No Shame

By Gaarazlilmiss

Hello Hello! If you know me, you know I usually write GaaHina, and if you don't, them my name suggest, but today, I decided to try something different. I was reading al these pairings, and I found some really interesting ones that I've decided to try. I don't know if they'll work out, or not. So anyway, here is my newest chap. Story, "Make it Last", which is a TobiHina. I mean, that pairing is almost completely empty, and I decided to fill it up.

Some weird pairings I read, and my thoughts…

1.GaaSaku-I know this really isn't all THAT weird, but I think it is, and I HATE it. I mean, Gaara with Sakura??? WTF?? If Gaara ended up dating Sakura, the world would end. I mean, they just aren't right together…

2.ZetsuSaku-This one tends to be morbid, but I actually like it BON((Believe it or not…)), and I think they work out quite well together, despite his…oddity….

3.KakuzuTemari-It worked out. It was a LOT strango…yeah….but I actually thought it was good. There might only be one story with these two involved together. I don't remember the authors name, but it was a one shot, and a long one. It was a story crammed into one chapter, and I liked it a lot. Props to that author :3

4.KakuzuSaku-???Yeah, it was about as strange to me as the KakuzuTema thing, but this one was funny, and it might work out better than KakuzuTemari.

KisameSaku-THIS was surprising! Who would have thought this would actually turn out to be such a great pairing? It's now a favorite of mine, and if I could pull it off, I might write one.

Normal Pairings I read, and my thoughts…

1.GaaHina-All MUST know that THIS is my fave pairing of all times. Enough said there.

2.SasuHina-I really like this one despite the fact that I loath Sasuke, but he works well with Hinata, adding his cockiness and idiotic ness to her sweetness and elegant ness.

3.DeiHina-Really like it, despite I find a lack of good ones, you know, the ones that really catch you in their spell?

4.DeiSaku-I really like this one. I don't care what anyone says. Sakura and Deidara seem to fit well together. Maybe it's how the authors portray them that make all these pairings good…

Blah, you get the point. Eventually, I'd love to write a pairing for all of the ones I like. That might happen someday, if I can pull it off. I'm usually good at capturing the characters personalities.

Anyway, here is the story. Enjoy it, and be good readers and review at the end!

Word means normal

'Word' means thinking

"Word" means speaking

Word means alternate personality


Hinata, Naruto-19



CHAPTER 1: Two living nightmares

Shameless…it was all shameless. She didn't feel any shame about what she was doing. Caressing his back affectionately, or letting him send butterfly kisses down her exposed creamy colored neck. Not even that she was miles and miles away from her home, away from the man who wanted to call her his wife, the man she'd always wanted in her younger years. She wasn't ashamed that somewhere, a mission wasn't completed properly. She didn't feel shame that she was lying on her back on this other man's bed, moaning and mewling in his pleasure. She wasn't even ashamed that she wanted him in her now. She wasn't ashamed that she didn't care.

Hinata didn't know when the last time she cared about Naruto was. Too far away, she supposed. She had loved the boy since she was in the academy and now she was giving herself up to this man with her now. She felt no ounce of sadness or regret fill her body. 'Everything ends here.' she thought. 'No more Konoha, no more Naruto, no more anything.'

It didn't stop her, when she was done giving herself up to him, although she was on one side of the bed breathing hard and sweating and he was on the other doing about the same thing, from thinking about those days when she was Hinata Hyuuga of Konoha, and had never, and probably wouldn't even consider joining an S-classed criminal organization, the same organization that planned to take Naruto away forever. As the male grasped her around her midsection, saying nothing as he dozed off in the comfort of her belly, Hinata lay there thinking…and eventually dreaming…replaying everything that had happened before this. Before she officially disconnected herself from all of Konoha, Naruto, and everyone else.


