Who is better? Vegeta vs. Yamcha!
By: The Brainless Wonder

A/N: I sit as I write this, and wonder, do I really have anything else better to do?... NAH! So, here I am writing this fic for the second time. I came up with the idea at 1 o'clock in the morning. And you people know where it goes from there. So, anywho R&R and tell me what you think. Flames are okay, but no cursing because...well because I said so!
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::Audience screams and shouts like wild ferrets:: "Hello Everybody, and welcome to the first edition of 'Who is better?' said Mr. Popo the gameshow host. "We have an exciting game for you today! And I swear it's better than the flowering I do in Kami's Tower!" The audience gasps. "Anyway, we have Mr. Vegeta and Yamcha here today with us, fighting over the beautiful Bulma Briefs! Is that exciting or what?" "BUT I DON'T WANT THAT CRAZY WITCH!" Screamed Vegeta loudly to everyone. "Ha! That's funny Vegeta! Let my holy self explain the rules to this game! Vegeta and Yamcha will start out with 5 points each. If either of them do something that the girl, Bulma in this case, doesn't like, the other person gains a point!" "Well, that's not fair for Vegeta! He's gonna lose!" screamed some person in the audience. "Now now folks, let's not state the obvious!" Said Mr. Popo with a grin on his evil face.

Here we are at the glorious Capsule Corporation. Vegeta slowly crawls on the floor towards the refrigerator. "Water, must have water, cannot live without water!" Vegeta gasped as he crawled over the fridge. Once again, he had been training to hard in the gravity's chamber. Yamcha walks pass Vegeta, opens the fridge, grabs a water bottle and starts gulping it down. "Oh, hiya Vegeta! You aren't going to try and kill me today are you?" Yamcha asked with concern. Vegeta glared at Yamcha as he took another drink of the water. Yamcha saw Vegeta glaring at him...so, he ran out of the kitchen. For every five minutes Vegeta crawled one whole entire inch. Fifteen minutes later Yamcha came running back in the kitchen. "Vegeta! Save yourself! SHE is coming! Hide, run, do something!" Yamcha said in a panicked state of tone. Vegeta's eyes widened in utter terror. Poor Vegeta could only crawl, and by the time she got there it was too late. "WHY WEREN'T YOU AT OUR DATE LAST NIGHT?" Bulma yelled across the kitchen. After the thirty minutes it took for Vegeta and Yamcha to gain back their sense of hearing, Bulma had calmed down. "Well, you see Bulma...I forgot to tie my shoelace?" Yamcha said in a sorry excuse. Vegeta silently snickered on the ground. Vegeta just gained five points.

"What do you mean you forgot to tie your shoelace! I already told you how to tie them last week!" Vegeta gasped at how easy Yamcha is being let off. Bulma sighed, wanting to get on with life. "Oh yeah Yamcha, Krillin wanted me to ask you something." Said Bulma as she stared at Vegeta lying on the floor half dead. I DIDN'T MEAN TO GO OUT WITH MARRON LAST NIGHT, I SWEAR!" Yamcha yelled. It was silent for the next five minutes. Then Bulma turned the color of Fat Majin Buu did when he got really mad at Vegeta. "Here it comes!" Vegeta said as he braced himself for the impact. "YOU-WENT-OUT-WITH-KRILLIN'S-EX-GIRLFRIEND!!!???" Bulma screamed so loudly that the neighbor's had to put there helmets they bought for occasions like this, on their heads. While Bulma was yelling at Yamcha, by the way, Vegeta just gained 10 points. Vegeta had managed to get a water bottle.

But, it was all in vain, because Bulma grabbed it and threw it at Yamcha's head. It hit Yamcha square in the head and he fell backwards on the ground. "No---NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" And right then and there, Vegeta turned his awaited power, Super Saiyan!


"As you can see audience, this is how Vegeta really turned Super Saiyan." Said Mr. Popo said proudly. "Everything you thought about Vegeta turning Super Saiyan was a lie!" The audience gasped and ooh'ed and ah'ed. "And as exciting as this is, we have to go to commercials!"


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Call 1-800-WE-HAVE-NOTHING-BETTER-TO-SELL! ( I hope this isn't a real phone #...that'd be weird.)


"Hello fellow people, and we are back to your favorite game show! At this time, we are going to ask a audience member what they think of this great game show!" Says Mr. Popo. He walks over to a girl in the front row. "Hello miss, and what do you think?" "Yee-haw. All I know is that I don't want little girls running around with me on their butt!" Videl said angrily.

Well, people, I am going to stop this here. And I would like to know if I should continue. Its up to you people. And, if you would like me to do another couple, I will gladly do so, but know yaio or yuri couples! R&R please - the brainless wonder