Painful Tears

A One-Shot by Tifa Tyndal

Summery: Kyo finds Tohru crying in the kitchen….

Disclaimer: Ahem. I do not own Fruits Basket. Thus concludes my disclaimer. Thank you very much for your patience.

Spoiler Warning: This is not really needed but if you want something to go by, there are spoilers for the second episode and the first few chapters of the manga. As you see there really isn't much to spoil you.


It was a pretty normal Saturday afternoon. Kyo came in from his afternoon run early because the humidity was killing him. It seemed that he couldn't get any damper if he jumped in a pool. So, stepping into the kitchen he made a beeline for the refrigerator to get (ironically) a bottle of water. That's when he saw her.

Tohru was standing in the middle of the kitchen crying. Or was it whimpering? He couldn't really tell because her eyes were squinted tightly and her face was in an odd contortion. A few tears squeezed out of her eyes and she looked positively frantic.

"Tohru, are you okay?" Kyo tried to duck down to see her face better. She looked so upset. He hated to see her cry. "Did that Yuki do something?" Kyo narrowed his eyes.

Tohru managed to shake her head as she brought her hands up to rub away her tears. That must have been a mistake. Tohru let out a painful whimper and began shaking her head frantically as her tears increased dramatically.

By this time Kyo was also frantic... was it something he did? Did Shigure bother her? Was she sick? Fail a test? Cut herself? He quickly looked over her for any sign of damage. No, no blood. And he didn't remember any test scheduled for them recently. She tended to faint when she got sick and currently she looked to be extremely lively. Shigure had been holed up in his room for hours typing out 'The book that will bring the entire polar tundra of love to their knees'. Kyo creased his eyebrows. So it could only be something that he did.

"I'm sorry," Kyo placed his hand on Tohru's arm. "I don't know what I did but I'm sorry."

Tohru only shook her head more violently. She stumbled around a bit before finding the sink. Then she tried to turn the water on. Of course it's difficult to do something with your eyes tightly shut. Instead, she knocked over the hand soap.

Kyo, very confused and worried by then (but relieved that it wasn't something that he did), went to turn on the water himself. It was then, as he glanced over her shoulder, that he saw them. So that's what made her cry.

"Are you stupid?" He cried splashing Tohru's face to get rid of her tears. He wasn't going to let something like that bring her to tears. She shouldn't have even let them near her. Not to mention Kyo hated them already...

So, thus was the day that Kyo threw the onions out the window.




There! The first Fruits Basket fan fiction I've posted! It's not my best, but I'm happy with it. I came up with the idea when I was cutting onions (something I do regularly when I cook) and I was thinking about how every single time I cut onions, I cry. It hurts! Anyway, I thought Tohru might do so as well. More fan fictions to come… I hope. : ) –The Author