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"You're kidding me." I muttered, leaning my head against the wall. I already knew disaster was being spelled out when I walked into the bedroom, heard shower water running, and our just-cleaned towels sitting neatly on the bed. Ichigo wouldn't have anything in there to cover up with, and the shower curtain is completely see-through.

My control can not remain untried, can it?

Why is she turning the water off now?

I can hear her rummaging around in there... maybe if I hurry up and get out I can avoid being seen and she can just come get the towel herself...

Going with the last thought I turned and started heading for the door right as she opened it and stepped out, not knowing that I had returned to the room. In broad day light that which I had only barely been able to see through the dark haze of the night was completely open to my eyes, and could feel myself instantly hardening within my jeans. She was just as surprised as I had been and stood there for a moment shocked. I recovered first, and trying and failing to keep my eyes off her I went to the bed and grabbed her a towel, walked to her, and when she seemed too shocked to reach for it herself, wrapped her up in it, much to my own frustration.

"Y-you should probably double check that I'm not in here first, next time," I mumbled, cheeks burning as I avoided looking her in the eyes. I could see through the corner of my vision that she was pink as well. "I'll go now, let you get dressed." I turned and headed to the door.

Just as I was turning the handle I felt her arms wrap around me from behind, still slightly damp from her shower. I paused.

"Don't go," she whispered.


She held on tighter. "Please. Ryou, don't avoid me again. You've been trying to avoid me since we arrived at this resort. You stayed away from me all day today and now is the first time I've seen you since last night. Please, don't go."

I clenched my eyes shut, trying to control my emotions, but after this entire day of running away from her, I couldn't do it any longer. I turned and pulled her lips to mine in a fierce kiss, holding her body tightly against mine.

The angle wasn't good enough for me, so I lifted her up easily, her towel slipping off as I wrapped her legs around my waist. I turned and pushed her up against the wall, knowing it would be cold on her damp back. I kissed her deeply while grabbing her breast in a rough but pleasing way, hearing her groan with sheer ecstasy against my lips. My other hand, the one holding her to me, helped push her body deeper into mine as I pushed my straining member against her exposed core.

"This is why I have to stay away Ichigo..." I murmured, nibbling down her neck, and sucking at the patch of skin between her throat and collar bone. I pushed our lower halves against each other again, hearing her moan as I did so. "I can't control my desire for you. But I don't want to take you in a moment of lust; you'd regret that forever."

I gave her another deep and thorough kiss, exploring every cavern of her mouth and leading her in a dance with our tongues before slowing setting her back down on her feet.

As our lips separated I looked her deep in the eyes and whispered what I had wanted to tell her for so long before turning quickly and leaving her alone in the room. I didn't look back as I ran away to my own sanity.

Ichigo's POV

We arrived at the resort at about noon. After a small speech from the captain, and some simple directions, all of the patrons were told to come back up to the deck after we had changed into suitable attire for whatever we were intending to do first at the resort. It would take a couple of hours, but our luggage would be transported to the resort for us while we enjoyed ourselves. Whenever we wished to retire, all we needed to do was grab any one of the attendants and they would be glad to take us to our rooms.

Mint went with Zakuro to play some miniature golf, Pudding went off to find the ropes course they told us about, and Lettuce went with Keiichiro saying she wanted to do some research for Kish and although she hadn't said it, I was sure it was more for Pai.

I had decided against all of the options of activity except for a small walk around the rose gardens, marveling at all of the colors and fragrances surrounding me. It was a peaceful area, and I was able to think to myself most of the walk.

Ryou still hadn't been seen. He had been missing since before I woke up this morning, and the only reason I could think of was that he wanted to avoid me.

Why had he done everything that he had done? Why do all of that just to look so sadly at me after wards? Did he regret it? Did he wish he hadn't touched me at all? Then why do so?

Why hold my hand while we slept all night...

I sighed and sat down. He had said he didn't trust his control and didn't want to take away my most cherished gift.

Too bad I had already decided it was definitely his for the taking.

The bench I sat on had no back, so I turned and lied down, closing my eyes and remembering his touch. Each caress and kiss of his skin had been so tender, and even when he nibbled at me he never did so in a way that hurt me.

He brought me up to feeling so much pleasure and left himself yearning, and he was worried about his control? I think he was worrying for nothing.

I stood and walked to the edge of the garden. I had a view of most of the resort from where I stood. I was able to see the ropes course, and there was no mistaking the blonde doing all the somersaults well above the other climbers. Down below that was the miniature golf course, and a blue haired girl was jumping up and down happily clapping as the purple haired Zakuro retrieved her golf ball from what I could only guess was the hole.

A few buildings on the other side were my next destination. A sign above said that they were the hotel and library area. Tomorrow I planned to do some research myself, as I had promised Kish I would help him however I could.

For tonight, however, I was done pretending to be enjoying myself. I decided I would go and take a shower before I headed for bed.

