Last time:

"One Word, UGLY!" the new girl spat and walked away fast.

Drake, Josh and practically everyone who hadn't left yet stared at the new girl with shock.

(Same Day Lockers)

Drake and Josh finally walked out of the classroom with Drake convincing himself that the new girl was playing hard to get. They began to walk towards Josh's locker when they saw the new girl desperately trying to open her locker. Her hair was messy and her glasses were perched on the bridge of her nose while her leg tried to hold her bag and her mouth held her pen. She continuously jiggled the knob of her locker. Once she got it open she smiled but then one of the most horrible things happened. When someone walked by they shut the locker closed.

"Argh," She muttered angrily to herself and everything in her bag fell. Out of sympathy Josh walked over to help her out.

"Here let me help you with that."

"No, no I can get it; I don't need any help thanks anyway."

"No, it is fine really."

Just then their hands touched. The new girl was the first one to react she quickly took her hand back and placed it close to her chest. Her eyes slowly looked up and she saw concerned black eyes look at her. The new girl pushed her eye glasses back up her nose and stood with Josh following her.

"I'm Josh, Josh Nichols." He said placing his hand out. The new girl just looked at it, so to cover up he placed his hand behind his head as if to scratch it.

"Nice to meet you uh, Josh Nichols, my name is Glynnis Tan." She smiled slightly and continued on picking up her stuff. Josh went on the ground and continued picking her stuff as well. They stayed silent till they finished picking everything up and they stood up again. Glynnis opened her locker with ease this time and no one shutting it.

"Um, I have a question." She began not even looking towards Josh but asking him.

"Yea?" he answered quite nervously.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" she asked looking towards him with eyes that showed hurt and concern and worry.

"Wha…what do you mean?" he asked

Glynnis shut her locker and looked directly into his eyes making Josh feel a little bit uncomfortable. She walked up closer to him making him back up into the fire extinguisher.

"Why are you nice to me? Did someone pay you? Is this some kind of joke?" She practically yelled making everyone look at her. But she didn't care she was serious she needed to know.

"Uhhhhh, uhhh" Josh began to whine. Glynnis blinked and then noticed how scared he was; she felt for him so she walked back eyes bowing down and looking at the ground.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered to herself and turned around to run away when…

"Wait!" Josh yelled stepping up fast allowing his belt to get caught on the hook of the fire extinguisher.

"Why do you ask?" Josh walked forward and his belt pulled off allowing his pants to fall to the floor. "Whuuahhhhhh…" was all Glynnis needed to hear for her to turn around and see a very red Josh Nickels pulling his shirt down to cover up his achem pink undergarments. Glynnis snickered and laughed trying desperately to hide it.

"Pink, nice color." Was all she thought "Only real men wear pink."

She walked away.

"Wait…wait" Josh desperately tried to walk with out tripping on his pants towards the new girl. Glynnis just stood by her locker and opened it taking out a long jacket. She threw it at Josh's face and walked away leaving Josh standing there dumbfounded ignoring all the comments and snickers that he was receiving.