I don't do serious. That's what he'd told John Paul as John Paul tried to find the words to tell him that what Hannah said wasn't true anymore, that he didn't love Craig, that it had been a mistake, a crush.

I don't do serious. That was what he'd said as he felt butterflies fluttering—no, trampling—around his stomach before a date.

I don't do serious. That was what he told himself as he watched John Paul smiling that contagious little smile, his blue eyes lighting up in laughter.

I don't do serious. That what he'd said as he had waited for John Paul to be ready, as he watched with repressed lust as John Paul's pink lips quirked into that gentle smirk like they did. He wanted to throw John Paul down hard and take him, love him. But no. He'd wait.

Although waiting for somebody did sound a bit serious, didn't it?

I don't do serious. That's what Spike thought as he lay next to John Paul for the first time, feeling John Paul's gentle breathing on his shoulder and feeling the little smile that threatened to break over his own lips at holding this man in his arms.

The second time, he gave in and just let the smile win.

I don't do serious. This was what Spike wasn't thinking for one moment, one moment in which he let his guard down. I don't do serious. This was one thing Spike wasn't thinking as he watched John Paul smile at him over the table and wish him a happy anniversary.

I don't do serious. I wasn't even what he was thinking when the phone rang again. It was, however, what he was thinking when the phone rang again, and he heard the name "Craig" pass John Paul's lips. And this time, John Paul answered.

I don't do serious. It was what he had repeated time and time again as he fell harder and harder, and it was what he repeated now as he watched John Paul walking away from him, sensing this meant more now than it seemed.

The pain he felt at acknowledging, as John Paul became tetchier and more restless in his presence, and as he watched Craig became angrier and more cut off from everybody, that he was losing John Paul… that sounded quite serious as well, didn't it?

As did becoming incredibly jealous of someone's best mate, who held the love you somehow knew would never be yours.

But that was okay. Because it wasn't serious. Spike didn't do serious.


I was in a tough place around this time, because I'm a JP/C shipper, so when they finally got together I was jumping for joy… but that meant my favorite character besides was being cheated on :(

Hankies out for poor Spike. Last episode, 17th August, where he tells JP he just wants to protect him in the sweetest, most pained "I love you, don't make me say it" way. There's a chance he might come back though. Prayy :)