"You're going where?!" spluttered five bewildered teens, each with eyes as wide as saucers and mouths agape as they looked at their friend, mortified by the news just bestowed upon them.

Dick sighed and rubbed his temples before repeating himself. "Bruce, Alfred, and I are going to Paris for the summer."

His friends glanced at each other, the news beginning to sink in but still being written off. They looked at Dick with the same expression as before. "You're going where?!"

Dick crossed his arms, annoyed that he had to repeat himself more than once, and scowled at his friends. "Alright, that's enough! Seriously, it's not that big a deal."

"Not that big a deal," Karen repeated, shocked by Dick's indifferent tone. She threw her hands up, her tone rising. "Of course it's a big deal!"

"Yeah dude," agreed Gar. "You're gonna be gone the whole summer. I mean, what about all the stuff we were gonna do?"

"Listen, guys, you know I would love to stay here in Jump and spend the summer with you... but there's nothing I can do. Bruce has final say with stuff like this."

"Oh, so that's it? He gets to pluck you out and throw you back in when it's September? Man, that's messed up," Vic commented. "Think about all the stuff you're gonna miss! We were gonna go to the beach."

"And have water balloon fights." Gar added.

"And go to the amusement park."

"And fill up on ice cream."

"And use your pool."


Raven clapped her hands over the mouths of Gar and Vic. "I think he gets the point," she removed her hands, and though both boys scowled at her, they said nothing. They knew better than to mess with Raven. Raven glanced over at Dick. "So you're sure you can't get out of this?"

Dick nodded. "I've already tried. Bruce says I have to go, something about appearances... I don't know," Dick smiled. "But hey, it's only for the summer. Come September I'll be back in action and we'll be sophomores!"

"But until then we need to make due with what we have," announced Karen, pulling out a pink flier from her pocket. She slapped it down on the table for her friends to see and grinned. "The school is having a dance pretty soon. I say we all go to celebrate the ending of our freshman year and Dick's temporary farewell."

"Aw," Vic released a loud groan as he read the flier. "Do we have to? It says the dance is formal. I hate formal."

"Vic, you're my boyfriend. You have to go with me," Karen gave Vic 'the look'. "Please."

Vic crumpled at the sight of 'the look' and sighed. "Okay."

Karen squealed and clapped her hands excitedly, a thrilled smile coming to her face. "Yay! Now I have an excuse to buy that new dress I've been wanting."

"Way to crack under pressure, Vic." Gar quipped, amused.

"Shut it, midget...," Vic said, ruffling Gar's hair. "You're going, too."

"What! Aw man."

Raven chuckled.

Gar narrowed his eyes at her. "What, you think this is funny?"

"A little bit, yeah." she confessed with a shrug.

"Well laugh it up," said Gar, smirking. "At least I don't have to go dress shopping."

Karen's smile got even wider and she took Raven's hands in her own. "Yes! You, me, and Kori get to go dress shopping! And we can get to get our hair and nails done. Oh, and there's this new place at the mall with the cutest pair of shoes..."

As Karen rambled on Raven sent Gar a death glare. "I hate you."

Gar could only smirk. "So worth it."

"Uh, guys," Dick stood up, capturing the attention of his friends. "I'm gonna go get a soda. Anybody want anything?"

"Nah, I'm good."

"No thanks."

"I'll pass."


Dick eyed Gar and nodded. "Right... Be right back."

"Wait up, Dick," Kori said quickly. "I'll come, too."

As Kori got up and walked away with Dick, the others couldn't help but stare.

Gar glanced at the others, a sly look in his eyes and a smirk on his face. "She likes him."

Although there was much truth to Gar's comment, it was something that Kori never admitted to. She didn't want anyone to know about the feelings she harbored for Dick. However, she planned to do something about it.

Ever since she realized she liked Dick she had kept her feelings a secret. She thought she could bury her emotions, but she soon realized that she couldn't. Little things that Dick did caught her attention. There were many times when she found herself daydreaming about him. Her skin trembled in pleasure by his simplest of touches. Little by little her feelings for him kept resurfacing, and Kori was finally willing to take a step with them.

Although she had admitted that she wasn't ready to actually tell him the truth, she had decided she would ask him out on a date. Her plan was to ask him out to the upcoming dance, and after that... Well, she hadn't planned that far, but she figured one small step was better than no step at all..

