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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My eyes opened to the becoming increasingly more familiar darkness. Stretching, I sat up and yawned. To my relief I was alone.

Honestly, even after I decided I wanted to talk to Akito, I know doing so when I first get up would not be the smartest thing to do. Looking around, curiosity got the better of me again. I stood and went to the oriental dresser. Upon opening it my jaw nearly dropped. Inside were some of the most beautiful kimonos I had ever laid eyes upon. Each seemed more brilliant than the last, with many different shades of all the colors blinding me as I tried to take it all in at once. Lazily I traced the design of flowers and birds and everything else as I further gazed upon the beauty before me.

I probably could have continued to do so for hours on end, but a sudden pang in my stomach alerted me to the fact that I hadn't eaten since lunch the day before.

"The least Akito could do is feed me," I muttered grumpily. "But than again after that slap I doubt he'll be doing anything for me..." At least not without some sort of payment, and I could only begin to guess what he would expect, considering everything he'd done since he brought me here.

A knock sounded on the door, and for a moment my heart beat wildly in my chest, fearing that it was Akito outside. I forced myself to breathe deeply to calm myself. If it was Akito he wouldn't knock. As I approached the door it slowly creaked open, and an elderly woman stood waiting on the other side. She was short, hardly coming up to my shoulders, with hair as white as snow. Her gaze reminded me of the gray sky on a cloudy day.

The lady bowed politely, but spoke as if she were bored out of her mind. "You must be Tohru. I am Gue, and I am to take you to the baths."

Confused, but trying to be polite, I spoke back. "Hello, yes, I'm Tohru; it's a pleasure to meet you." as I spoke, I mimicked her bow.

Gue raised an eyebrow, a little surprised, but her tone remained uninterested as she said "Yes, well then follow me."

As we walked, the silence began to get that awkward feeling, and not knowing what else to do I asked Gue about herself.

"Um Gue are you maid of the Main house?"

"Yes and no I am the mother of Kureno, but some times I help around the Main House," she replied, waving her hand for emphasis.

That made my smile widen. Now we had something to talk about. "Oh you're the mother of the rooster. I've only met him once, but he seems very nice."

Gue's stormy eyes lit up as she said "yes, he is..." and it was obvious that she loved her son, despite his curse. Unlike so many other zodiac mohers, Gue adored her son the way a mother should.

We stopped walking, and Gue turned to me, nodding to her side. "The baths are in this door on the right." Steam was leaking out from the bottom of the door and it was with a curious hand that I opened it and we stepped inside. My jaw could have dropped as I gazed at the beauty of the room within.

I was surrounded by five hot springs, each pool a different size. There was even a miniature waterfall flowing down the center of the room, landing in the center-most pool, which was also the largest one. The floor around each pool was made up of ceramic tiles of blue and gold set in a checkered pattern that even spread up into the walls. Here in there in a strategic style large, exotic plants littered the room. The aroma released from the many plants made it smell wonderful, almost too good to be true.

The Sohma's were certainly a wealthy family.

When standing next to all this splendor, all I could think to utter was "wow..."

"I'll leave you to bathe," Gue said, and left through the blue door.

"Oh, OK. Bye, then,it was nice to meet you," I said cheerfully, but Gue had already gone. Not knowing what else to do I started to undress.

Sinking into one of the medium sized pools I sighed in pleasure at the welcome heat. It felt good to just sit there, but as I did I realized how unclean I felt. Using the shampoos and other soaps i found along the edge I scrubbed and cleaned myself before stepping out of the pool and into the chilly air. With a towel wrapped around me i walked to the largest pools and resubmerged myself inside the water, allowing myself to just sit inside it and relax.

* * * * *

Akito's POV

* * * * *

Tohru was going to be taught a lesson one way or another for slapping me, the Sohma god, of that I would be making absolutely certain. Unfortunately, Gue stepped into my way, pulling me out of my scheming thoughts.

"Why do you have that girl here?" she asked, "it can't just be lust."

"That is none of your business, Gue. I can do what I want." my arms crossed themselves over my chest, showing her my irritation. Gue knew as well as any of my servants the importance of my body language. She's known me since I was but a child; and I respect her for it. She was there for me when my own mother could not be bothered to. Yet at the same time I will suffer insubordination from no one.

