, slow footsteps came near him, whoever it was, was allowing Iruka to know he was coming towards him. Iruka quickly checked his appendages and his body position. They had him sitting upright against a tree, with his legs out in front of him. His arms and hands were tied tightly behind his back while his legs were tied more loosely but more securely. They must be planning on me walking with them to their destination, Iruka internally spoke to himself as he opened his eyes to see who was approaching him.

It was the same man from before, and still in the approximately same distance from his face. Iruka could feel the man breaths upon his face. The breaths were warm and smelled of good breakfast. The man's black hair was down upon his face, not fully covering the cruel eyes behind them. His mask still fastened to his face. He was holding a plate filled with toast, bacon, and eggs between him and Iruka, almost right under Iruka nose.

"You want breakfast, Babe?" He spoke quietly with a very strong voice. He almost sounded amused. "We can't untie you, so you'll have to make do with me feeding you," he picked up a piece of bacon and held it under just under Iruka's lips.

Iruka debated about the situation quickly in his head. The food might be poison, but why poison him now when they could have killed him earlier. He could be difficult and not eat the food, but that might make them angry and he didn't know how long they plan on traveling before eating again. It would be best to just eat the food; he would definitely need the energy for whatever came next.

Iruka opened his mouth, never taking his eyes from the man. The masked man chuckled, never taking his own eyes from Iruka's, as he placed some of the bacon into the chunnin's mouth. He pulled it away marginally as Iruka chewed and swallowed was in his mouth. They kept this process up until they reached the end of the bacon. When Iruka opened his mouth this time for the small piece of bacon that was left, he had a thumb shoved into his mouth pressing firmly against his tongue. Iruka tried to bite down on the man's intruding thumb, but he was placing a good amount of chakra around the digit, preventing Iruka from dislodging his thumb from his hand.

Iruka tried to move his head away when he felt the thumb begin to stroke his tongue, but the man had to tight of a hold on his face. Iruka decided to do the next best thing. He brought his legs as close as he could to his chest before kicking the man as hard as he could away from him. It worked, Iruka watched in some glee as the man fell on his but some feet away as the man's fellow comrades laughed out loud. It was short lived as the rest of the food landed on his legs, There goes breakfast.

The man got slowly up, coming once again close to Iruka, this time careful of the legs and weary of the chunnin's kick. He lifted Iruka up by his shoulders, until Iruka was standing next time. Iruka had to look up at the man.

Iruka was once again astonished by the man's speed as he was backhanded across the face. Iruka's head was now facing a different direction with his sight spinning. The blow had a lot of power behind it, Iruka knew that it wasn't the man's full strength but it had hurt a whole heap for Iruka to know that this man was not one to mess with. The man was showing Iruka who was the boss here; Iruka hated the man for making him feel weak. Kakashi never hit him, no matter how heated the arguments. To be hit by this man in such a disrespectful way really hurt him both physically and mentally, it was if some of his pride and dignity was taken away.

The man took hold of Iruka's ponytail in a strong grip, ripping some of the hairs out of the scalp. The pain was searing, but not as bad as the backhand to his face, where he could feel his right cheek already swelling. "Now, Babe, that was really nice of you to kick me like that. Now look at your food, it's all over you," the man made a show with his free hands towards Iruka's pants. "That was all the food you were going to get for today, now you have spend today hike hungry." The man inched his face closer to Iruka's, "I can see now why Orochimaru wanted us to get you. You are really feisty, Babe," Iruka couldn't stop the uncontrolled shiver that ran down his spine at the mention of Orochimaru's name. "I wonder how feisty you really are in bed."

The man's lips closed harshly over Iruka's mouth, the man's teeth biting at Iruka's lips. Iruka fought back, trying to buck the man away from him and keeping his mouth closed, not allowing the man any access to the interior of his mouth.

"Jinto, that is enough," one of the man's comrades spoke loudly, before placing his hands between both Iruka and the man and pushed them apart. Iruka was backed away from Jinto, was it? And hid behind the new man, using his body as a wall between him and his molester. "Anyways, Orochimaru wants him untouched and mostly unharmed," the man sent Iruka's molester an unspoken warning of pain and death if Orochimaru is disobeyed.

"Whatever," the molester looked at the man then at Iruka, "Too bad for you, Babe, I'm certain I would have been the more humane choice between Orochimaru and I." The man laughed and walked away, leaving Iruka to his thoughts of Orochimaru and what he wanted Iruka for.


thanks for reading. Reviews much appreciated. Tehe, I'm so mean to poor Iruka. You can always tell who my favorite character is by mainly two things: (1) they are almost always uke (bottom) and (2) bad things happen...usually really bad things. Muhahahaha...