They reached the vending machine and Dick scanned over his options, his chin in hand while he contemplated what to get. Kori stood besides him, fiddling her fingers. Now was the perfect opportunity to ask him. They were alone, so what was she waiting for?

"Uh... um...," Kori clenched her hands and looked at him, determined. She had to act now before she lost her nerve. "Dick, I--"

"What do you think I should get," Dick cut her off. "Orange or grape?"

Kori took a deep breath, her nerves beginning to work their way back. "Uh... grape."

"Sweet." Dick dug around in his pockets, searching for a dollar.

Kori released a breath of air, releasing any negative thoughts along with it. She was ready to ask him again. "Dick, there's som--"

"Hey, Kori, could I borrow a dollar?"

She wavered a bit, her mouth going dry, but answered him. "S-sure," she reached into her pocket and handed him the currency. "Here."

"Thanks." he took it and slipped it in the machine.

Once again, Kori opened her mouth, ready to ask him. "Dick, would you--"

"Oh come on," Dick snapped angrily, bumping the machine with his fist. "Give up my soda you hunk of junk!"

Kori sighed, her eyes closing in frustration. "Here, let me..."

She stepped up to the machine and elbowed the side. Once she did that a can of grape soda came tumbling down and emerged at the opening.

"Sweet," Dick bent down to get his drink. "Thanks, Kori."

"You're welcome," Kori paused, her gaze on Dick. She expected him to say something, anything, that would throw her off and make her lose her focus. However, he didn't. He stood there, can in hand, waiting patiently. Kori figured he was waiting for the contents of the can to calm down before opening it. Now was her chance. "Dick, there's something really important that I have to ask you."

Dick rose a brow and gave Kori his undivided attention. "Sure, Kori, what is it?"

Kori almost smiled. She had finally managed to gather his attention. Now all she needed was to ask him out and hopefully all would be well. "It's about the dance. I was wondering if--"

"Well, well, well, what do we have here," cut in the voice of a tall, very attractive, junior girl. Clad in short shorts and a halter top, she immediately caught the attention of Dick, who immediately turned his focus to her. The girl stepped in the middle of Dick and Kori and looked him up and down with her vibrant blue eyes. She smiled at him with her red lips and flicked her long black hair over her shoulder, accidently hitting Kori in the face in the process. "You're Dick Grayson, aren't you?"

Dick smirked instantly, and Kori could tell the playboy in him had just risen from its slumber. "Why, as a matter of fact I am," Dick took the girl's hand in his own and kissed it. He looked at the girl from behind his dark shades. "Who might you be?"

"My name is Melissa."

"You mean Melissa from the cheerleading team?"

"I see you've heard of me."

Dick's grin got even wider and Kori rolled her eyes.

"So, Melissa, what brings you here?"

"Well, there's this dance happening at school. I'm sure you've heard of it," she explained, placing a hand on Dick's cheek and smiling. "And as it turns out I happen to be without a date."

"A pretty thing like yourself? Impossible."

Kori put a finger to her mouth and made a gagging noise.

"It's a shame, I know. But the word is that you're dateless, too."

Kori's eyes widened in fright. She knew where this was going.

"Since we're both without escorts how would you like to go with me? I can make it your worth wild." she pecked his neck and smirked at him.

Dick grinned. "I'd be an idiot if I said no."

Melissa instantly pulled away and smiled, satisfied. "Good. I'll see you at the dance then."

"Bet on it." Dick said softly, eyeing her as she walked away. Once she was out of sight he turned around to face Kori. "So, Kori, what was it that you were saying?"

Despite having her dream of asking Dick to the dance brutally torn before her very eyes, Kori managed a smile. She didn't want to show Dick how hurt she was. "Oh, it's nothing. Forget I even said anything."


"Why so glum, Kori?" Karen asked as she held up a dress for Raven to see, only for the goth girl to shake her head no.

Kori turned to Karen and faked a smile. "Karen, I have no idea what you're talking about. Nothing is wrong. Everything is wonderful."

"Girl, we're at the mall, the mall you love," Karen pointed out. "And you've barely touched a hanger. Now what's up? You've been acting funny almost all day."

Kori sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Well... it's about the dance. You see... I don't really want to go."

"Don't want to go? But, Kori... you love dances!" Karen exclaimed, shocked by her friend's words.