Hinata walked fast along the dampened dirt path. It was morning, about 5'o clock in the morning to be exact, and she was expected to be at the Hokage's building at 5:30 for the mission. Today, she'd be going on a mission solo to a small village south of theirs, Ameakai ((Means red rain village)) to deliver something to a man. Seemed simple enough, but when Tsunade told her about the mission, and said it was a B ranked, Hinata wondered why. So today, she was expected to be there thirty minutes before her actual departure to further understand why the mission was such a high level.

Finally getting to the building, Hinata entered and ascended the long flight of stairs leading to the upper level. Getting to the top floor, there was a long circular hallway, doors lining each. Everyone could clearly make out the Hokage's office. It was the room with the big arch-like door and the kanji meaning "fire" etched on it. Hinata sighed as she knocked firmly, asking for permission to enter.

"Come in." Tsunade's muffled voice said from behind the door.

Hinata stepped into the room, and stood after taking three paces up to the desk. Tsunade looked at her briefly, before scribbling something onto the paper she was writing on. "So today is the day, huh?" she asked.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama." Hinata said.

"Well then, I guess I'll need to explain about Ameakai then, don't I?" she asked. "The village isn't named after red rain for nothing. You see, years ago, a man named Noboru Hajimekoi entered the village with a clan of highly religious followers. They believed that offering the blood of tainted ones would ensure their place in a happy afterlife." Tsunade explained. "They would travel from village to village, destroying each small village they encountered. Some people would join their clan, and learn their secrets just to escape death, and so the clan grew in size. Their ultimate goal was to destroy everyone who did not follow, and make the world the clan itself. They were a feared clan when I was a little younger." Tsunade said. "Anyway, before the village was named Ameakai, it was called Tayagasa. When the clan infiltrated Tayagasa, they began to kill people in such grotesque ways, and there was so much blood that they became known as the Ameakai. The people, even though there were no ninja, became rebellious after 2 years of suffering under them, and being forced to practice such a horrid religion, they eventually wiped the clan out." Tsunade said.

Hinata looked shocked to hear about a village with such a bloody past, although Konoha was almost no different.

"As a reminder of the past they had to endure, and the fact that they had single handedly destroyed the clan on their own, they named their village Ameakai, as ironic, and strange as it seems." Tsunade said. "They didn't think they needed Ninja to do their work for them, until it seemed that the Ameakai clan was lurking around somewhere, and they didn't completely get rid of them. They fear that they may be up for attack soon by them, and have no clue how to defend themselves since they haven't engaged in any conflict for some time." Tsunade explained. "Although your mission is not to protect Ameakai, that would be too much for you to handle, you are simply taking a package to a man who will be using this for their own purposes, in other words, it's just in case of an attack. The cargo is precious, so you mustn't let it get into the hands of anyone else. You may be attacked, or even get caught up in the war yourself, and the Ameakai clan was said to have ranks of ninja. This is why the mission is a B ranked." Tsunade explained.

Hinata nodded. Seemed as though the mission would take awhile.

"Our client says that he is allowing up to two weeks for the cargo to be shipped. He doesn't want it to seem obvious, and he doesn't think they'll be attacked for awhile." said Tsunade. "So be careful. You are dismissed." Tsunade said.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama." Hinata said before exiting the building.

As she walked along, she looked at the package under her right arm. The man she was delivering it to was Hasuyora Modo. The package made no noise as it was carried, and Hinata wondered what it was. Why would something this small possibly foresee Ameakai's victory if they were attacked?

"Oi, Hinata!!" called an unmistakable voice.

Hinata's face brightened as she turned to see the love of her life.

Naruto was running towards her. You'd think that Hinata would blush and act very meek, but Naruto and Hinata were engaged to be married. After long years of not being able to speak up, Hinata finally cracked and told him one night during a mission with him and Sakura when she was 16. Naruto confessed that he too liked her, but didn't know how to say or show it, and that he was happy she told him first. To Hinata, it was a dream come true. The couple had gone out for three years, and just recently, Naruto had asked Hinata to marry him. Of course Hinata said yes, and Naruto slid a simple silver and diamond ring on her finger. He knew that Hinata always went for the simple things. She never wanted anything too fancy, It was perfect, and Hinata's life was going perfect now that Naruto and herself were about to be wed.

