Note: I have rewritten the entire story because rereading it, it makes me barf a little inside. xD I think I shall have some fun and nix the OC and replace her with Generic Clutz#2 Marisu :D (I love you if you understand the humor in her name)

"This is unacceptable," Sasori said coldly.

"I know, un!" Deidara replied. "Why did everyone else get the /CHOICE/ to join??? It's so unfair, un."

"Shut up, you idiot. You had a talent to contribute. Pein-sama just let the kid in cause she was a little rainy orphan. I doubt she has any real talents to bring to us. The leader has grown soft, making us do all the work. For a kid to accept such an offer is stupidity in and of itself. If an orphan cannot survive on their own, they are not fit to live for eternity." Sasori spat out in discontent.

"I know we messed up, un. But does the leader have to stick us with some Akatsuki wannabe?" Deidara fumed. He didn't get many chances to complain but with the leader away, it shouldn't be dangerous to spout a few unhappy words.

"Who are we talking about," Marisu, a generic looking clutz chimed in.

Sasori cast her a deadly gaze. "Come, Deidara." He said coldly as he walked away.

"ZOMJ You guys are together!?!?!" Marisu squealed in a fan girlish way, tripping over her own feet.

A disguested look swept over Deidara's face. "Don't be stupid, un." He replied as he followed Sasori. Marisu scrambled, trying to pick herself up, falling a few more times before being offered a hand.

"Do you want to play a game with Tobi?" An excited voice sounded from behind Marisu. She turned to the noise and smiled.

"Sure. I'm Marisu~I just joined," she said cheerfully.

"I'm Tobi. Zetsu says I'm a good boy!! Can we stalk Itachi? He's the one with the funny lines on his face! I hear he's been spending a lot of 'personal time' with his little brother,"

"How about we stalk him some other time. Maybe we can go get something to eat instead." Marisu said as her stomach growled because she had forgotten to eat the last couple days.

"Of course!" Tobi said as he walked Marisu to the kitchen like a young boy assiting an elderly woman across teh street and got her some instant Ramen.

"So tell me about your village." Tobi said eagerly. "I hear you come from the same place Pein-sama does!"

"It... rains a lot? It's really nothing fun. My parents were recently killed in a freak accident involving wet pavement.... Enough sadtalk though! Tell me more about Sasori and Deidara."

"Well, Deidara's no fun. He'll never play with me. He usually just makes explosions with clay. They're pretty~ Like fireworks! I don't know much about Sasori I got here just after he... 'retired from the field' as leader put it. I heard he's a puppet though! Deidara has weird little hand mouth things. I once stuck a sock in one and he tried to blow my head off."

"Oh My Jashin! He can totally make out with three people at once!?!" Marisu spazzed, slipping on a noodle that fell to the ground, bashing her head into a wall. "I'm... ok~" She mumbled.

"Yeah, Tobi guesses he could." Tobi said with what we will assume is a pondering look on his face.

"Hey Tobi, I just though of a fun, new game. It's called Operation SasoDei." Marisu said as she picked herself up and sat back down. Her eyes shone with a glint of humor and intellegence which seemed to be a rare occurance.. Marisu grabbed her sempai's hand and ran off.

"Danna, un?" Deidara said almost shyly. "I…I'm glad that you are back..."

Sasori stared at Deidara

Deidara straightened up and put on a tough look. "Not that I acutally care about you. It's just so annoying doing everything on my own. Stupid Kyuubi and his stupid little brother of stupid Itachi." Deidara trailed off in a deep rant of hatred.

"I'm sorry for insulting your art. Yours lasted longer than mine." Sasori said briefly as he began to polish one of his puppets.

Deidara's jaw dropped to the floor at Sasori's apology. Kisame causally strolled into the room.

"Hey guys, can I tell you something?" Kisame asked.

"Oh? You found the information, un?" Deidara responded, happy that the situation had been inturrpeted.

"Not very much. Just that her parents recently died in a rain related incident. They were generic ninja of a very lowly variety."

"I see. Anything else about her as a ninja?" Deidara inquired.


"You forgot to mention I can throw a kunai with my eyes closed!!! Wanna see?!" Marisu interrupted, drawing a pointy kunai from her pouch.

"NOOO!!!" Everyone in the room cried out, fearing her clutzy nature would remove an eye or two.

The three men stood there in a paralyzed fear. Their eyes were fixed on Marisu as she walked over to Deidara and Sasori. She dropped the kunai to the floor stabbing herself in the foot.

"-" She cried, tripping over a lady bug.

She flailed out in every direction, looking for something to steady herself. She heard a cry of pain as she accidently knocked Deidara's head into Sasori's making lips touch slightly. They tensed and pushed away, but Marisu felt something else.

"I'm SOOOOOO SORRRYYYYY," She said a distraught face that resembled the famous painting of a screaming man.

Sasori stared at Deidara, shocked. He couldn't believe he had just kissed that idiot. He regained his composure and put on his best death glare. He looked up at Deidara who turned heel as quickly as he could, running in an opposite direction. In that split second, he saw what looked like a faint blush on his face. Impossible, Sasori thought. He looked down and noticed a trail of blood.
Great. He's hurt. Sasori sighed, angrily and followed him.