Kori shrugged indifferently. "It's just a dance."

"Just a dance?! All our friends will be there. And it's Dick's last night to party with us before he goes to Paris. He'll be gone for two whole months!"

Kori narrowed her eyes at the mention of Dick and crossed her arms. "It wouldn't matter if I'm there or not because Dick will have that slutty... little... bitch Melissa hanging all over him!"

Karen and Raven stared at Kori with wide eyes, shocked by her outburst. Kori, upon realizing what she just said, blushed and looked away. For a short amount of time the three girls stood in silence. It wasn't until Raven decided to speak that it was broken.

"Kori... are you... are you jealous?" Raven inquired carefully.

Kori's eyes went wide and she began to babble. "What? No. No! Why would you even think that? I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous at all. Me, jealous? Pfft. As if. Yeah right. Like that could ever happen." Kori chuckled nervously.

Raven and Karen glanced at each other, then at Kori. They weren't convinced, and Kori could tell by the looks they were giving her.

"Really, girls, I'm not jealous. Really, I'm not. As a matter of fact I have a date of my own." Kori lied. In reality she didn't have a date, but if it could get Karen and Raven off her back she would be saved from having her secret spilled.

"Well that's great, Kori...," said Karen, grinning. "Because that means you have to go to the dance now. You wouldn't want to leave your date all alone, now would you?"

Kori gulped and shook her head.

Karen smiled, satisfied. "Good, because I can't wait to meet him. Now help me find a dress for Raven."

Kori slapped her forehead, groaning. "Me and my big mouth..."


It was lunch time for a select few at Jump City High School, among those select few were Dick, Vic, and Gar. The boys sat at their usual table without the girls, who were still waiting on line; the girls had gone to the bathroom first and arrived late to the lunchroom. As the boys waited, they decided to begin a conversation about the dance. Dick began the conversation, bragging about how he "scored" a date with Melissa.

Vic and Gar were wide eyed with mouths agape.

"No way...," Gar was stunned as well as impressed. "You actually managed to get a date with Melissa? Cheerleader Melissa? Dude, how'd you pull that off?

Dick smiled smugly. "She was dazzled by my charm."

Dick couldn't help but play the role of a big-shot at the moment. Besides, what he was saying wasn't a complete lie.

"So Melissa huh," Vic shook his head. "And here I thought you would've taken Kori."

Dick rose a brow. "Why'd you think that?"

"You mean besides the fact that you like her?" Gar quipped.

Dick glared at him. "I do not like Kori."

"Seriously man, how come you didn't ask Kori? You've been taking her to dances ever since middle school, that is, when you've both been single."

"Those were middle school dances. They didn't mean anything. And besides, it's not like Kori's my girlfriend. She's my best friend, always has and always will be. Plus, this is Melissa were talking about. Melissa! I'd be a freakin' retard to pass up the chance to go out with her."

"Speak of the she-devil...," murmured Gar. "Here comes your date now, Dick."

Dick turned around instantly, a wide smile coming to his face when he spotted Melissa. He stood up and met up with her before she reached his table. "Melissa, hey."

"Dick, just the person I was looking for," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "We need to talk about the dance."

Dick nodded his head, practically floating on air in pure bliss. "Right, I actually wanted to ask you a question. You see, I wanted to get you a corsage but I didn't know what kind of flower to get you."

"Oh, that's so sweet of you," she said, pinching his cheek and then pulling away. "But it's not necessary. You see... there's been a change in plans."

He blinked, confusion setting in. "What do you mean?"

"Listen, Dick, you're really cute and popular but I have a boyfriend."

"What do you mean you have a boyfriend," he hissed angrily, glaring. "If you have a boyfriend why the hell did you ask me out?"

"It's like this. My boyfriend and I got in this huge argument, and he said he didn't want to take me to the dance. So, I went for the next best thing, which just so happened to be you," she explained. "He found out, got really jealous, and begged me to take him back. So, I did."

Dick felt like pulling out his own hair. "What?!"

Melissa crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, annoyed. "Long story short, you're dateless for the dance," she smiled wickedly and walked away. "Toddles!"

Dick huffed and stomped back over to his table, rejoining his friends. Gar and Vic looked at him with curious eyes when he sat down.

"So what Melissa say?"

