IMPORTANT Note to my readers:

Hi guys, this is something of a Halloween centric fic, but considering how long it takes me to finish a project I decided to start on this early and hopefully get done by the thirty first of next month. This is a hybrid fic, a story as well as a game, though it can be taken only as a tale. In short talk, all this long chatter means is that you don't have to play if you don't want to. Those who are interested in my little game though can pick one of two forums. The hard way, or the easy, and just to make things difficult I'm not tipping you as to which format is easy or not. Just read the "rules"/intro for more information, and please show me a little mercy. I've never done anything like this before, and I'll try my best not to make a hash of it.

Kasan Soulblade

Introduction for "A Shinra Masquerade",

It was a rule for them all to read their e-mails. When you entered and when you left, to so do less often was to insure a chat with your superiors about following orders. Depending on your department that "chat" could be as mild as a verbal reprimand, or as dangerous as a bullet through the head.

Oh the joys of working at Shinra!

So it was with various levels of dread and trepidation the employees of the Shinra Company opened their folders on their way out.

A select few received the following e-mail on their way out:

"The rules are simple;

I know you're all available, so no weaseling out, only illness of the most dire excuses you, and those who don't comply will be similarly executed. In what form and manner I mean "execute"… well I'll leave you to your imaginings on that score. You're all –more or less- an intelligent batch, you'll come up with more creative ideas then any I could offer, and a few of those might be right.

Abstract, bizarre, outré, all these are the "uniforms" of the day. You are to abandon all obvious shows of rank, station, or power before reentering the Shinra building later tonight. Your actions and choice form will define who you are. The lights will be dim, so what you seem to be will only be limited by your acting skills.

All, save one, is to come in costumed. And that individual will know who he, or she, is by an attachment with said instructions. Those who refuse to come costumed will be severely punished. No names may be used, no guesses tendered –save for the un-costumed individual, who must guess-, again, if any break this rule the consequences will be dire.

Hope to see you all tonight!

The Pheonix"

Offered at the end of the letter for the newest of the Turks was one word. The word was "DOC." and it shimmered. The hue was a sickly off Mako green. For some reason it seemed some how ominous for its alien yet familiar luminescence. She hesitated, then after a moment's doubt clicked upon the icon.

The following list opened up, overlapping the previous page, nearly taking the whole of the screen.

"Welcome to the "cheat sheet". This list is of dubious repute, unreliable, yet secure enough to house a tidbit of information that you might need at some time or another. Use it or not, the choice is yours. Trust it completely and you'd be a fool, for its nature is not as it seems.

VIP list:

A VP of sorts

A Head of Departments, minus a head

Intelligence is synominous with this by the envious

Round mound times two, of conflicting natures to be true

Those virtued in strength, silence, and crass

Loyalty is his virtue, but it lays with his food bowl first.

And (perhaps) many more! After all, I did say the list wasn't complete, didn't I?"