"Sasori-danna…about the kiss, un…" Deidara began, facing away from Sasori as he entered the room.

"It's not your fault," Sasori snapped.

Deidara turned to see Sasori. He pouted at Sasori's ever gruff tone. He coudln't be nice even for a second. Deidara fumed inside his head. Not the least bit of sensitivity. Then an idea came over him. He'd make his superior blush if it's the last thing he did. Then he could be cold and cruel. It was the perfect revenge.

"So defensive." Deidara said as he pulled Sasori into a kiss. Sasori fought at first but something inside of him clicked. He got a fuzzy feeling in his heartbox, an odd sensation he'd never felt before. He tried to push it and Deidara away but found his position against the wall very compromising. Deidara smirked to himself and released gently.

"Deidara," Sasori started, blushing bright red.

"What?" Deidara snapped.

Sasori flinched. His eyes suddenly began searching for an answer to what had just happened. Fear and hate mixed with sorrow in his eyes. Deidara suddenly felt bad for what he did. The look of confusion wasn't very becoming of Sasori.

"I'm sorry, un." Deidara begain. Sasori flinched at the sound of his voice once again. Deidara hesitantly lifted a hand to his elder's cheek and kissed him lightly on the lips. He knew he didn't hate his sempai, but he didn't think it was love. At least, it wasn't love yet.

"I'm sorry... I was just embarrased about the kiss in the first place and you were so mean... You've always been mean to me... I didn't think.... " Deidara muttered like a child who had taken a prank a step to far.

Sasori was shocked. Was Deidara's reaction truely his fault? His cold shell wasn't a ruse. He truely wasn't a very personable person, but Deidara had grown on him quite a bit. Deidara seemed flustered. Perhaps... Sasori thought, I could make an exception for him...

For Sasori, there were few words. He grabbed Deidara's hand and led him to his bedroom.

"Danna," Deidara started to say as Sasori locked the door. Sasori's lips cut off his protesting words. Deidara moaned softly at the warmth of Sasori's mouth. Sasori, despite being a puppet, was a good kisser, Deidara mused as Sasori's tongue explored his mouth. Sasori wasn't very still as this happened. His hands wandered to Deidara's cloak and began to free it of its host. Deidara pushed Sasori against a wall as his cloak fell to the ground. His own skilled hands made quick work of Sasori's.

"Danna!" Deidara gasped harshly as Sasori's mouth began to caress one of his nipples and his hand the other. He threw his head back. After gasping a few short breaths, he decided it was his turn. He grabbed Sasori's light puppety frame and shoved him on the bed.

A sharp moan erupted from Sasori as Deidara stuck his hand down his pants and began to suck on Sasori's member with the mouth on his hand.

"I told you they were useful." Deidara said with a laugh, giving up trying to figure out what got into Sasori and just going along with it.

Sasori answered with a deep moan as Deidara's hand progressed further into his pants. His other hand began to unbutton Sasori's pants. He slid the pants off slowly as he removed his hand.

"I'm sorry, un. I couldn't be completely uke." Deidara said with a giggle.

A lustful grin spread across Sasori's face. He didn't say a thing. Instead, he flipped Deidara over and kissed him roughly as he undid Deidara's pants. He removed them hastily and didn't bother with the shirt. Their tongues clashed as Deidara's left hand suckled on Sasori's fingers.

Sasori stuck his fingers in his entrance. Sasori's fingers played around until they found a nice spot that made Deidara squirm and groan.

Sasori removed his fingers and smiled as his metal cord wrapped around Deidara's arms, securing him in place. The tip began to gently molest one of his nipples. Sasori shifted into a good position. He began to thrust gently, trying not to hurt his pretty Deidara. Deidara smiled weakly as a sign to go faster. Sasori obliged. He thrust faster and faster until he got close. He wrapped one of his puppety hands around Deidara's member and began to pump in time with the thrust. Deidara began to whimper.

"DANNA!!!!" He screamed as he came onto Sasori's chained stomach. He felt a warm sensation fill him as he heard Sasori shout back.

Sasori slowly released Deidara and curled up next to him on the bed. He held him in his arms as he stroked the soft, blonde hair away from his face.

"Sleep well, Deidei-chan." Sasori said in a loving voice that Deidara had never heard.

"Night, Sasori-danna." Deidara replied.

A shrill screech was heard in the forest.

Marisu tripped over a blade of grass near the campfire where she and a couple members had been hanging out. She dropped her binoculars in the fire.

"What are you going on about?" Kisame asked as he sat around the fire.

"It's something foolish." Itachi said using his Sharingan.

"What? You can't say you weren't rooting for them too?!?!" Marisu answered. "Then again, you have your little brother."

Itachi paled and said nothing.

Well I think I improved it quite a bit! I changed a few plot tidbits. Took out some useless stuff. I left the sex scene pretty much the same. I hope you like the edited version!.