"Uh... Melissa," Dick bit his lip, thinking of an excuse. He couldn't tell them the truth, not after what happened. It was too embarrassing, and he knew he would be teased about it. "She wanted to tell me she couldn't make it, uh... her grandma's sick."

"Oh, wow. Poor Melissa," Gar looked over at Dick. "So what are you gonna do now, Dick?"

"Yeah man, you can't go to the dance without a date. I mean, you're Dick Grayson. You gotta have a date."

Dick shrugged indifferently. "Hey, don't worry. I'll just ask Kori."

"You're in luck," pointed out Vic. "Here she comes now."

"And with a friend." Gar added.

Dick turned around and was met with the sight of Kori holding hands with some boy. He was muscular and tall with messy brown hair and green eyes. The boy stopped Kori and leaned in for a kiss. Dick clenched his fist, ready to go over there and do some damage, but settled down when he saw Kori pull away and the boy's lips land on her cheek. Kori awkwardly waved farewell to the boy, and along with Raven and Karen who were behind her, headed towards their usual lunch table.

Dick's eyes were on Kori the whole time, and once she sat down besides him he opened his mouth to speak. "Kori, who was that guy you were with?"

Gar and Vic leaned in, curious. Karen and Raven turned their attention towards Kori and Dick, too.

"Oh, him? That's Edmund," Kori paused. "My date for the dance."

Dick nearly fainted.


The day of the dance finally arrived, and the students of Jump City High School were enjoying themselves. As the beat of the music drummed through their ears they swayed their hips, twisted their bodies, and spun around. Just as the DJ switched songs, a good portion of students entered the dance. The students who entered were Dick, Raven, Gar, Vic, and Karen.

Upon entering the dance, Karen's eyes lit up. "This is my favorite song. Vic, can we--"

Vic already had taken her hand and was leading her to the dance floor. "Nothing would make me happier, darlin'."

Gar eyed Raven, his date for the evening. Both weren't able to find dates so they agreed to go together as friends. "Rae, you wanna--"

"Don't call me Rae." Rave cut in stubbornly.

Gar released a frustrated sigh. "Listen, you wanna dance or not?"

Raven crossed her arms. Although she didn't want to admit it, she did have a small urge to dance. "Whatever."

Gar beamed at her and took her hand. "I'll take that as a yes."

He lead her to the dance floor, leaving Dick by himself. Dick put his hands in his pockets and looked at his friends. He had to admit, both Karen and Raven looked absolutely gorgeous. Karen wore a yellow halter dress that fitted her figure perfectly. Raven wore a dark blue dress that tied around her neck and highlighted her skin very well.

Dick turned his attention to the boys and chuckled. Vic had worn an all white suit and black shirt along with a matching white hat. It was a funny sight to see that Karen had plucked the hat off his head and placed it on her own. Dick looked over at Gar and shook his head. Gar had worn an old blue suit and bow tie from his middle school days which didn't fit him all that well; the jacket sleeves were short so it exposed his wrist, and the pants showed off just a bit of his socks. Even so, Gar didn't seem to mind, and Raven didn't seem to care.

Someone tapped his shoulder, grabbing his attention. Dick turned around, and he could have sworn he was in the presence of a goddess. There, in all her glory, stood Kori, dressed in a purple gown and long white gloves.

Dick smiled softly at her. "Kori... wow. You look... fantastic."

Kori smiled at him kindly. "Thank you. So do you," she reached out and patted his shoulders, dusting off imaginary dust. She then fiddled with his bow tie to make sure it was on correctly. "Where are the others?"

"You just missed them. They all went to the dance floor," Dick looked around her. "Where's your date?"

"Edmund went to get a drink," Kori looked around him. "Where's your date?"

"Melissa... she uh... she..."

Kori rose a brow.

Dick sighed, shoulders slumping. "She ditched me."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that... If you want maybe we could--"

"Yo, Kori," Edmund threw an arm over her shoulders and pulled her close while taking a sip of his drink. He looked at Dick and glared at him. "Hey man... Where's your date?"

Dick frowned at him. He didn't like this guy. "I actually came alone."

"Really? Well, sucks to be you man." Edmund laughed.

Dick laughed with him, though it was forced. "Wow, that's funny. Say, Kori, where's Xavier? I haven't seen him."

"Xavier said he had something important to do so he couldn't make it."

