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Stepping in close, Zack Martin delivered two more blows to the fifteen-year-old's face.

There was a sickening crunch of bone and his opponent dropped to the hard earth. Ragged cheers erupted from the surrounding crowd on the finishing blow.

Zack took a final look at his floored opponent, regarding him with mild contempt, then turned and pushed his way through the crowd.

Cody, who had been waiting on a bench outside the ring of onlookers, immediately came beside him and handed him a cloth. Zack dabbed the cut on his eyebrow- the dull throb it had emitted during the fight was becoming the familiar, sharp ache.

"I still don't understand why you insist on waiting outside the crowd. Everyone here thinks you're a wimp." Before Cody could answer he turned and spat blood on the ground.

"That's why Zack! I can't watch people hurt each-other like that!" Cody looked disgusted by the concept.

Zack groaned. His brother always became annoyingly temperamental about this subject.

"Then why do you still come?"

"I'm your brother!"


Cody snapped his mouth shut, lost for words. There was a moment of heady silence, except for the distant cries of the crowds as another fight began, and their own footfalls in the damp, deserted railway tunnel.

Then, "Did you bring any fags?"

"No." Cody said, looking disgusted "We're not old enough."

"So what," Zack complained, "they don't ask your age in the shop. I've tried it." He let out an exaggerated sigh, "You're so useless." He gave his brother a punitive slap on the head.

Someone passed them. Zack elbowed him in the arm lightly, enough to make him turn.

"Got any cigarettes?"


Obviously recognising him, the boy handed him one from a deep pocket in his coat and held a lighter to it.


The twins walked on again. Zack busied himself with blowing on his cigarette and idly trying to read the endless layers of graffiti on the walls.

"Zack, why do we have to keep doing this? I hate coming down here."

Zack slapped him on the head again. "I'll say!" He breathed smoke into Cody's face. "Look, no-one asked you to come, you're obviously too puny for it; but you're not stopping me."

"But what if you get caught?-"

"I won't get caught, damn it! The police wouldn't check these abandoned tunnels without a SWAT team and military support."

Cody dropped his head in conceit "I still don't like it though..."

Zack groaned in aggravation and slapped his brother for the third time.

After a few more minutes, they came to a splintered door painted green. The word "penis" was written on it in block capitals.

Zack took a final buff of his cigarette, then dropped the butt and crushed it into the ground.

He turned to his brother, "ok, do I look like I've been in a fight?"

Cody looked at his brother's face. The cut on his eyebrow had only recently closed, and there were several purple marks up and down his jaw. He still had scars from previous fights.

Zack straightened without waiting for an answer. "I'll just tell mom I fell off my bike again. She'll buy anything I tell her."

Cody deemed it prudent not to make any sarcastic remarks; his head was still aching a little. At the back of his mind, he wondered if their mom had become afraid of her oldest twin over the last six months.

He came to his senses as Zack pushed the stiff door open, and hurried into the crowds of the Boston subway...

End of Chapter 1

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