When Naruto caught up to Hinata, he picked her up and squeezed her tightly before kissing her lips. "I know you're leaving for that long mission." he said.

Hinata nodded. "Yes. I should be back in at least a week, maybe even two, but I already can't wait to come back home." she said.

Naruto sent her one of his trademark, charming smiles. "Yeah. I mean, I know you're going to that weird Ameakara village, or something…" he said.

"Ameakai, Naruto." Hinata corrected.

"Well, at least come with me for your last bowl of ramen for these two weeks. I mean, sure there are other places, but Ichiraku is the best place around. Who could live without it?" he asked.

Hinata giggled. "I could, but I'll come with you anyway." Hinata said with a happy grin on her face.

The two arrived at Ichiraku shortly after, and as always, Naruto ordered a miso deluxe size, with extra egg, pork, and noodles, and Hinata ordered a small beef ramen dish, no extra, and without the Naruto((This Naruto is the stuff they put in ramen that look like little swrily flowers))

Naruto nearly ate his without swallowing and then asked for another bowl. While he was waiting, he looked over at Hinata who was eating her ramen, still on the first bowl. He raised and eyebrow. He never understood how Hinata could look so shapely, but she barely ate enough to keep the meat on her bones. "You know Hinata, I've been thinking…" he said.

Hinata stopped eating her ramen and looked over at him. "Yes?" she asked.

"Why don't you…you know…stop doing missions for awhile after we marry and become a stay at home?" he asked.

Hinata thought about his words. "I…I don't know, Naruto." she said.

"I mean, wouldn't it be a good idea, since when we… have kids, you could be there for them?" he asked.

Hinata blushed at the thought. Who would have ever thought Hinata and Naruto would have such a conversation? Not her.

The next bowl of ramen was placed quietly in front of Naruto.

He turned around and looked at the bowl with hungry eyes, as if he hadn't even eaten the first bowl.

"Don't think too hard about it. We still have plenty of time to discuss that." Naruto said before picking up a new set of chopsticks, "ITADAKEMASU!!" he said before chomping on the next bowl.

Hinata closed her eyes thoughtfully. What Naruto said had made a bit of sense, but she had finally become a strong ninja, strong enough for Tsunade to send her on solo missions. She'd have to think about this one, but for now, Hinata was going to enjoy her last bowl of ramen with Naruto before she left.

When the two finished, Naruto eating three bowls, Hinata eating her one bowl, they parted ways after a quick hug.

Hinata started off down the road to get to Ameakai, and already, she felt lonely.

" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

"Zetsu-san!! Why are we spying on her?" Tobi asked from some tree tops. The two were spying on Hinata almost the whole time, and Hinata had just hugged Naruto as she left.

"Because, we are going to take her back to the leader." Zetsu said simply.

I wonder why she is so vital to Akatsuki…?

The darker side of him said.

Zetsu shook his head dismissively.

"We'll follow her to the outskirts of the next village, and take her there." said Zetsu.

"But what if she refuses?" Tobi asked.

"She'll come anyway. By force, or by will." he replied.

And we know it will more than likely be by force.

His alternate said.

"Hm." Zetsu replied. "Come Tobi." he said, and the two of them ran off after Hinata.

" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "" " " " " "

After hours of hopping from tree to tree on her way to Ameakai, she decided to take a rest. She had hoped there was at least an inn nearby, or something, but to her lowest luck, there wasn't. Nothing but woods. "There is no way I'm getting to an inn before nightfall." she said. She had managed her traveling time wrong, and now she'd have to camp outside.

Quicker than Hinata's eyes could catch, the pinkish daylight soon turned into dusk, the stars starting to glow in the aqua blue horizon and navy night.

She had, in this time, fished for food, and had set out to get water to boil for tea. She'd brought food with her, of course, but Hinata for some reason enjoyed natural foods. She sat up against a tree, a blanket tucked around her as she listened to the flames crackle, cooking her fish. Hinata lazily lifted her hand, examining the silver engagement ring. It made her happy, seeing that, and she fantasized about all the things that would be happening soon.

