Big Bad Pirate

1. I want you

-Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!

Either Jack or Elizabeth is that much of singers, but they're both to drunk to notice. The alcohol warms them up from inside, the fire and the humid, Caribbean air from outside. Elizabeth, that's so pale normally, has a light blush on her cheeks.

- I love this song! Jack shouts.

Elizabeth laughs when they meet from their dance around the big fire. They hook each other's arm and spins around; afterwards Jack stumbles down on the sand. When he notices that Elizabeth still stands he grabs her wrist and pulls her down next to him.

Jack is very pleased when he notices the blush on her former pale face. She's getting drunk now, and he now what alcohol does to pretty English girls. He's seen rum cool down the most up tightened young women, like Elizabeth. First of all, rum makes them put out more, and second of all, it makes them hell of a lot more attracting. And it's pretty fun to see girls who've called him 'despicable' get so warm and soft and giggly just from drinking!

- When I get the Pearl back, Jack says and gestures with his ring-dressed fingers, I'll teach it to my crew, and we'll sing it all the time!

He's not sober himself; no one can say such a thing. But Jack's used to being drunk. He hasn't been it to many times. He can still appreciate the warmth from Elizabeth trough their clothes, which he can feel since she's sitting next to him, close to him, with his thigh touching his. "How come I haven't noticed that?" Jack thinks to himself as he watches Elizabeth's leg through a blur of alcohol.

- Then you'll become the most feared pirates over the entire Spanish Main! Elizabeth says huskily and takes another swing of rum.

- Not just the Spanish Main, love, Jack corrects her and gesture even more to the black sea. The entire ocean! The entire world!

Elizabeth giggles at his eagerness.

- We'll sail wherever we want, Jack says without thinking about the fact that he's about to say something he's been thinking for all his life, but haven't had the guts to say it. He blames the rum.

- That's what a ship is, Jack continues. It's not just a keel and a deck and sails, that's what a ship needs, but what a ship is, what the Black Pearl really is…

He pauses for effect before he says it:

- …Is freedom.

Elizabeth leans her head against Jack's shoulder.

- Jack, she says thoughtfully, it must be terrible for you to be trapped on this island again.

Jack sees a golden opportunity and puts his arm around her shoulders.

- Yes, he says and tries to say the words quietly to himself before they hop out of his mouth. But the company is nicer, and… The surroundings have changed…

Elizabeth grins.

- You're lucky. I've had the exact right amount of rum to allow that kind of talking. I am, after all, a governor's daughter.

Jack chuckles. Now he doesn't have to try, now she's practically begging to throw all her morals aside and do something that's a lot more fun than wearing a corset.

- Looks like the innocent governor's daughter is in the hands of a big bad pirate.

- A big handsome pirate, Elizabeth says softly and sits up straight to look into Jack's eyes.

Getting drunk hadn't been a part of her plan. She was going to get Jack drunk and stay sober herself, but after just a sip she wasn't able to stop herself. Rum is better than she thought, and she hasn't been drunk before. Plus, she always gets this lovely tickling feeling in her stomach when she does things that she knows that her father and everyone else in Port Royal would hate.

And Will.

She loves him. God, she loves him. But the feeling of guilt that she should feel, want to feel, can't get past the tickling in her stomach.

- And I am your hands, Elizabeth continues. But I trust you to not to dishonor me in any way.

- My sweet little Lizzie, Jack says in a low tone. I'm a pirate.

- Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirates life for you, Elizabeth sings quietly.

They put their heads together and laughs, their rum-smelling breaths mixes in a warm air-stream. But after a while Elizabeth's smile fades away. And she's already approaching Jacks mouth.

- You wont dishonor me, she says again. But I think I can do that on my own.

Then she kisses Jack. It confuses him at first, he thought it would take more rum to get her to this point.

- Plus, you have to dishonor me a little, too, Elizabeth whispers when they break apart to catch their breath. I don't want to do everything on my own.

Jack smiles against her lips.

- I think I can live with that. But I thought you loved Will?

- Oh, I do, Elizabeth says silently. But I'm drunk, you're handsome as hell, it's a summer night and we're all alone on a godforsaken island. In situations like these it's almost illegal if you're not doing this.

- Well, if it's illegal… Jack mumbles pushes Elizabeth down on her back. She lands in the sand with a thump.

The he kisses her again, hungrily, with almost chewing lips. And now they're almost completely entwined. Now there's no turning back. Now they're in clinch, they have chests, crotches and thighs pushed together. All the sudden Elizabeth knows that she's going to lose her virginity tonight, but she still doesn't turn back.

Because the only thing that makes her realize it is the tickling in her stomach.

Elizabeth's head is throbbing. She knows it can be the alcohol. But she also knows it's not.

This is what they call lust. And when Jack's tongue carefully finds its way into her mouth she thinks this is wrong, this is so very terrible wrong, but she still doesn't turn back. Because in the meantime it feels so goddamn right, so she wraps her arms firmly around his neck.

Jack thinks the same. This is right. He barely knows Elizabeth, but he likes her already. He likes her stubbornness and her fierce personality; he likes her slender, soft body beneath him in the warm sand and her small hands on his neck. He likes the way she whimpers when he moves his hand up her leg and places his hand on her hip.

"She's so soft, and so beautiful, it's amazing", Jack thinks when he hear her whimpering. "And she wants this. I'm not taking advantage of a drunk girl."

He likes all that. More than he has ever liked doing this with someone else. But you have to guess that this the first time Elizabeth has ever gone further than cheek kissing with anyone.

The weird thing is that he's nervous. It's the first time he has been that about a girl.

But he knows why that is, even though he doesn't want it to be that way.

He has been with a lot of girls. But he hasn't wanted anyone of them as much as he wants Elizabeth.

Jack leaves Elizabeth's mouth and starts kissing her neck. Elizabeth can't hold back a soft moan. Jacks lips are raspy of sun and seawater, but his kisses are more pleasurable than anything she has ever felt. Jack smiles against her soft skin, and then thinks that hell, let's put it all in one card and starts fumbling with the criss-cross-lines on her dress.

- How do you girls get these things of in the evenings? He asks blurry with a smile.

Elizabeth giggles.

- Sometimes that's a riddle to me to. But we'll get through this, don't you think?

She puts her fingers together with Jacks and slowly begins to open up her dress.

- See? She whispers when her dress is opened and her cleavage reach her belly button. That went fine, didn't it?

- Super, Jack says and sneaks his hand inside her dress. I like your boobs.

Elizabeth giggles again and thrusts her fingers into his lions main, but only for a brief moment. Then she takes them out and gently grabs his shoulders and pushes him away to pull his shirt of.

- I like your chest; too, she says and draws her hands over his tanned torso until she plants them on his neck again.

Jack smiles. Then he spreads her legs and places himself between them. And they're still kissing, still touching, and there's still a deep moan bubbling in Elizabeth's throat. Because this is lust, she knows that by now.

And Jack also has a epiphany that night: All the sudden he realizes what want means. Ha has never liked that expression, he has never said "I want you" to someone, mostly because he never really known what it means.

But now he knows.

"I want you" is a sentence that hums whit tension, a sentence that vibrates and burns, a sentence that is hot and sparkling, dark read.

And that's exactly that sentence that Jack says in a blurry whisper into Elizabeth's hair when she whimpers once again.