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I extended my hunt for three days, when I finally decided that Alice was right, and I shouldn't have yelled at her – she WAS right. I truly did feel that way. I didn't mean to hurt her like that though. To say those words- that name. It just came out.

I decided that she had enough time to cool down and I would go back. It was nice of Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett to come along with me. Edward has just been lying around making living in the house with him, hell. If he REALLY LOVED Bella, he would just go back.

I jumped in my car and started to leave. I didn't go far so I made a normally two-hour drive home- in only one.

I got out of the car and that's when it hit me. Love, lust, and a bit of sadness- hit me in waves, pulling me under. The only people home were Alice and Edward… They wouldn't… – I made myself stop thinking right there. Alice loved me and I loved her – right?

I tiptoed through the door and made my way to the living room. That's where I saw whose emotions I was feeling. And I didn't believe it.

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