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Summary: Voldemort didn't kill James. Instead he sent him to a place equivalent to hell. Now 14 years later, he has escaped and is looking forward to spending some quality time with his children. Too bad Voldemort has other plans.

Prongs' Return

Chapter 1: Halloween

One year old Harry Potter pulled on his mother's sleeve trying to get her to pick him up. She leaned down and pick the small boy up, then turned to her husband.

"James take Harry, I have to finish packing his diaper bag." Lily said holding Harry out to her husband.

"Sure, come here Harry. Lily, are you ok?" James asked slightly concerned.

Lily wiped the tears from her face and gripped the table in front of her to steady herself. When she spoke her usually steady voice was shaky.

"No, James I'm not." She looked up into her husband's eyes and James suddenly knew what was bothering her. He looked down at his one year old son then back up at his wife.

"We'll get them back once this is all over, Lily. It's too dangerous for them to be here. We went through this last week when we took Melinda to Tommy and Kim's."

"What if this is never over? What if something happens to us? What if something happens to them?"

James took his wife into his arms and kissed the top of her head. Then spoke to her in a gentle, calming voice.

"Lily, listen to me. I am not going to let anything happen to you or Harry and Melinda. I would die first. Nothing is going to happen. Okay? Sweetie, take Harry upstairs he should be able to get some rest before we have to go. And Lily, I love you, never forget that."

"I love you too, James. Don't you ever forget that."

Lily took Harry upstairs and put him in his crib after tucking him in and kissing him on the forehead she descended the stairs to see James standing frozen in the hall aiming his wand at the door.

"James? James, what is it?" She asked her voice trembling in fear.

"I thought I heard something."

The silent was broken by a faint pop then James turned to his wife.

"Lily, go! It's him! Go! Take Harry and run! I'll hold him off! I love you."

"I love you." She kissed him passionately and ran up the stairs. James tightened his grip on his eleven inch mahogany wand as the door burst open. And saw the monster he hated more than anything else in the world. Voldemort stepped into the house and stared at James. Before he said anything he shot a hex at James that he had to dive to miss.

"How did you do it? How did you find us?" James asked Voldemort hate clear in his voice.

"You should choose your friends more carefully, Potter."

"Peter. You're getting rats to do your bidding? You must be getting desperate."

He tried to dodge another hex but it hit his foot and left a nasty burn on his ankle. He got to his feet and shot a curse at Voldemort. He simply stepped out of the way and shot the cruciatus curse at James, who tried to dodge it but was too slow and was hit directly in the causing him to fall to the floor writhing in pain. His wand flew out of his hand and landed a few feet from him in the rubble. After the curse was lifted he reached for his wand only to see Voldemort's foot snap it in half. James looked up at Voldemort not in fear but in defiance.

"Lily has gotten Harry out by now. You've failed." James shouted at the man above him.

"I've cast an anti-apparation spell on this house. You are the one who has failed. Failed to protect your family. I have chosen a fate worse than death for you. You will live with your failure in a place where you will experience true pain. But first."

He waved his wand and a clone of James appeared looking like he was dead.

"Even Dumbledore will never figure it out. Good-bye, Potter. Helleon Ammento!"

A red light hit James right in the chest and he disappeared and in his place was a bottle filled with a bright red potion. Voldemort tied it to his black eagle owl with a note telling his death-eaters not to break it then climbed the stairs. That night Lily Potter died. That night Voldemort disappeared.

14 years later in a mansion that was left to him by one of his death-eaters Voldemort was irate.

"Of all the potion bottles, why did you have to break this one, wormtail?!"

He looked down at the potion bottle as the red potion flowed out of it like blood. Meanwhile in Godric's Hollow a man appeared out of no where.

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