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2: Be with two

- Jack? Elizabeth says afterwards.

The fire has shrunken down, but either Jack or Elizabeth has gotten any cooler. They're still laying in the sand, Jacks arm is around Elizabeths waist and she has her head on his arm.

- What is it, love? Jack mumbles.

He's falling asleep.

- Have you ever wanted to be with two? Elizabeth asks.

- Sure I have, Jack says with a sleepy smile in the corner of his mouth.

- Then, what do you do? Elizabeth says.

- I am with two, Jack says. That's the simple thing to do, unless you try to do them both at the same time. I think you're to young for that, threesomes aren't for newbies. I know I just met you, but just the fact that you're asking such a thing sends me the message that you're complicating things too much.

- I'm serious! Elizabeth says. If you want to be with two, and one of them is an easy, safe and sweet blacksmith whom you love but that you probably wont ever have physical contact with except for when you train sword fighting…

All the sudden she pauses. Jacks smile gets wider, his grip around her waist tightens and he kisses Elizabeth on the lips. She closes her eyes for a second.

- And the other one? Jack whispers in her ear.

Elizabeth closes her eyes again. She doesn't want to admit it, but his whisper sends tingles down her spine.

She loves Will. She does.

But maybe not as much as she used to do. And maybe not in the same way.

- And the other one… Elizabeth breathes. The other one is a ridiculously good looking crazy pirate that you just lost you're virginity to, then what do you do?

Elizabeth really is confused. She thought this was just a one-night stand, but she just realized that she doesn't want it to be. She want to do this again, she hates herself for wanting it.

- Well… Jack says and travels his hand to Elizabeth's hair. I guess you have to figure out who you want the most.

- That's the very thing I don't know, Elizabeth sighs.

They're quite for a while. But at last Jack asks her the thing he's been wondering since she entwined her fingers with his.

- Do you regret anything, Elizabeth?

- I don't regret a thing, says Elizabeth firmly. It's the exact opposite, I want to do it again. I'm just confused.

Jack scoffs and waves with his hand.

- Now you're complicating things again. We got a month, maybe two, without Will or Norrington. And if you're worrying about them during that time you're just wasting your time, because you're not getting away from me.

Elizabeth smiles sleepy and kisses Jack on his nose.

- Am I in the hands of a big bad pirate?

- Indeedy you are, Jack says and caresses her cheek. So it's going ti be hard to think about anything but me.

Elizabeth doesn't answer right away. Instead she closes her eyes again and enjoys the feeling of his big, raspy fingers against her soft skin. It's like a strange, rough sweetness she has never felt before.

- Fine, she says. I can do that. And we can also pretend that I just said that I choose you over Will, and that I'm going to live on this island with you for the rest of my life. It's more fun that way.

- And, Jack adds, we can also pretend that you wont complicate things during this time.

- I wont, Elizabeth mumbles. That we don't have to pretend.

And after that they drift into a peaceful sleep, totally unaware of the fact that some of the things they pretend will become true.

Elizabeth will choose Jack over Will, even though it wont happen for a couple of years.

And Elizabeth wont complicate things during the entire month they stay on the island until Norrington finds them.

And she wont mind being in the hands of a big bad pirate.