Title: A Sixteen Year Old's Lust for Freedom
Author: shadowtrickster93
Rating: K+
Genre: Angst/Drama
Timeline: No specific time, maybe just before Sirius runs away from home.
Spoilers: None really. At least, I don't think so.
Summary: Alone in his room at Grimmauld Place, Sirus Black wants nothing more than to fly his broom and soar off into the sky. Forever.


It had a smooth tan handle and its bristles were all perfectly positioned.

There it was in her hands.

My hands shake uncontrollably and my heart thumps wildly as I recall this account.

The trees were calm for there was no wind and there was nary a soul on the silent street, save for some children playing, enjoying the warmth of summer. The sun dazzled his vision momentarily and he envied them, oh how he envied them the luck of not being in this old, dark and gloomy house (for it had no right whatsoever to be called a home), not sneezing from all the dust in this filthy, so-called Noble House of Black (for Kreacher could never and would never get the job done, no matter what Regulus said.) There was no hope for him on that deathly boring day, no chance of mounting his broom and soaring into the wind because of that woman and all her twisted beliefs and lies

No matter, it won't be long now.

Oh sweet freedom, only a few meters away! The leaves rustled every now and then; tempting him, daring him to reach out yet those walls, those walls entrapped him so. Merlin, if only his anger and impatience had not gotten the best of him, had not gotten so out of hand.

Someday, I will happily leave all this behind. Someday - no soon, I will silently sneak away from this wretched home.

His spine shivers and his heart pulses even more erratically at the mere thought of freedom.


You might think that it's odd that in the start, he referred to Grimmauld Place as a house and not a home and yet at the end, he slipped and referred to it as a wretched home, but a home nonetheless. If you ask me, I think that even though his mind and most probably most of his heart despised the place and would never consider it to be his home, a part of him, no matter how tiny and insignificant, will always consider it to be the place where he grew up in.

Thanks for reading it! Reviews are well-loved and much appreciated. :D