Edmund eyed Kori nervously. "Y-you're friends with Xavier?"

Kori nodded and Edmund gulped. This caused Dick to smirk. Maybe this would make Edmund back off.

Edmund withdrew his arm from around Kori's shoulder and took another sip of his drink. His hands shook a bit. "Uh... I-I'm gonna go get a refill."

Dick narrowed his eyes. As much as he disliked this guy, he wasn't going to let Kori get ditched. She didn't deserve that. "I'll join you."

They both walked past Kori, leaving her in a bewildered state.


Roy looked over at Alain with shocked eyes. His best friend, who he had ridiculed earlier for showing up to a dance dateless, was suddenly surrounded by a large group of girls. Roy rubbed his eyes, hoping that perhaps what he was seeing was just a mirage caused by the lights. When he returned his eyes back to Alain, he was shocked to see that even more girls had surrounded him.

"How the hell is he doing that?!" Roy spluttered, bewildered.

"I don't know," Jade shrugged. "I think it has something to do with him being on the swim team. Or maybe it's the way he's dressed."

Roy looked down at himself. He had chosen to wear a black suit and tie. He then looked over at Alain who had only worn pants and a shirt that wasn't fully buttoned.

"It could be the hair."

Roy scoffed. "Please, I have way better hair than Alain."

"Enough about Alain," Jade took Roy's hands in her own and smiled at him. "Come dance with me."

Roy looked Jade up and down and the smile on his face got wider by the second. Jade looked incredible in her green dress. "If my lady wants a dance then it's a dance she shall get."

As Roy lead Jade to the dance floor, they passed by Alain.

"Roy! Jade! Help!" Alain whimpered as another girl clutched his arm. The couple ignored him, they were to consumed in each other to notice.

Meanwhile... Wally drummed his fingers against the table he was sitting at. Sitting besides him was Jenn, dressed in a black dress with long sleeves. The two were unable to find dates for the dance and had came together. Despite this, Jenn refused to call it a date, much to Wally's disappointment. Since they arrived at the dance they had spent their time sitting down. They didn't bother to dance, and they barely spoke a word to each other.

Wally sighed, frustrated with his current predicament. Here he was with the girl he was infatuated with, this was a moment he had been waiting for, and yet he was miserable. He wanted Jenn to talk to him. He wanted to dance with her so that way he would have an excuse to hold her close. He didn't want to spend this precious time with her at a stupid table. Wally turned towards Jenn and opened his mouth, ready to speak.

Jenn cut him off before he could even start. "Just because I'm here with you doesn't mean this is a date. So that means I don't have to talk to you, or dance with you."

Wally wasn't going to stand for this. "Alright then, how's about we make a bet?"

Jenn eyed him. "What kind of bet?"

"We flip a coin. If it's heads then you have to act as if this is a date. That means conversations, dancing, the works."

"And if it's tails?"

"Then I'll shut up and leave you alone."

Jenn paused, unsure. It took awhile for her to finally make up her mind. "Fine. You're on."

Wally quickly removed a coin from his pocket. "Ready?"


He flipped the coin and caught it, placing it on his hand. He removed it, and to his surprise the coin showed up heads.

Jenn's eyes widened and she glared at him. "What the fuck?! You son of a bitch! You cheated!"

"I did nothing of the sort," Wally smirked. "Now I do believe you owe me a dance."

Jenn sighed and stood up from her seat. "Fine. Just keep your hands were I can see them."


Dick cleared his throat, capturing Edmund's attention. "So, you and Kori huh?"

"Yup." Edmund refilled his cup with punch.

"So... you like her?"

"Yeah, she's cool. Real pretty, too."

A dreamy expression came to Dick's face as he recalled how beautiful Kori looked in her dress. "Yeah..."

Edmund caught sight of this and smirked. He nudged Dick's side. "Yeah, she's a hot little thing, isn't she? Just between you and me I plan on taking her somewhere a little more private, if you know what I mean."

Dick narrowed his eyes. "Excuse me?"

Edmund rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah, I forgot, you're still a freshman. I guess you haven't learned everything us sophomores have learned."

"Just what the hell does that mean?"

"Dude, do I have to spell it out for you? I'm taking Kori home with me tonight for a no pants party."

Dick narrowed his eyes. Forget not wanting Kori to be ditched, he was going to teach this guy a lesson. "Like hell you are!"

