The trio left for the sound village right away and set up camp just outside the barriers around the village. Sasori and Deidara had similar ideas pertaining to the klutzy tag-a-long. In the end, the decided to just tie her up so she wouldn't be a bother.

Sasori and Deidara donned their hat disguises and made their way into the village with little resistance. The air was frigid and silent. Deidara looked over to Sasori questioningly. Sasori glared back, having no answer to the unspoken question.

A kunai whizzed through the air, impaling the hat that was on Sasori's head just a second ago. Deidara grinned as over a dozen ninja appeared surrounding them.

"Now this is what I'm talking about!" Deidara cried out excitedly, reaching into his clay pouch. Sasroi provided a distraction for Deidara to get his bombs ready. His big puppet exterior was heavily armed. He began taking out anyone targeting Deidara, leaving the other moves to just be dodged.

"Art is a BANG!" Deidara cheered, detonating a handful of little bombs. His other hand began to pump out little bird bombs that flew through the air, targeting the ninja. The battle went on, for every five ninja they eliminated, a dozen more arrived.

Where is Orochimaru getting so many ninja? Sasori thought as he continued to skillfully wield his puppets. He had summoned a few more to fight off the ever-growing enemy population. Deidara paled as his hands scraped the bottom of his clay bags.

"Sasori-sempai……." He said fearfully, barely blocking an attack with a kunai.

Sasori swiveled to check on his dear Deidara, taking a kick to the head in compensation. He noticed the lack of clay. This was bad. He might have to use /that/ technique. He hadn't used it since he fought that girl… There were no other options. He summoned hundreds of puppets.

Meanwhile, Marisu struggled to get out of the ropes she had been tied up with. She tried to maneuver a kunai onto the ropes, subsequently stabbing herself a few times. When she successfully removed them, she healed up her hand. Being a klutz, medical ninjutsu was quite useful. She clamored up a tree, hitting her head on a few branches now and then. From the top of the tree, she could see the immense battlefield growing in front of her. She saw more and more ninja from the sound villiage appear.

I wonder where they come from… She wondered as she fell out of the tree. On her painful way down, she noticed they all seemed to come from a building. She looked around, spotting a hollow log nearby. An idea struck her. She climbed inside the log. She struggled to stand up, falling over a dozen times, rolling down a hill, floating down a river. Eventually she made her way back to the villiage. By this time, Deidara had run out of clay.

She snuck over to the building she had seen before. Creeping inside, she saw a strange machine. A ninja walked by. She froze in her log disguise, still standing up. The ninja paid her no notice and continued walking past. She shuffled over to the machine. She tripped over herself and landed in a strange capsule beside the machine, knocking out the ninja who was standing in there. The machine whirled and hummed. Suddenly, log people began to make their way out of the machine.

Sasori's puppets began to look outnumbered. The increasing amount of generic ninja henchmen from the Sound villiage made it seem like loss was imminent. A strange wave of enemies began to show up. Sasori attacked the log people, taking out about a dozen. It wasn't until an entire legion of them simultaneously tripped did he realize something was up. He carefully sliced the log off one and a Marisu stumbled out. His eye twitched.

Deidara and Sasori watched as the clumsy logs ended up taking out most of the enemy ninjas by tripping and rolling on them. It was almost comical. The battle turned around quickly, logs began to outnumber enemy ninja. In the end, they were all eliminated. The logs kept multiplying.

Deidara was amazed. Did the girl have that much chakra? The two soon realized that all the logs were coming from one place. They entered the warehouse, seeing the strange machine. Deidara walked over and switched it off. Outside, they heard a large wave of thuds. Did they just kill all the Marisu clones?! They ran over to an window and watched as the clones rolled down a big hill and off a cliff. Nope. The clones were just clones of Marisu. Sasori released her from the capsule.

"Thanks." He said in plain voice.

Marisu smiled, knowing she had done something right for once.

"What I don't' get is how they got all that chakra, un." Deidara said, poking around the strange machine. Suddenly, banging from inside the machine resulted in the machines abrupt dismantle. A chakra drained man stumbled from the machine. The three looked at him confused.

"Yo. Mah name is Bee. Killer that is. Thanks for helpin me with that machine biz. I really appriceate it. You really shouldn't've waited." The man rapped horribly. Marisu swayed to his rapping but Sasori was frankly annoyed. Killerbee passed out from chakra loss right after that. He decided they'd capture him as a hostage.


They returned to the hideout with much haste. The long battle had taken a toll on them. They presented the man to the leader, who was overjoyed that they had somehow managed to capture the Eight-tailed beast that eluded event Itachi's beloved brother.

"Good going." Zetsu's white half complimented, upon hearing the story. "But in the end, it was the girl's dumb luck that saved you. I doubt leader will ask you for much more for a while." His black side added.

Deidara laughed. A break would be welcome. He could spend more time with Sasori and maybe even hang out with Marisu a little. Only because he owed her, of course.



In the end, Sasori and Deidara spent lots of fun time together. Marisu learned a new language after hanging out with Kakuzu so much. Eventually, Hidan converted her to Jashinism, attempting to sacrifice her. Much to his dismay, his god had made her immortal. Much to everyone's dismay, she was even more clumsy then than ever. Deidara and Sasori lived happily every after!