No Shame

By Gaarazlilmiss

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CHAPTER 8: Light at the end of the tunnel

It all seemed to go in slow motion for poor Hinata. She just knew this was her final escape. She just KNEW she'd never have to see those cursed crimson eyes again, and just when she thought she was on her way back to her beloved Naruto, her peaceful village, HOME, she was attacked by that demon.

Tobi stood in front of her, deflecting Itachi's attack.

Upon Itachi clashing with Tobi, Itachi smirked slightly. "Protecting your princess?" he asked. "You haven't even got the right." he said.

Tobi's eyes widened at the realization. He knew what Itachi was about to do.

"You know very well what you, me, all of them have to do to her. You can't deny it and pretend for a second that you are any more innocent than anyone else." Itachi said again.


Hinata didn't understand what they were talking about. What did he mean Tobi wasn't any more innocent? She was scared as she took a self-conscious step back from Tobi.

Tobi noticed this, and something close to fear was in the pit of his stomach. If only Itachi knew who he was dealing with…

"T-tobi…what is he talking about?" Hinata asked quietly.

Itachi grabbed Tobi up by the collar of his cloak, and then side kicked him into a nearby tree.

Tobi slid down until he was sitting almost. He jumped up immediately, as if it had done nothing to him at all.

"You were wondering why you were at the base, right Hyuuga?" Itachi began. "You are nothing but a tool, remember? We need you…we need your Hyuuga blood-limit. We need your power." he said.

"I've already realized this. I already know what you intend to do with me!" she said.

"It isn't just the leader. It isn't just all the other Akatsuki members. Tobi is one of us, remember? Even your precious Tobi is intending upon doing it. You just don't know how his mind works…" he said. "You're out here alone with him, he's playing like he's trying to get you a good escape. And once you do what he wants, he won't be there for you. It is inevitable. You can believe me, or you can trust him and fail." he said with a devious smirk.

Hinata looked to Tobi for reassurance that Itachi was lying, but his actions and speechlessness told her otherwise.

Tobi could say nothing. He hated that she had to find out that sad truth. He hated that Itachi was practically lying through his teeth! He hated Itachi with every fiber of his being now.

"You too, Tobi? Was this what all of that was for? A-all the t-times that we talked and you comforted me…? Was it all for this!?" she asked him.

"No! I, it wasn't like that, I promise!" he said. "I just couldn't bring myself to tell you that…" he didn't know what to say to her.

"Why…?" she asked, tears streaming down her cheeks silently. She thought she had a friend…she thought he was someone she could trust. How foolish was she to trust an Akatsuki member…She jumped off quickly, trying to put as much distance between them as she could. Tobi put his hand out, as if she'd come back, reaching for her. He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. As he stared off at her, anger built up in him like a raging storm, and his mind clouded with the many thoughts of how to hurt the Uchiha. He'd destroyed everything that Tobi had accomplished, and therefore, his death would be absolute.

As no one was around, Tobi didn't hesitate to unleash what would scar the Uchiha for the rest of his life, if he still had one. Turning around to face Itachi, Tobi's eyes flickered red, and his pupil dilated into what was known as the Mangenkyo Sharingan.

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Hinata flew through the woods top speed. From what it seemed like, nothing was following her. That was unusual…

Her mind, however, was clouded with thoughts of hate for Tobi, for Itachi, for all those members of the Akatsuki. She hated herself for being so trusting, so naïve as to think that someone like them would actually be friends with her and not harm her. Her face was reddened with her salty tears.

Think of Konoha, think of Konoha…she tried to think of reaching home, tried to forget his masked face, tried to forget his sweet words, his outshining confidence, his everything, and she tried to think of her soon to be husband, her friends, her comrades, her everything back home…but nothing seemed to make her happy. Why did it have to be so? She had to be at least one day away from Konoha. She'd make it, she was sure of it. Everything would be alright once she got home. Everything would be alright…

" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

Itachi chuckled at this new revelation. "So, you've finally decided to show who you really are…Madara Uchiha…" he said.

"I'm going to maim you." he said with quiet intensity. He was focused completely on Itachi.

"Don't tell me the notorious Madara has developed feelings for this Hyuuga." he said. "I recall that you were only going to use her. What happened to Pein taking complete charge of this self-assumed mission?" he asked.

Tobi, or Madara, was silent.

"You do have feelings? Well, isn't that sweet…" Itachi said.

Madara rushed at Itachi with abnormal speed, ending up in front of the other Uchiha. A kunai was soon jammed into his stomach, but instead of a bleeding mess and sputtered scream, black crows emerged and flew off into the distance.

"Coward. I was certain he wouldn't send his true self." Madara said. He weighed his options. Go and find Itachi, kill him, and possibly never see Hinata again, or go find Hinata with only a slim chance at her believing him, and Itachi would find her again. The first option, much more logical, although, even though he'd never admit it, he was hurting beyond compare at this decision. "I'll miss you Hinata." he said quietly as he raced after where he felt Itachi's chakra the strongest.

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((1 Day later))

Hinata entered the front gates, her eyes distant, her face solemn. She was suppose to be happy to be home, but she just couldn't be, no matter how hard she tried.

