I Gave It All To You
by Kyer August 2001

I am to you just a friend:
A companion in your life.
A Data made by happenstance
To combat and to strife.

A wanderer, a vagabond,
A wizard through and through.
Yes, these are the attributes seen
When looked upon by you.

But I am so much more for thee,
Though how tis yet appraised.
I am the one who's vowed to break
You from this Viral's maze.

(The Darkness spreads its blackened wings
It's laughter malice soaked.
I hold your shaking figure close
And wrap you in my cloak.)

My power is not strong like his:
His evil causes fear.
Yet though he holds a vast knowledge,
--In doggedness we're peer!

I shall not leave you all alone--
Just as you stayed by me.
I will not let the Darkness dim
the Light I see in thee.

You do not know what I do know;
Your mind is shroud in mist.
Those thoughts of one you sought for
Were quashed under his fist.

But once you spoke of memories
And shared that loss long wept.
And so I saved them for you:
You're hopes and dreams I've kept.

I've held them close and safe from harm,
Lest Evil come aware
And see the soul within you:
My dove entrapped by snare.

(See now, the Darkness passes.
Tonight he hunts alone.
I smile behind my armor:
Our secret's still our own.)

As long as Evil passes 'oer,
And holds its deadly might
I'll wait and plan my actions
To gain my savior's flight.

And if I lose my own life? Well...
It isn't mine, you see?
For many years ago this night,
I gave it all to thee.