"Do what you want, but I'm warning you: do not break her. She is too innocent for you to destroy her," Gue said seriously. With that last statement she left, heading to wherever it was she pleased. Smirking at my slight victory, yet feeling unnerved by her words, I opened the doors to the baths and was astounded by the sight that met my eyes.

As certain as I was that I could keep her from ever entering into my heart, the blasted girl surprised me once again. The center waterfall, my favorite feature for the room, was dropping its waters onto her, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen before. Standing erect beneath the waters stood Tohru, eyes shut and hands entwined within her own hair, humming a light tune which screamed of innocence. The towel wrapped around her petite body left little to the imagination, yet at the same time hid everything from me.

The sight left even me speechless, and I could do little but stare at her for a moment before I managed to pull myself together. Ignoring the thoughts running rampant in my head of her being an angel, my angel sent down from Heaven, I managed to strip down and slip unnoticed into the bath behind her.

It wasn't until I wrapped my arms around her middle that she stopped humming and tensed beneath my grasp, for the first time aware of her company.

* * * * *

Tohru's POV

* * * * *

"Hello Tohru..." My body flinched in recognition as two arms circled my waist and that seductively dangerous voice inched itself closer and closer to my ear. Screaming I jumped away from him, but to my horror Akito merely continued to smirk at me, standing completely naked. I couldn't cover my eyes fast enough without muttering his name in fear. Beneath my hands my face was afire in embarrassment.

"What's wrong Tohru, you can't honestly tell me you never seen a naked man before," he muttered walking ever so slowly towards me.

"Well yes and no. I some times would see some of the zodiac members (no pun intended) when I accidentally hugged them, but I would turn around before I could see a lot," I murmured, blushing even more so, though he probably wouldn't see it. I hoped.

The chilly air was replaced by his body's warmth once again, and there was little I could do to prevent it. As he spoke, he breathed warm air onto my neck.

"I will be the only one you see naked from now on and vice versa," he whispered, his hands showing his possessive nature. My hands could scarcely push him back, and to my surprise the moment he was away from me his nether regions became prominently displayed once again.

I turned, my eyes shut, and started to walk back towards what I hoped would be the edge of the room. "You know," I started, continuing to walk, "I should leave and let you take your bath."

At least, that was what I was hoping would happen. Instead, as soon as I took a step forward, down I plunged into one of the other pools, emitting a small squeak as I went.

Behind me Akito burst out laughing as I sputtered to right myself again while keeping my towel firmly in place.

Still chuckling slightly, he walked closer to me, though I didn't look behind me to see just how close he was getting.

"Are you hungry, Tohru?" he asked, leaning his face down next to mine. His hand found my chin and forced me to look into his eyes. His body was so close to mine, yet in this position, even were I to want to look down I would see nothing but his face edged so close to mine.

Unfortunately my stomach chose to answer that question for me, by gurgling.

His smirk seemed to get bigger. "I'll take that as a yes. How about this: you give me a bath and I'll make sure you never go hungry here at the main house."

"That's it? I just give you a bath?" I asked, somewhat skeptical, though that was completely unlike me.

He nodded. "Yes. But on one condition: you have to do it... naked." he whispered the last word purposefully in my ear, being sure to graze his lips over my ear. His lips neared mine as he spoke, and I could see the desire deep within them. I gasped, and he only laughed further.

Everything that had happened since I had first entered the main house was unlike anything I had ever expected of Akito. I never would have guessed he was like this behind a closed door. Yet at the same time, he had every right to be this way, in a twisted sort of way. He'd grown up his whole life having everything given to him, and as their 'god' he came to own all who sevred him. When Shigure had first taken me in he had pulled me aside and warned me that by living with them I too would fall under the powers that were Akito Sohma.

I don't think he ever meant for anything like this to happen.

As it was, it was obvious I could not refuse the request. If I did, I would starve, and most likely die before I was ever released. It could also anger him further, and increase the likelihood that he would take what he desired by force.

With determination, and more bravery than I really felt, i re-opened the eyes I had no idea I'd shut, and stared defiantly back at him. "Ok, I'll do it. But I have a condition of my own, no touching."

