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Author's note: I decided to finish this story. Hope nobody's disappointed with the ending.


Sydney was in his office going over the simulation results that Jarod had just completed when the door opened. A new sweeper by the name of Oliver stepped inside.

"Mr. Raines wants to talk to you in his office."

Sydney nodded and stood up closing the file to look over later. The sweeper opened the door and motioned for him to go inside. Mr. Raines was at the desk writing on a piece of paper.

"Sit down, Sydney." He said as he laid the pen down and looked at him.

"What is this about Raines?"

"I am well aware that you know that Jarod was outside the Centre's walls when he was a boy. I took him to go see Mrs. Parker."

"Yes, I know that. He didn't remember ever going outside."

"When we captured him this time I took him to my lab and gave him the same drug that I gave him the last time. Mr. Parker did not think that it would work since he's been out of the Centre for so long."

"That is why he's agreeing to do the Sims."

"Yes, you must never breathe a word to him that he was once outside of the Centre, or any of the things he's done outside. If you do it may bring his memory back. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. You may go."

Sydney got up and walked out of the office. No wonder Jarod never rebelled at the Sims that he was doing like before he escaped. He never knew that they were being used for the opposite. He shook his head. He had promised Mr. Raines that he wouldn't tell Jarod anything that he had done on the outside world. No matter what he felt for his pretender, he wouldn't break his promise to Mr. Raines. He would once again have to protect him.

The End.