if there was anytime to say it, now would be the perfect time because, what's more romantic than a poem...btw, otome-sensei is my OC. . .. look for teh stuff in the other things too...Sorta AU/OOC so don't panic or sue or do whatever crazed up otakus do...they're ALL chuunin and Sasuke's back! after timeskip...

based on a dream ...fluffy...i don't like mayonaise...

Chapter 1: Until Furthor notice...

"What do you mean cancelled?" asked the energetic blonde in a orange and black jumpsuit, formally known as Uzumaki Naruto. Next to him, was his teammate, Haruno Sakura, wondering the same thing. That morning seemed like an ordinary day until they found notes on their doors from their sensei, Hatake Kakashi, stating that the missions would be cancelled.

"Yeah" Kakashi answered. Naruto had a confused look on his face. "That's when you don't go do any missions and have-"

"I know what it means!!!" he yelled when the raven haired Uchiha arrived, emotionless yet secretly really glad he came back to this. He said a simple "What's up" and stood next to sakura. "I'll tell you what's up!" Naruto said, not realizing that the greeting was somewhat retorical. "Our missions are getting cancelled."

"So I heard. Anyone else's missions?" he asked collectively.

" Actually" Sakura said for the first time all morning. "I heard that everyone's missions were getting cancelled." This must be big She thought. She wasn't alone in that though. Even Kakashi was wondering what could be this big. Their silent thought moment was interupted by a big gush of wind knocking them like, 40 feet towards the Hokage's office.

"It's about time you got here." Tsunade said, at the door. Naruto was the first to get his energy up. " I called you here because-"

"Hey, why did you cancel all the missions?" he interupted, yelling that and some other stuff , resulting in both Tsunade and Sakura bumping him in the head for talking too loud/much.

"Anyway. I called you here because, according to this new county law thing, both this village and the village of Suna will have their missions cancelled until they take a..." Tsunade-sama paused , then gulped at what she was going to say next. "creative writing class."

All around, ".." ( as in, what's the big deal?)

"And if you don't pass, you'll be put down a rank..and...uh...put in a cage with a ...bear... on ecstacy...and mayonaise...!"

cue the scary piano music

"NOOOOO, not the mayonaise!!!!!!!" Naruto yelled again while Sakura wanted him to shut up. Sasuke was watching his two teammates in idiocity and Kakashi was wondering where Tsunade-sama would get a bear and drug it with ecstacy.."So, you said all the teams?" Naruto asked once he calmed down.

"Yes. Now report to the academy or ...(flashlight) the mayonaise." She didn't have to say that twice.

yeah...i promise to put more I swear...MAYONAISE IS EVIL...