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Ichigo's POV

"If I had been the Blue Knight, would you have felt anything more for me?"

Ryou's words were still ringing in my ears. He knew that a part of me was drawn to the Blue Knight, and honestly I had hoped he'd been the savior who protected me so much. But in the end it was Aoyama. And in the end he had been Deep Blue and the Mew Aqua as well. When he died, my heart was freed of him, and I wasn't sad at all. It was before the battle with Deep Blue that Ryou had asked me that, and since Aoyama's death he has been avoiding me more and more. I wish he wouldn't. I truly wish that he would talk to me like he used to. Now when I become a cat, it isn't Alto who comes to my rescue and gives me the kiss I need to turn back into a human. Instead I have to find some stray or go back to the cafe, where Keiichiro will kiss me if no one else is around. Ryou is never anywhere to be found any more. I miss him.

Yes, I have fallen in love with him, but so has Lettuce. I've seen the two of them talking more and more, and it is breaking my heart. I knew before while I was dating Aoyama that I had a crush on him, and since his death my feelings have grown out of control. I just wonder if he's even noticed it at all. If he has, is he avoiding me? Or has he lost any feelings he once had for me? I know he had some. All those times we'd almost kissed... when we danced, and how as Alto he was always there to protect me and kiss me. He may have been just teasing me some of those times, but each time my heart was racing, and I would lean forward, hoping against hope to catch his lips, even though it meant betraying Aoyama. I was never truly in love with Aoyama, but instead I wanted Ryou.

That's what hurts the most. As the water drips from my body while I take my shower, my thoughts are all on him, remembering how so many times when I would go up to his room to talk to him about something or another he would be naked, or nearly. Every one of my thoughts are on him, and not just from when I've seen him, also wondering about what I hadn't walked in on, like when he was in the shower. I wonder what his body looks like. What he would feel like beneath my hands and what his lips would taste like as a human and not a cat. Just remembering his soft and furry ones isn't enough for me. I crave him, I want his touch and his love! I just want him. And I've lost him.

Ryou's POV

"If I had been the Blue Knight, would you have felt anything more for me?"

My words still ring in my ears even after so long. Ever since Ichigo asked if I was the Blue Knight, I wish I had been. I want to be her knight in shining armor, but that was Aoyama. He had her heart, and I never had a chance. Now that he's gone, it's not fair for me to try and win her love. She may never fall in love again, and I don't want that to happen.

Lettuce has been trying to cheer me up, trying to encourage me, and I know how hard that must be for her to do. She admitted to having had a crush on me, but in the end her attentions had turned to another. The aliens we fought truly left their impression on all of us. Lettuce had fallen in love with Pai, and Pudding misses Tart so much her acts haven't been the same. Kish may still be in love with Ichigo, but he told her he would move on, go after another being as he saw her heart would never change.

I don't know if mine can either. It's gotten to where everywhere I go I see Ichigo. She invades my dreams, and none too innocently. When I shower I wish she would walk in on me again, just so she could see my body... but I doubt that can happen now. Since I started to avoid her she has stopped coming up to my room, and I haven't had her barge in on me since.

I never minded when she did; I thought she did so on purpose. But I suppose I was wrong. As flustered as either of us may have been, I always hoped that maybe she would have been pretending.

As hopeless as everything seems for me, though, Lettuce and even the other girls keep insisting that Ichigo truly does have feelings for me. Mint has told me that Ichigo confided in her that she never truly was in love with Aoyama, only attracted to the Mew Aqua in him, and the Blue Knight who protected her. Lettuce has assured me that Ichigo is constantly watching me, always looking heartbroken when she sees me together with her. Even Pudding noticed things that make me feel there may be a chance.

In the end it was Zakuro and Keiichiro, the happy couple, who convinced me the most that I should try one last time for her heart. They have convinced me to announce that Cafe Mew Mew is shutting down for Golden Week, and we are going on vacation. We'll take a day cruise to a resort on one of my private islands inherited from my father. It had been one of his research facilities, the one where I discovered the five red data animals that fused with the girls.

Truthfully, I don't think this trip will help much, but it is worth a shot. As selfish as that is, and as disrespectful it may be to Aoyama's memory to steal her, I love that girl, and I will do anything I can to have her love me too.

- - - - -

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