Upon seeing her, the front gate Shinobi told her that Tsunade had been worried sick about her, and was in a hurry to see her. That made her remember…she hadn't sent Tsunade any mission reports, any information, any updates, nothing. She had every right to be worried.

When she got to Tsunade's office and knocked, it immediately opened, Shizune standing there with wide eyes and a bright smile. It almost creped Hinata out. "You're back! They were right!" she said ushering her in.

Hinata could tell her mentor, Tsunade, was trying not to appear as if she were too worried. Her face was a mixture between overly stern and worried, an expression that Tsunade rarely wore. "Hinata." she said with a slight smile.

Hinata smiled back as well. "I'm sorry. I didn't send any of the mission reports, or anything…" she said.

"Don't worry. The only thing I'm concerned with is your safety. Reports mean absolutely nothing compared to your life. " she explained. "Now, I know that there is a highly valid reason why you did not contact us. Explain yourself." she said.

As Hinata told her story, she felt as if her heart were tearing in two. It pained her to say any of their names, where she was, but it hurt the most when it came to Tobi.

"You know everything about where they are, and who they are, you saw their leader…this is all excellent information! How did you escape?" she asked.

Hinata was quiet for a long time. "One of them…one of them h-helped me." she said as she looked down.

"…What do you mean?" she asked.

"The one named Tobi…he didn't really help me to escape, but gave me the opportunity." she said, trying to make it so it didn't sound like he was a good guy, because as far as she was concerned, he wasn't.

"I see." Tsunade said. "More than likely after your escape, they changed bases. " she said. "On top of that, they are probably keeping a low profile. How foolish of them." she said. "Now that we have more information on them, however, it will be easier to find them. "she said. "But now we have an even greater problem…" she began, "Ameakai, since you haven't been there, they feel as though we abandoned them, or jipped them out of the money they paid us for the mission, and are becoming hostile. It seems that they aren't just a civilian village, but also have a gang of ninja. I don't understand what they expect to do, we are much more developed than them, but we still need to keep on the lookout. " she said. "I've already sent out another squad of jounin to investigate on the mission since we couldn't find you." she said.

"It's all my fault." she said.

"Far from it. You couldn't help being abducted during a mission." Tsunade said. "Go get some rest and watch that stupid fiancé of yours." she said with a smile. "I'm putting you on standby for the next week since you came back a week early. So take it easy." Tsunade explained.

Hinata nodded and smiled brightly at the thought of Naruto She walked out in higher spirits.

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That same morning, Sakura awoke lying with one leg wrapped delicately around Naruto's frame. She never knew that Naruto could be so…good! Her mind swam with it, remembering how their breathing mixed perfectly, how amazingly passionate and lustful the whole night had been. It was too bad it was morning…or whet was she saying? Hinata wouldn't be back for one more week, and she was sure she had Naruto right where she wanted him: Wrapped around her finger. She sat back ,enjoying the small rays of light filling the room.

Soon, she felt Naruto shift. As he awoke. "Morning Sakura…" he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist from his lying position.

"Morning." she said. "So then…" she asked.

"Hm? Oh yeah,…well,…" Naruto thought. He had done the unthinkable. He'd cheated, he knew he did. But he just couldn't help himself, and Hinata hadn't offered herself yet. That was one reason why he'd wanted to marry her in the beginning. It was so much work, as he now realized, just for something he wanted that she wouldn't give until married. But he couldn't say he didn't love her. On the other hand, Sakura was everything Naruto had hoped she would be. Tantalizing, exciting, unafraid of anything, and willing. He loved her too. And who was here now? Wait, what was he thinking!? He was so confused! But he'd already done things, he'd already slept with Sakura…was she expecting his decision already?

"Sakura, I…I'm still not sure." he said. "You've given me this part, but as far as love, I haven't seen much of it yet. I'm beginning to wonder. What are you really with me for? It's just because Sasuke is unavailable, isn't it?" he asked.

Sakura was quiet as a pang of sadness rushed though her. She reached down to grab her bra and began to put it on. "No Naruto! That's nonsense! I did it because I want to be with you, and Hinata doesn't deserve you!" she said.

"Give me one good reason why she doesn't, and you do." he asked her.

Sakura sighed. "It's obvious Naruto, that Hinata is…well…" she said. "She's just not right for you." she tried to finish.

"But if I recall, I do remember a certain someone denying me all the time, for years and years…" he said looking at her with a serious expression. "And another certain someone that would save Sasuke's life before mine." he said. "but someone else loved me all along, and I didn't even realize it because I wanted you." he said. "And when I came to my senses,…" Naruto's eyes widened. That's when he finally realized, he had just done the most despicable, evil, wrong thing he could ever do! He had just done something he was going to regret greatly. He had just done something that even if she didn't find out, it would still be in the back of his mind forever. He'd just CHEATED on Hinata Hyuuga. Somehow thinking that before, it didn't sound so bad. But when he thought about it this time, after he'd realized how much wrong Sakura had done and how much right Hinata had done, how much Hinata had loved and cared for him and was willing to promise herself to him forever, it made a big deal, and he immediately sat up , only to see something that made him want to die in shame. His loved one, the girl he loved, the girl he claimed he loved, was standing in the doorway of the room he usually shared with her, staring at him with wide deer like eyes as she took in the unbelievable sight before her.

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