"Whoa, take it easy there little man."

"Take it easy? That's my friend you're talking about you ass!"

"Well if she's just your friend she's free to do whoever she wants!"

That was the last straw for Dick. There was absolutely no way he was going to let someone as vulgar as this put their hands on Kori. Balling his hand into a fist Dick threw a punch at Edmund, his fist connecting with his nose. Edmund fell to the ground, and just as Dick was about to lunge at him, someone pulled him back.

"Yo, Dick, calm down," Roy said. "What the heck is going on here?"

Dick ignored Roy and shouted at Edmund. "If I catch you laying a finger on her I swear I'll rip your head off! You hear me you son of a bitch! You stay away from her!"

Edmund rose to his feet and glared at the younger teen. "Forget this! If you want her so badly you can have her. I'm out of here."

Edmund stormed off, and once he was out of sight Roy released his hold on Dick.

"Dude, what was that all about?"

"That jerk was talking trash about Kori."

"And you defended her? Aw! Dick, that's so sweet," Jade said. "I knew you liked Kori."

"What? No I don't."

"You do, too. You totally like her."

"I do not. That's crazy talk. You're crazy," Dick looked away, a blush coming to his cheeks. "I gotta go find Kori and explain to her why her date suddenly went missing."

Dick walked past Jade and Roy, in search of Kori.

Jade looked at Roy with a knowing smile on her face. "He likes her."



It was the big dance, and the best Kitten could manage for a date was someone she considered a nerd from the chess team. Her original plan was to take Fang with her to the dance, but the two broke up two weeks earlier. He had caught her flirting with Dick again and didn't like it. The two got in an argument and called their relationship off.

Kitten eyed her date, Scott, who she was dancing with. If it wasn't for the big glasses, short cut, braces, and scrawny figure he probably wouldn't be so bad. Still, he was no Fang, or Dick for that matter. She figured it was about best time to ditch him.

"Scott," Kitten called out over the loud music. She put a hand on his shoulder, halting him for dancing and grabbing his attention. "I'm going to go sit down for awhile."

He nodded at her. "Okay, I'll come with you."

"No," Kitten shouted. She needed an excuse, and fast. "You stay here and continue dancing." She smiled at him. "You look so cute while doing it."

"Very well then." Scott smiled and spun around, walking backwards.

Kitten rose a brow, but shook her head. She headed for the table she and Scott, along with Cindy and Mandy and their dates, had occupied earlier. Taking a seat, she sighed, frustrated.

"This dance blows." she mumbled, resting her cheek in the palm of her hand and leaning her elbow on the table.

"Wow. Never thought I'd hear you say those words."

Kitten turned around, shock written across her features. "Fang?!"

"The one and only," he took the empty seat next to her and grinned. She looked wonderful in her strapless pink dress. "How's about a dance?"

"How's about not?"

"Oh, I get it, you're still mad about before. Well, I'm sorry okay. I just hate the idea of you and Dick. Take me back, baby. Please," Fang paused, waiting for her to say something. She said nothing and instead crossed her arms, looking away. He sighed and reached into his pocket. "I figured you'd still be mad so I got you this."

He revealed a long gold chain with a pink stone as a pendent. It sparkled in the light and immediately caught Kitten's attention.

She snatched the necklace away from him, admiring it. "It's beautiful!"

"Yeah, well, I went through a lot of trouble to steal it."

"Oh, Fang," Kitten threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled his chest. "Let's never fight again."

She planted a kiss on his lip and they smiled in content.


Dick wandered around, looking left and right in search of Kori. He had yet to find her, and it was beginning to frustrate him. What frustrated him even more was the fact that everyone kept accusing him of liking Kori. Kori was his best friend, he didn't like her. He couldn't like her. It would ruin their friendship.

Still, he had to admit, she was beautiful. Extremely beautiful. More beautiful than any of the girls he dated, that's for sure. She was flawless. Not only was she a goddess, but she was kind and understanding. She was the nicest person he knew. Kori would make the perfect girlfriend.

Dick instantly paused, mortified at the thought. He wasn't supposed to have thoughts like that, not when it came to Kori. What was he thinking? He shouldn't be thinking about how soft her skin was, or how bright her eyes were. Nor should he be thinking about the scent of her hair, which just so happened to be strawberries and peaches.

