Hey! Deadlykitty here with a little announcement to all! For those of you who are a fan of the story, To Defy A God, Mermaid Beauty has given away her story to someone else to finish. I opted to take on the job, and she accepted my offer. I must apologize in advance that I may not be as fast as she was on updates, but that should only last for a couple more months. I have marching band practice on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and competitions most every Saturday of every week. Tuesday I also have karate, and once band has finished I shall be taking it on Thursdays again as well. I will work on writing as much as possible, and updating even more so. (If that made sense :P)

Anyway, this note was pretty much to let you know that I have taken over this story under the conditions set for me by the original writer. When I will have the first chapter up, I do not know. I am also unsure as to whether or not I shall just continue where Mermaid Beauty left off or if I will rewrite each chapter under my own style with the same idea coming across. I may just even repost every chapter after making minor corrections to the original.

Nothing major will be changed. I am taking over the story, not ruining it. I hope Mermaid Beauty's fans will be patient with me as I undergo this project as well as my own previous readers.

Thank you all very much!

And without further ado...

COMING SOON! To Defy a God


Akito wants her, and he will have her no matter what she or anyone else has to say about it.