Suddenly, Hinata heard a rustle.

Despite the idea that it could be a small animal or the wind, Hinata jumped up and grabbed a kunai quickly from the black pouch on her thigh. She scanned the area activating her Byakugan to see better. "Show yourself!" she said when she noticed the two mass groups of green and blue chakra somewhere up in the canopies.


Hinata didn't like playing games. "Fine. If you won't show yourself, then I'll come to you." she said as she jumped into the trees, scanning for any signs of enemies.

Still Nothing. Not even the slightest movement was heard after that. For a second, Hinata thought she had just been hearing things or an animal did just waltz by, that is, until she jumped to the ground, and found someone standing with their arms crossed, and another enjoying the finished fish and a cup of her tea.

Hinata gasped as she clasped her kunai tighter. "Who are you." she asked with a glare.

The one not eating was chuckling. He took a step forward, and Hinata could have sworn she was having some freak show nightmare. The one who had stepped forward had two distinct halves to him, one side pitch black with a lone topaz orb, and the other side white with normal looking eyes, but still the same color, He had large Venus-fly trap like growths coming off of him, and he was wearing…an Akatsuki cloak.

The other one, who was eating her hard earned catch was wearing the same cloak, and not much more could be made out of him because over his face, he had a strange orange mask, swirling until it stopped at his right eye, which had an eye hole, but it was partly lifted so he could eat, only a small portion of his chin being shown. Both were freakish, and seeing the Akatsuki cloaks, she knew she was in danger. She took several shaky steps back. Although she knew it was unwise to show her fear, it was something she just couldn't help. Look who was before her!

"What good is backing up going to do?" asked the one who looked like he was growing plants on his shoulders.

"…Hmm…Tobi thinks you make great fish…" Tobi said. "You should try some Zetsu-san!" he said without a care in the world.

Hinata couldn't believe her ears. "…Wh-what do you want with me…!? I-if it is Naruto you are looking for, I will not let you have him!" Hinata said.

"Be patient and listen. We would love to have the Jinchuuriki, but that is not our job. We are here for you." Zetsu said, a smirk gracing his lips.

We'd like it if you came calmly.

The alternate personality said.

"N-never…I'd never…" Hinata said.

"Will we have to do this the hard way?" Zetsu asked.

Tobi threw the stick the fish was on aside, and slid his mask back down on his face, adjusting it back to the proper position. He turned to look at Hinata's frame. She looked so scared, as if someone had just chopped someone's head off in front of her. Being Tobi, he didn't understand why, Zetsu was being plenty polite to her…oh wait, there were lots of reasons why. "Even though you might think you are in danger, you won't be if you just come with Zetsu-san and Tobi." Tobi said kindly.

Hinata looked over to the carefree Akatsuki member.

"Well…?" Zetsu asked, patiently.

Hinata still said nothing. Before she knew it, someone had appeared behind her and wrapped a hand around her neck. "Let's go." said Zetsu from behind her.

Hinata went pale and her eyes widened. She was forced to walk along with them, leaving everything behind. Hinata was no fool. Even though she had become much more powerful, she still couldn't take on two Akatsuki members like that. This one seemed especially dangerous, and there was no way she'd even try it.

"My mission…" she whispered. "Naruto…"

"…Forget about it. You won't be completing it, and I'm sure the country won't hold too much of a grudge." Zetsu replied.

"How did you know about my mission?" Hinata asked and tensed up.

"That doesn't really matter." he replied.

Tobi walked along beside Zetsu and Hinata as if a giant plant guy wasn't walking beside him with a scared girl in front of him and scaring the crap out of her. How does he do it?

He constantly looked at the girl, wondering himself what the leader wanted with her. He hoped it wasn't anything bad. She seemed like she'd be really nice, and Tobi would like to have someone nicer to talk to. Being around gruff Akatsuki members wasn't always the highlight of his day.

" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "" "

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