Chapter Two

A confused but willing to help Booth arrived at Angela's apartment to find Brennan still pounding on the door but no longer saying anything.

Brennan looked at Booth as he arrived. "Booth, what are you doing here?" Brennan's voice was a little hoarse thanks to all the yelling she did earlier.

Booth didn't know how to explain without making things worse but he also knew that Brennan didn't need lies or pretty words right now. "She asked me to remove you from her building Bones. Whatever is going on between you two, I don't need to know about it, I just know that she told me to tell you to leave and give her some time and space."

Brennan took a moment to think about that before realizing that nothing would be accomplished by standing in the hall and banging on the door. All she'd managed to do was hurt her hand and force her lover to call the FBI on her. Granted it was just Booth but the symbolism of it all was significant. She lowered her head in defeat.

"Ok Booth. I'll leave." Brennan turned to go and Booth followed her. Booth invited her to Wong Foo's for a drink and a chat and Brennan accepted.

They drove separately to Wong Foo's and sat in a booth as Sid got their drinks and some food for them. No one ever ordered off the menu here, Sid always knew what you needed.

"So," Booth began as they waited for their food, "you wanna talk about why Angela wasn't opening the door?"

Brennan was silent for a bit, thinking about how much to reveal and then she decided that if she couldn't trust Booth then who could she trust. She knew what she was about to tell him would change how he saw her but it was a risk that she was going to have to take, she didn't want to keep it all inside anymore. Brennan began at the beginning, when her relationship with Angela began and explained the last six months. When she got to the recent trip to New Mexico and what she discovered when she got back, Booth suddenly realized that he'd had a hand in the whole mess.

As Brennan wrapped it up she noticed Booth shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "What? You know something don't you? Tell me."

"All I know is that she called you two nights ago and I answered your phone because you forgot it at the bar."

"Oh my God, Booth what did you tell her?" Brennan suddenly realized that what had happened that night could be seen in a different light by someone who didn't know the circumstances behind it all.

Booth shifted again under Brennan's intent gaze, he was learning that he'd made some kind of error and was soon about to pay for it. "I told her that you weren't available and that I'd seen you leave the bar with some woman that you'd been dancing with."

"What else did you tell her you saw?"

"I might have implied that you had been...kissing said woman and leaning really close and looking cozy." Booth closed his eyes and flinched, waiting for Brennan to lash out and hurt him, he'd seen her do worse in response to lesser affronts.

Brennan thought back to that night and remembered kissing that woman. But that hadn't meant anything, she was proving a point to the woman, Lisa, about how different kissing a woman was to kissing a man. Lisa was straight but curious and Brennan had been drawn into the conversation somehow and one thing led to another and they'd kissed. But that was all that had happened. Lisa had helped her to her car because she'd had mildly sprained her ankle in the parking lot of the bar and she'd driven to her hotel and fell into her bed—alone—and fell fast asleep.

Brennan had never even given Lisa a second thought after that night. The implications of what Booth had seen and then told Angela hit Brennan hard and, overwhelmed by what it meant, her head crashed into the table and just rested there. "Oh my god, this is really bad."

Booth just watched his friend as she sat there with her head on the table. He knew he'd already done more than enough but that didn't stop him from wishing he could fix the situation between the two women he'd come to care about like sisters.