Our Beginning

Fandom: Bones

Orginally a challenge entry post Season 2 AU

Temperance smiled.

"However today the weather is great and I'm glad to be spending it with you and Parker," she said brightly.

Booth clasped his hand on top of hers. He hoped they could make time to go out of state for a real vacation sometime soon.

They were headed to the local beach. Parker was still sleepy.

Once they reached the beach, Temperance woke up Parker gently. Booth smiled at their interaction. Parker had taken to Bones as if she were his second mother. Actually she was since she had married him last weekend.

Booth carried the beach chairs and one of the duffel bags. Temperance held onto her own bag and Parker as they made their way down to the beach.

They found another family to hang out with and played volleyball with them.

Parker was young but great at the game. They claimed victory 15 to 10 in the end.

" Come here bub! We all make the best team!," Booth exclaimed as he grabbed Temperance and gave her a kiss.

After they pulled apart, Temperance said she was going to wade in the ocean.

Booth and Parker played Frisbee for awhile. Booth looked towards the spot where his wife stood moments before.

She wasn't there. He became frantic and his heart began to race.

"Stay here Parker. I'll be right back," Booth stammered.

He rushed towards the spot. A lifeguard came by.

"Sir is there a problem?" he inquired.

"No just I'm looking for my wife," Booth stated firmly.

Suddenly Temperance emerged from the water, coughing up salt water.

Booth went over to her.

"Are you all right?" he inquired.

She nodded as he kissed her forehead.

"Anthropologically speaking you just marked your territory," Temperance said looking towards the life guard.

"No this is me marking my territory," Booth said before kissing her on the lips.

Parker ran over to them.

"What happened to Dr. Bones?" he asked.

Temperance smiled.

"The current carried me away, but I came back," she replied.

Booth was grateful that Temperance was okay.

"How about we get a bite to eat and head home?" Booth asked.

"Okay Daddy I want a hot dog!" Parker chimed.

"That is what we are gonna get you bub!" Booth replied. He exchanged a concern glance with Temperance.

"You sure you okay?" he mouthed.

"Yes I am," she mouthed back.

The small family quickly changed and grabbed some hot dogs for the road home.

As Parker chatted away, Temperance turned to Booth, "You know we have just started our beginning together and I loved our time together as a family," she stated.

Booth flashed her charm smile. Temperance used to believe she didn't belong to a family. He was glad a day at the beach changed her mind.

This was their beginning and he hoped things would continue looking up for his family.