First of all, I would like to thank the many, many, MANY people who have faved and reviewed this story/project. All of your reviews and faves mean the world to me and I'm deeply glad that you liked this so much.

But the sad truth is, I am not continuing with this project. If you have read my profile then you know this already. However, I have received many reviews since I posted that that have said to update soon, etc.

This is merely to clear up any misconceptions. Just because I am not updating doesn't mean I don't want you to review or fave, etc. I am telling you that a story alert, however, will be pointless as this is the last thing I am posting to this story.

I really enjoyed writing this (and Twilight) for a time. But I have moved on, mainly from the fandom of Twilight in general. You can read my thoughts on it and why I've had it with Twilight on my profile (and no, it isn't because it's popular. I'm not that shallow).

Again, I thank everyone for their reviews and faves. You all are what made me continue this. I don't expect you to read any of my new stuff (as it's all mostly of the horror variety, but I do have a romantic comedy in the works—it's original though). I just want to let you all know how much this meant to me for awhile. But unfortunately, we all have to move on.

I will reply to any reviews that are nice or more eloquent than "OMG U SUCK! HOW CAN U DO DIS?!" I ask you to respect my opinions and decisions and I will respect yours. To put it bluntly, flames will not be responded to and action will be taken against.

And signing off with one more THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!