A small brunette was working behind the counter when I approached, and after telling her my name she smiled brightly at me. "Ah, yes, Miss Momomiya, your things are already there and waiting on you. Also, feel free to ring in for room service at anytime. Everything is complimentary to your entire party."

I thanked her, and followed the bell boy who took me to the room. Once inside I found that Ryou and I must still be rooming together for this room looked exactly as I figured it probably would for him. There was a computer in the corner, and in the drawers were both of our clothes again.

This bed was softer than the one on the ship, and I sank into it easily. The feeling of satin sheets making me giggle, imaging Ryou sleeping in such a luxurious item. For a rich boy he never did act like one.

Although, faint, I could smell him in there easily. It was both a comfort, and a pain, to know that we had gotten so close yet seemed to be getting even farther away from each other.

Standing quickly I headed into the bath room, closing the door behind me. Again, I found myself surprised by what I found. Besides the usual commodities was a stand alone shower with a clear shower curtain, and a large jet stream bath tub, one I would be sure to try out before we left.

Inside the tub I found some strawberry shampoo and conditioner had been left for me, and a body wash that smelled exactly like smooth cream. Strawberries and cream. Fitting.

With small movements I peeled my clothing off and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

I knew I had a good body. That one I had never had to worry about before, even with how many sweets I loved to eat. My skin had always been clear and I healed easily. Even all of the little hickeys Ryou had given me were almost completely faded, except for the couple he'd added the night before.

Softly I cupped my own breasts, feeling what he had felt the night before. I wasn't that big compared to Zakuro or even Mint, but I was a good, solid, C cup, so I had what I guessed would be a good handful to a guy.

I waxed on a regular basis so I didn't have too much body hair to worry about either, from legs to armpits and even the bikini area. I didn't have to worry about him seeing something unattractive on that part either.

No, from what I could tell, I definitely understood what he liked about my body, and from the talk I used to hear at school I was desirable, although what all they found attractive about me I didn't truly understand until Ryou showed me how much he liked my body last night.

Slowly I ran my right hand down my body, letting my fingers feel just what he had. It didn't seem like such an exciting area to me, but it had brought me such pleasure I was looking forward to feeling it again. Just thinking about his touch and I could feel a tightness growing in my belly that ran throughout every vein in my body. I tentatively stuck a finger in the middle of my folds, and found that little nub he had so favored last night. When I removed my hand, I found it had come back slightly wet.

Shaking my head I decided that I should stop before I started to get myself aroused again and unable to be sated. Instead I turned to the shower and started the water, letting it warm up before I stepped in and washed my self quickly beneath the faucet, enjoying the tickling spray upon my skin.

When I finished I stepped out and reached around for a towel, but I didn't find any. There weren't any in any of the cabinets, and in dismay I realized the only place I had seen some had been briefly noticing them sitting on the bed in the room. Without even considering the fact that this was Ryou's room too, I stepped out into the room and immediately paused as I noticed who else but the addicting blonde man I'd day dreamed about standing directly in front of me, his face just as shocked as mine.

I could see the color rising in his cheeks, and he was unable to look me fully in the eyes, but I was so shocked just to see him there at all that I didn't even think to get covered up.

He, on the other hand, was snapping out of his daze before me, and despite the fact that he couldn't help but continue to stare at me, he came up and wrapped a towel around me, muttering "Y-you should probably double check that I'm not in here first next time," as he was finally able to avoid looking at me. "I'll go now, let you get dressed." He started heading for the door.

Wait. After avoiding me all day you're going to do it now too?


I can't let him leave like this!

My feet came unglued and before I fully realized it I was clinging to him from behind, his hand on the door handle. "Don't go," I whispered against his back.


I squeezed tighter. "Please. Ryou, don't avoid me again. You've been trying to avoid me since we arrived at this resort. You stayed away from me all day today and now is the first time I've seen you since last night. Please, don't go."

I could feel his inner struggle in the way he trembled before he turned around and pulled me into a fiercely passionate kiss, pulling me close to him. Soon I was being lifted and cool air was hitting my skin as the towel fell away and my back hit the even colder wall, but I didn't care. I hung on to him as he kissed me, his left hand squeezing my breast and his right supporting me along my tail bone, pulling me to closer contact with his body, and there was no mistaking the tightness of the front of his jeans or the rock hard desire straining to get to my core, trapped beneath the tight denim.

"This is why I have to stay away Ichigo..." he murmured, nibbling down my neck, and sucking at the patch of skin between my throat and collar bone. He pushed our lower halves against each other again, causing me to moan again, more loudly this time. "I can't control my desire for you. But I don't want to take you in a moment of lust; you'd regret that forever."

He gave me another deep and thorough kiss, exploring every cavern of my mouth and leading me in a dance with our tongues before slowing settling me back down on my feet.

As our lips separated he looked me deep in the eyes and whispered what I had wanted to hear for so long before turning quickly and leaving me alone in the room.

"I love you."

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