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Kanda was filled with pent up rage. His day had been nothing but crap so far. He woke up and all his hair ties were broken, then he went down to breakfast to find out that Koumi had created another monster machine. That ran on Soba and Tempura of all things. So now there was none left for him.

So when Lavi came up to him in the hallways he just started sending glares in his direction. The red head, sensing danger, turned and ran in the opposite direction.

"Yuu-chan's gunna kill us all!" he said breaking down the door to Allen's bedroom.

"Funny you should mention that," Linalee said.

"How?" Lavi asked.

"Miranda, Krorey, Allen and I were just talking about how maybe we should talk to Kanda.

Lavi pondered the idea for a moment. "Ok," he said shrugging. "I have nothing better to do anyways."

So the five exorcists went to find Kanda.

They checked his room. He wasn't there. They checked the cafeteria. He wasn't there. They thought the found him in the training room, but closer inspection proved that they were actually looking at a mop. They checked the grounds. He was there.

"Kanda!" Linalee called. "Can you please come here for a minute?" The Japanese exorcist unwillingly approached the group.

"What?" he asked.

"Yuu, stop being so mean. You're scaring the finders." Lavi said.

"What do you want me to do then?"

"I dunno, rant or something," Lavi said. "Rant now."

"About what?"

"I dunno. Why you hate us so much?" Lavi said.

"Fine. Lavi I hate you because you call me by my first name. And you add 'chan' to the end of it which is a GIRL'S honorific! And you act so hyper all the time, it's like you steal my energy cause when your around it's I have none." He turned to Krorey.

"Get a clue you twit. If someone told you breathing was bad, you'd stop breathing. Then you'd die and I'd have to go to your funeral and say 'he died cause he thought breathing was bad.' So find some common sense!"

"And you!" he said turning to Linalee. "You are an EXORCIST not a WHORE! Dress like one!" his gaze fell upon a terrified Miranda.

"If you apologize to me one more time for breathing too loud I'll solve that problem for you. For good."

"And finally, the moyashi," Allen practically died on the spot. "You are so dumb sometimes it should be illegal." He started to move closer to Allen. "It's like you don't even know what the word 'duh' means. You save random strangers but you can't even catch me when I fall," he said as he pinned Allen to the wall. Trapping him between his two arms.

"When were you falling?" Allen squeaked.

"All this time, I've been falling in love with you," he pressed his lips to Allen's, stunning him in a passionate kiss. He released Allen's lips after a few seconds. "And you never noticed."

The others were stunned. They hadn't noticed anything.

"Your one to talk Kanda," Allen said.


"You never caught me either," he pulled Kanda's head down for another, longer kiss.

When they broke apart Allen looked over at the others. "Could you guys please leave?" he asked.

"S…sure," Lavi said stunned.


As they left they heard Kanda speak.

"Allen, is that dirt on you shirt?" he asked.

"I think it might be," Allen answered.

"You can't be going around with a dirty shirt on. You should probably take it off."

"Yes, and is that a stain on your pants Kanda?"

The four exorcists ran into the building like there was no tomorrow.


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