As the two weeks rolled by, everyone said farewell to Rune and his crew.

They all lifted anchor and sailed away.

Lock was waving to Nami

Marisa was waving to Franky

Chopper was waving to Grandes

Zoro and Zephyr just glared at each other due to them being lost for most of the 2 weeks

Sanji was trying to grab Lock's attention but she just ignored him

Rune waved to Robin and Luffy

and finally Takai was just sitting on the railing, ignoring all of them.

As the Thousand Sunny sailed farther away from the island,

Sanji was grinning due to his 2 weeks of dating random girls, which caused him and Zoro to get in a fight for an unknown reason.

Chopper was reading the medicine book Grandes gave him, and Robin was reading about Cancer from a book Rune gave her.

Luffy was laying down, and reading a navigation book that Nami had lent him, while Nami was laying next to him and enjoying the day.

Franky was challenging Usopp to a building contest, which Chopper watched while reading.

Later that day, Luffy was still reading as Nami lay there beside him, still wearing his hat.

Luffy closed his book, which caused Nami to look up.

"Well, Luffy?" Nami asked him.

"It was hard, but I did it, Nami." Luffy said grinning.

"Good, and now if I can't navigate, you'll have to." Nami said happily.

"But nothing's gonna happen to you, Nami." Luffy said.

Nami looked over and smiled.

"Because I'll protect you from everything." Luffy said with a big grin.

Nami smiled and then turned over so she lay facing Luffy.

She put an arm onto his shoulder, and moved in closer until their heads were touching.

Luffy wrapped his arm around her, and as Nami looked up to see her captain's face,

Luffy lowered his head and kissed her on the lips softly.

Nami didn't pull back or anything like it, she just lay there, in his arms as the day passed by, with them never letting the other one go.

Wow, two weeks went by in a few setences. Anyway, don't get sedimental on me. There is never a happy ending that comes with a little problem. No, happy endings take much longer. You need everything over with to have a happy ending and things are FAR from over!

Next Tuesday, prepare for the worst. Things are going down again, and I don't mean that in a good way either.

See ya next Tuesday!

Now for our inside review:

Luffy- Huh? I'm in a fanfic? Cool!

Zoro- Zzzzzzzzz...

Usopp- How come I got hurt? I'm the Great Captain- (cut short due to ranting)

Sanji- 2 weeks of girls? I can live with this.

Nami- Why do I always get kidnapped!?

Chopper- I hope I didn't look silly...

Robin- N/A (She refused to do one)

Franky- SUPA!

Rune- My reaction is nothing short of boredom...

Lock- ...Um...that's it?

Zephyr- Why should I care?

Grandes: This might be getting better...

Dylan: ...

Marisa: YAHOO!

Gladstone: ...I'm hungry...

Takai: Why did they force me to review it? I don't care!

Okay... Now I'm going before Nami starts swinging that thunder ball at me... So, bye!

Nami- Get back here!

Yeah right I'll stop and get fried!

O.O (Shocked by thunderball)