Finding Help in the Most of Unusual Places

Disclaimer: I don't own John Cena, Lita or any other WWE superstar past or present

A/N: This story is slightly AU. Takes place during the Cena/Edge feud and before Unforgiven 2006 but its not a TLC match but the stipulation that the loser goes to Smackdown is still there but with a little twist (lol). Also the group Evolution will be reformed in this story including: HHH, Randy Orton, Ric Flair and Batista.

Chapter 1

The first few months of her relationship with Edge, Lita thought everything was good and nothing could go wrong. However, she was about to find how wrong these thoughts really were.

Somewhere along the way during the relationship, Edge was becoming unfaithful, sleeping with anyone who'd say yes to him, especially the other WWE Divas. He'd stay out late all the time and then come home. When he would arrive home, he'd always be plastered from way too much alcohol. Sometimes, he wouldn't even come home. More often than not, when he'd come home all drunk, he'd want to engage in sex with Lita after he'd already did it with someone else hours earlier.

Lita would tell him no, she didn't want to all the time. Her reason being that he was way too intoxicated to do it without causing her pain. Most of the time he wouldn't go through with it but he'd still cause her pain by beating her. The times he would engage in sex with her while drunk, he wasn't careful, causing just enough pain to hurt her a little bit.

Edge would also beat on her almost regularly, regardless whether on the road or in the privacy of their home. When on the road, he'd beat her enough to inflict some serious pain but not enough to leave bruises that would cause suspicion from the other wrestlers/divas.

Late one night after RAW, he beat her so bad that it was the worse beating she'd gotten thus far while on the road. Then Edge got up, got dressed and left her there in tears. A few minutes go by and then she very carefully got up and got dressed. She put on a pair of black baggy sweatpants and an old Team Extreme hoody so her bruises would be covered up. She then left the room and started wandering around the hallway. She was in such a hurry to leave the room that she forgot to apply makeup to her face and neck. After a minute or two, she saw a figure walking towards her.

Oh no! she thought. Whoever it is, I don't want them to see me like this.

She decided to to turn around and go the opposite way when she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. This stopped her dead in her tracks. The mystery person then turned her around towards them. Once she was facing this person, she gasped. The mystery person turned out to be one of the last people she wanted to see right now.

Blue eyes looked quizzically in her hazel ones.

It was none other than the WWE Champion John Cena.