He glared, but he nodded. "Fine." his arms crossed over his chest as he leant back from the edge of the tub, and watched as I turned around and began to pull the towel away from my body. I could practically hear him licking his lips as I turned around to face him, staring defiantly into his lust-filled eyes as I walked towards him. As I went I stooped down and grabbed the many soaps I would need, pushing them closer to the work area I would need. Still staring directly into his eyes I motioned for him to sit on the edge of the tub. He did so, spreading his legs apart for me to walk in between. If it were not for my determination not to look there I might have seen something. As it was, I made certain my selective sight let me no see no lower than his stomach.

With slow, tentative movements I lifted a small pail that was at the edge of the tub and filled it with water, dumping it slowly over the top of his head. I ran my fingers through his hair to make certain it was all wet before taking a small portion of sampoo out of the body and working that through his hair as well. As I worked I stared into his eyes, though often I found them staring pointedly at my chest and lower, betraying what was really on his mind. The only time his eyes really closed were when I was pouring more buckets of water over his head, each time I tried to rinse him.

After I had conditioned the hair as well I grabbed a rag and began to work at his chest, rubbing the cloth firmly but lightly over the skin. This time I stared directly at the skin I scrubbed, making certain not to miss a spot. When I finished his shoulders I went to his chest, from his chest to his stomach. Purposefully averting my eyes and hands I went from his stomach to scrubbing down his legs, first doing the front and then switching to the back side and working my way up that side. As I reached his hips again he stood up, allowing me better access to the skin I was trying to clean. His gaze trailing my body was painfully obvious. Being behind him at least made it easier to avoid seeing that as often as I almost did. Oddly enough it didn't bother me as much to see the back of him as it did his front, and I finished scrubbing and rinsing him without any more trouble.

"There," I said, plopping the rag back down on the side of the tub, "all done." I couldn't wait to get out of there and away from him, as horrible a thing that is for me to say.

As I turned to go i was once again halted by his words. "Aren't you forgetting something?" his tone of voice was almost as if he were asking me a simple question.

"Forgetting something, forgetting what?" I asked innocently. Akito just smirked and looked down. My eyes followed his but shut up immediately when I realized what he wanted me to wash next. "You have got to be kidding!" I shouted, getting scared.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" he asked, glaring. As if to emphasize his seriousness about wanting me to wash it he picked up the rag and put a little soap on the middle of it. "There, the rag is even ready for you."

I shook my head. "No, I refuse to do it."

"Fine. Then you won't eat." he shot back at me.

The look in his eyes showed he meant every word, and with a defeated air I went back to him and took the rag. "OK..." I muttered, and placed the ragged hand over him. He sighed the moment my hand touched, and beneath my fingers I felt a slight twitch as he hardened within my hand. As I rubbed up and down, giving him the wash he wanted I made certain to look just at his navel, wishing I could just disappear from where I was.

When I was sure I had cleaned it enough to be freed I let go and dropped the rag, but to my dismay he wasn't satisfied yet. His grip was strong as he forced me to grab hold of him again, my eyes shooting open and staring in fear at his own. The lust and arousal I knew was there only looked back into mine as Akito forced my hand to rub harshly up and down his shaft. The look was so utterly primal it hurt, and my eyes shut again, trying to ease the pain. I wanted to believe I was anywhere but where I was, that I was not doing what I knew I was. My own innocence did not stop me from knowing exactly what Akito wanted and was trying to do, what my hand was doing.

His laughter hit me first, and son his voice was resonating within my own core. "Open your eyes, Tohru, see what you do to me!" he shouted, forcing my hand to pump faster and faster along his length.

His grip tightened on mine until I did open them, and when my eyes met his aroused blue orbs tears began to fall. I stared deep within those eyes that I knew were cruel and watched as he enjoyed my reaction. Yet even despite how much he was hurting me emotionally a part of me could still notice the moment he faltered before he hid it once more. Our hands stopped moving, and I felt his release through my grasp, and felt his body rocking through the intensity of his release.

He fell, and pulled me on top of him as his orgasm finished. With labored breaths he just sat there against the edge, and i don't think he even knew I was sitting on top of him. When it was all over, he looked at me, and let go of me. I'd never moved out of water so quickly before.

"Get... get dressed," he mumbled. "Some food will be sent to your room shortly."

I did so, and quickly ran from the room, crying at what I had done, and feeling ashamed for letting myself be so weak as to do it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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