"Dammit!" Dick lightly tapped his head, shaking it. What was wrong with him? Was it possible that he actually had romantic feelings for Kori? Everyone else seemed to think so.

That's when something caught his eye, or rather someone. Not that far from where he was standing was Alain, hiding behind a table and nervously looking around. He saw his friend dive under a table when a group of girls walked past. Dick rose a brow and made his way over to his friend. Pulling the table cloth back he looked at Alain.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Alain pulled Dick under the table with him. He didn't want Dick to blow his cover. "Hiding. There's this group of fangirls that have been bothering me the whole night."

"Wow. Sucks to be you man." Dick said sarcastically.

"Shouldn't you be with your date or something? I heard you got a date with Melissa."

"Oh, right, her. She couldn't come so I came alone."

"Sorry about that dude."

"Don't be. She's the farthest thing from my mind."

"Something you need to talk about, Dick?"

"Well... actually, yeah. You see, there's this girl, and I think I like her."

"You think?"

"Yeah, you see, that's the problem. I'm not sure if I do. She's always sorta just been there, like... like the comic book you see on the shelf and never get. And recently there's this guy she was with, and the thought of her and him together made me nuts."

"Oh, so you were jealous?"

"Extremely," Dick admitted. "I saw this guy as a threat, as someone who could take her away from me, so I flipped out on him. Now I'm thinking I only did it because I like her."

"Well it sounds like you do."

"But I'm still so unsure. I've never thought of her like this before. How do I tell if I really like her?"

"Beats me man. It's a feeling that will come to you when you least expect it to, and I'm guessing it'll be like a 'spark' or something. You'll know when you know," Alain raised the table cloth and looked around. "Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta jet before those girls find me."

"Right, good luck with that. And thanks man, this talk really helped."

"Glad I could help. And good luck with that girl," Alain then crawled out from under the table, Dick following his lead. He spotted the group of girls that had been chasing him and they spotted him. "Oh crap!"

Alain made a run for it with the girls chasing him not far behind. "Get him!"

Dick shook his head at the sight and turned around. Once he did that he saw Kori. She was looking around, and once she saw him she smiled. Dick put a hand to his chest, swearing he felt something. Could that have been the spark Alain spoke of? As Kori drew closer, the feeling returned, only stronger, and it was at that moment Dick realized something.

He liked Kori.

It was an overwhelming yet jubilant realization, and once Kori was close enough Dick scooped her up in a hug and spun her around. The feelings he felt for her were incredible and warm. Perhaps it would feel even better if he told her of those feelings.

Dick smiled and placed her on the ground, ready to share with her his newly discovered feelings. However, once he caught sight of her eyes, he paused and began to reconsider. If he told her the truth everything would change, possibly for the worst. What if confessing to her meant destroying their friendship? What if he was to hurt her? What if she didn't feel the same way? She probably didn't, but even if she did what good would that do? He would be gone the whole summer. That's no way to start a beginning romance.

"Dick? Dick?"

Dick shook his head, snapping out of his stupor.

"Dick, what's gotten into you? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I-I'm fine," Dick couldn't tell her the truth, not now, not ever. "Sorry about that, I just got caught up in the moment."

"It's okay," Kori said, smiling. "No harm done. It was actually kinda nice."

"I'm just... really glad to see you."

Kori rose a brow, wondering why he suddenly sounded so serious. "Are you sure you're okay?"

He nodded at her.

"Good, because I have something I need to ask you," she said. "Just what the heck happened to you and Edmund? You both go to get punch and then disappear. I've been looking everywhere for you two."

"Edmund...," Dick bit his lip. "Had to leave. He wasn't feeling to good."

"I wish he would've said something. I would've helped him home."

"It was a spur of the moment thing. Don't worry about him, he'll be fine."

"If you say so," Kori sighed and looked at the dance floor. "I guess that means we're both dateless."

Dick took her hand in his. "At least we're together."

Kori squeezed his hand, a smile coming to her lips. "That's true."

A new song began to play and couples drew in closer to each other. It was a slow song.

As the music filled their ears, Kori and Dick looked at each other.

Dick smiled at her and gingerly tugged her towards the dance floor. "Kori, would you do me the honor and dance with me?"

Kori smiled back at him. "It would be my pleasure."



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